Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday!

I'm currently eating a handful of grapes and strawberries for my mid-morning snack. Or, shall I say, every hour snack. I'm trying to do better about putting healthy things in my body instead of others. :) It's hard. I crave cold, fresh stuff, but never have had any of it around. Well, as of Wednesday, we finally have a stocked refrigerator! I finally had the courage to go to the store.

It's been a good week. I honestly think I'm a week ahead of what my sonogram said. The first time I went to the doctor he told me my due date was August 25th, which was right on with what I guessed. Then, we had our first sonogram and he said I was measuring 8 weeks on the day I was supposed to be 9 weeks. My mother-in-law retired from sonograhy and said that the first sonogram will never be as good as the rest because the doctor is doing it. I started laughing, but she said, they're just pretty quick about it and most aren't as accurate. This has rung true with several of my friends. So, I could be almost 11 weeks or almost 10 weeks today. One week difference feels like an eternity!! I think I'm just ready for the first trimester to be over. I think things are looking up! I haven't been that nauseous since Sunday! And, boy Sunday was a rough day!!

We hired a maid until the baby comes. I know, sounds crazy, but because Peter and I both work 30 minutes from the house, it seems like an impossibility to keep the house clean. We have done so many home improvements since we've moved in that the dust has accumulated everywhere!! You'll laugh when I tell you this, but she was at our house from 2:45pm yesterday until almost 10 pm!!!!! I felt so bad for her, although she was supposed to be there at 8:30am. Hmm, so, I guess I don't feel too bad seeing as I paid her extra for cleaning the window seals.
She did a fantastic job. She is 23 and has 6 kids!!!! Peter says he wants to help her out as much as we can. (I personally thinks he likes a spic and span house and knows I won't be able to do it as well as her while pregnant.) Thanks Peter.

Yesterday I ran home for lunch to let Charlie out. I come home to find a WHOLE roll of toilet paper completely shredded, a box of my Preggie Pops, and a decorative A from Anthropologie completely torn up! I have to say I was shocked and mad!! I've never spanked Charlie, but I did yesterday. I popped her so hard on the nose and put her outside. I was mostly worried about her chewing up every single piece of the preggie pop candy. She seemed to unwrap each individual one and leave the wrapper on the ground. When I got in the car, I teared up. I was so sad that I had hit her!! If you could only know Charlie..she is the most sensitive animal I know. Those precious ears bend all the way back and she hides!! Peter and I decided we haven't been keeping her as active lately because of the cold. So, last night we bundled up and went for a walk. We headed to the middle school across the street and ran her to death! She was so tired when we got home! She crashed out. You can probably guess where she is today. Yes, outside.
Bottom line, we have a spoiled ROTTEN dog.

This morning I finally felt uncomfortable in my jeans. It was kinda sad. I wore them anyways and will probably have to unbutton them by the end of the day. I'm trying to hold off on the pregnancy pants as long as I can people.

Moving on.....thanks Amanda for the recommendation on the prayer book during pregnancy! I got in the mail yesterday and am SO excited to read through it. Apparently I forgot this morning.

I sure have been watching alot of television lately. My shows of choice are Gossip Girl, Privileged, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, LOST, and Private Practice. Peter and I have had such a good time watching American Idol this season. I love watching him laugh hysterically at some of the people and expressions that the judges make. He really gets into it. And, then tries to mimic them later.

What else...ohh yeah! My sweet friend Sarah fell on the ice on her driveway on Wednesday night and broke her leg!! She had surgery pretty quick after that on Wednesday late. I will be heading down to see her this evening to try to cheer her up!

That's all I have for now! TGIF!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sad and Happy and Sick

UPDATE: This was written on Saturday....

A few things.

Let's start with the hardest part....

My parents dog, Carly, who is a 15 year old Dachsaund is missing. She's been missing since Friday around 2:00pm. The most horrible part is that my parents cleaning lady let her out in the front yard to go to the bathroom...which is where she normally goes, but always comes to the door....well, she forgot about her. 2 hours later she realized it and panicked. She went on a search for about an hour and then decided to call my dad. He couldn't get out of surgery so he called my mom. She rushed home and then they continued to look for her until around 8 last night. Signs are posted everywhere, phone calls have been made and doors have been knocked on. Several people in the neighborhood said they saw her, but she is nowhere to be found. She's not even at the pound. My parents put an add in the paper this week as well.

Poor little Carly is overweight and old. Bless her heart. I have a really hard time not thinking about it being freezing cold last night and her being out there by herself. My mom is putting on a happy face, although she is deeply devastated. She loves that dog with all of her heart, and Carly loves her.

We are hopeful! But, I'm sad. I can't wrap my mind around it and can't stop crying. It's borderline ridiculous. I laid in bed with Charlie, our yellow lab, this morning and just snuggled and loved on her until 11am. I was depressed thinking about it.

So, moving on...we have to move on and believe that someone has her. They'll probably soon realize that she's fat and her breath stinks and take her to the pound...we hope anyways.

Another sad story that I can't seem to shake is Kelly and Harper's story. Please, please, please beg for the Lord to intercede in that baby's lungs!!!! She was born last night at 9lbs and 12 ounces with pneumonia. Kelly had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and had a wonderful pregnancy. She started a prayer blog for women who are also having trouble getting pregnant. Please intercede for her, Harper, and the women on the prayer blog. You can find that link on her blog as well.

Okay now on to the HAPPY.

Went to the doctor on Monday and the baby was measuring smaller than what he originally thought 3 weeks ago. So, I'm 8.5 weeks today. We saw the heartbeat and the little bambino. Surreal and crazy.

I can't help but share this, although I'm a bit nervous. But, I've decided I can't worry anymore about it. I'll be 9 weeks pregnant on Monday. Yes, we are having a baby!!!!! It's surreal and all I really know is that I'm sick. Not as bad as most people, but bad enough. Every day I push through and remember those women who have trouble getting pregnant. Know that I'm praying hard daily for those who can't. I realize the blessing and I am more thankful today of my life and my body than I ever have been before. Due date is around August 31st!

Here's a little picture of how we told our families on Christmas Eve. What a FABULOUS Christmas present!! I'll say!!!!!! Please excuse our missing baseboards in the this picture. Thanks.

Nothing much else has been going on except work, sleep and attempting to eat. We actually got out and went to a movie last Sunday night.

Christmas was wonderful. We started off the week at Peter's parents here in the metroplex and then headed to Abilene for 3 days after that. We did alot of eating and sleeping and playing Wii. I guess that's just about what everyone else did. I got angry with the drums on rockband a few times. When are they going to get women's songs? Ridiculous.

New Year's was fun much of it as I was awake anyways. We spent it with close friends downtown. The tiredness of pregnancy hit that day like a FREIGHT TRAIN!! I was not expecting it and it basically took me down. I laid in Rachel and Craig's bed and was out from about 10:30 until 11:59pm. They woke me up for the countdown, and then I got right back into the bed. I couldn't even handle it. We got home around 2:30am and then I slept all night and the rest of New Year's Day. PATHETIC!!! .

Well, I guess that's enough information for now. Pray for my dog Carly, Harper and Kelly, and this pregnancy.

Love you all!!!!!