Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11th.

WHOA. I don't know what day it is!!! What's my name? Where do I live?

Kidding. I'm supposed to be putting out fires right now, but well, frankly, I need a break. Typing...that seems to be my quick fix today.

Right now I'm listening to Kallie's Christmas playlist on
Thanks Kallie. Currently I've heard The Simpson Sisters, Faith Hill, Frank Sinatra, The Pussycat Dolls, Christina, Coldplay, and so on.....

I'd like to post a pic of our Christmas decorations, but, then I'd be embarrassed by the dust layer and the unfinished crown molding job. We just got our tile and backsplash finished yesterday. I think Edward and Ignacio were smoking the "you know what" in my bathroom. I called Peter and he told me to tell them I should join. He was kidding, obviously. I think they were scared of Charlie because she's still wearing her cone. Her foot is about 95% covered back with hair, but I still don't trust her. Little stinkpot.

Our anniversary is Monday. 2 years. WOW!! It's gone by so fast. We're celebrating tomorrow night. If I told you where then you might show up. Kidding. Monday night, our real anniversary, we are both working T.O's Christmas party. I feel like it's probably okay to say that seeing that it's been advertised all over the radio. I've been up to my ears trying to find the correct Christmas balls and silver sticks. Shoot me in the head. I'm over it. Who's out of Christmas balls on December 11th???? :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent it with Peter's family here in town. We had about 27 people at their house! Alot of eating...I made myself utterly ill. I mean, Peter was lauging at me. NO self control. I admit it and I know there's a 12 step program out there to help me. Thanks.

I really want to send out a Christmas card, but frankly, I'm too busy constructing everyone else's here at work! Isnt' that sad?????? Yeah.

We went to look at Christmas light last Saturday night in Highland Park. I was TOTALLY not impressed. Everyone talks about how fabulous they are over there. I guess it's a sign of the times. People don't want to pay for Christmas lights. It's a luxury item. :) We didn't hang any up either so I have ZERO room to talk. But, I do have a wreath, that I made by the way, and a little lit up tree on our porch. And, I can't forget the awesome Happy Holiday's mat either.
Our color scheme for this year is Fuschia, Gold and Turquoise. It fits with the decor of my house. I just didn't see Red and Green all over my house.
I have this
precious arrangment sitting on my desk. You should buy one for your house too. :)

Okay, before I get fired, I should go. Happy Anniversary my love!! Sorry, I'd rather be sentimental in person. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I wish life would just SLOW THE HECK down.

I was sick yesterday. I knew it was going to come at some point, but I'm thankful it only lasted for a day. Praise the Lord I was only SITTING on the toilet and not hovering over it. :) Thank you Jesus. I had a nice day in bed with my dog. She is SUCH a sweet girl.

Poor Peter's sick too. He has basically worked himself to death. Last night I made him sit on the couch with me and watch Gossip Girl. He wasn't that excited about it....but I keep telling him, "that's our dermatologist son and we have to support him." hahaaaaa....

I wish I could find my camera cord so that I could show you some pics of our UH-mazing stained concrete counter tops. I am so proud of Peter. I'm ready the cabinets to be painted so we can put the appliances in AND unpack the boxes!!! I NEED to be domestic. I've forgetten how!!!!!!!

I promise Cymbidium is about to start a blog!!!!!!! It's being created by our Graphic guy as we speak!!! YUPEEE!!!

This picture was taken at 2 in the morning last Sunday/Monday morning right after he stepped on my foot. He being Michael Irvin. I for sure stand out. I meet several athletes at this specific party because I got stuck working the door! It was freezing outside, but I had a great time. My body on the other hand, did not. ;)

Anyways, Thank you Jenny T for giving me a blog award. EVEN though I don't deserve it. I suck at blogging. I don't have time anymore and I wish I did. I really do love it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

okay okay

I'll update again like I agreed!!

Things are just total chaos around these parts. Between work life and home life, there's NO rest for the weary this time of year. We have had several events this past month at work and it doesn't slow down! I'm very excited to be featuring Cymbidium's blog very soon!! So get ready! :)

We'll probably launch next Monday or Tuesday. So, beware!

We have completely turned our home upside down. From new floors to new kitchen cabinets it's a total mess! Peter is working so stinking hard and I love him for that!! We have to make ourselves "not work" a few nights a week to spend resting and enjoying each other. It's hard becuase we want to get it done before Thanksgiving!

Charlie, our dog, is going through some anxiety issues. Bless Her Heart. She had to go stay at her grandparents with her cousins and she LOVES it there. However, she started licking her paw feverishly, turning it into an anxiety spot. We took her to the vet on Monday and had to laugh because it was so sad. She's on antibiotic and WILL NOT keep her bandages on. So, we'll probably have to put one of those conehead things on her head. WHICH WILL BE TERRIBLE!
She's just so dadgum sweet.

My car's power steering went out last week while I was driving it. Kind of dangerous, but I made it to Christian Brothers. $2000 later and it's brand new. VOMIT.

My phone also broke at one of our events last week. Thankfully it was the old Iphone and I was eligible for the new one for a cheaper price then $400 bucks. We just had to laugh at last week. It was a nightmare.

Peter and I went our 10 year high school reunion in October. I'm a dork and didn't take pictures!! I'm sure you've already seen them on other people's blogs. :)

Peter and I spent the first part of Halloween night at our neighborhood church bounce house. It was fun meeting some neighbors! Did I mention we know 5 couples in our neighborhood! Totally unheard of! But, totally exciting for the next stage in life! Peter and I took Charlie for a walk last night and saw some faces we knew!!

I have mixed emotions about the time change.

My boss and I went to Fireside Pies last night for dinner. We sat on the same side of the booth so we could watch the Election updates. Between Sangria and some truffle oil later, we were pooped! I arrived home just in time for Peter's friend Josh to leave. Instead of watching the election, we went for a walk...which was glorious. Oh wait, I already told you guys that.

Moving on...leaving our home in Grapevine was very sad. I cried my little eyes out! Not because we were leaving a brand spanking new, beautiful home, but because Peter and I worked so hard to create it. The Lord had a plan all along. We always had people living with us and staying with us! It was basically a dorm and we loved it!!!!! A single man bought it and I hope it makes it a home as we did. I sure do miss that kitchen...

We basically are semi re-creating that home in our new/old house. Same color scheme with a few added touches! We were very happy with our paint choices and light fixtures so that was an easy transition. As of today we have no kitchen cabinets. They will be replaced with pretty new ones on Monday. Peter is working hard on some amazing concrete countertops. We chickened out of doing it at the last home. I'm excited to see the outcome!!!! There's still lots to do and I am so tired of the dust...but I am so ready for for it to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all of this, Peter started a new job..which he loves by the way!!! If you know me, or have talked to me in the last month you know how crazy it's been between moving, new job, broken cars, health issues (i'm fine), and a sensitive job. But, the Lord has been so gracious to us during this time. He's continually helping Peter and I keep focus of what's most important.

Needless to say, we're both very ready to get all areas of life. If I can find my camera cord, I may or may not show you the outcome of the new home. I didn't take pictures of the before! I was over it. :)

In the meantime, I love fall and can't wait for the holiday season!!!!!! Our 2nd anniversary is coming up in a month! HOLY HANNAH!!!

Until then....peace out!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm back.

I'm back! :) But, I don't have time to update today!
LOTS to share.
Wish I could find my camera cord!!!!

Stay tuned..........

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh to Blog.

I'm sure you've caught on with the latest and greatest fall fashion trends already!!

I thought I'd enlighten you and show you the top 10 colros for fall!!!!!


It also doesn't talk about how black lace is in as well!!!! Couple black lace with some eggplant and your money on your fashion! :)

About the Top 10 Fall Fashion Colors for 2008:
Blue Iris (Pantone 18-3943) a balanced blue with undertones of purple
Royal Lilac (Pantone 18-3531) red undertones give this hue heat & drama
Shady Glade (18-5624) true green, unlike the yellowish greens of recent seasons
Caribbean Sea (18-4525) extremely popular choice in jewelry & accessories
Aurora Red (18-1550) true, energetic red
Shitake (18-1015) understated yet complex
Withered Rose (18-1435) pinkish with brown undertones - the palette's universal neutral
Twilight Blue (19-3938) its twist on classic navy bridges spring into fall
Burnt Orange (16-1448) a steady background that's gaining prominence
Ochre (14-1046) mellow yellow with a hint of mustard, lightness & spice

It isn't near as much fun as it used to be to blog. I guess I just plain don't have time!!!

I'm actually sitting at the kitchen table blogging/part watching the Cowboy's game with Peter. I don't really watch much unless Peter starts becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and scares our dog. Charlie gets so confused. She thinks she's in trouble or something. Then he has to reassure her in every commercial that she's not in trouble. It's hilarious.

Well. I'm sure you've all been wondering. Yup we sold our less than 48 hours. Yea, but the kicker is...we got 2 offers. The first one fell through due to something, I'm not sure, but we had another within the hour. The same people that were fighting for the house in the first place,

Pause...going to get a cake out of the oven...

Okay I'm back. Needless to say, we're in the option period. The buyer has until Wednesday at midnight to back out. We're hopeful that he won't and know if he were going to he probably would have already done it.

So you're wondering....why are we selling?!? Well, that was always the plan. We knew we couldn't afford this house on one salary. So, are has always been to build then sell. The perfect opportunity presented itself for us to build with Peter's discounts and a cheaper lot so we jumped on the chance. It's a very, very sad day. But, of course, we try to be kingdom minded and live within our means. Yes, we made a few bucks on the house which will help a TON for our next house and our savings account. :) We hope and pray that we get to do it again one day. Peter is just way to talented and it was just so effortless. Besides, who wouldn't want to design a new house!!?! It's so much fun. Several people I've talked to are overwhelmed by the idea. (Welp, another touchdown.) Moving on.

I LOVE watching Peter get so excited during games. He laughs and laughs and sweats and sweats. It's hilarious.

So, we put an offer on a house this morning in a sister town. :) We're really excited. Well, as excited as you can be to downsize into a home built in 1995. I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but when you live in this beauty, it's a tough go! We're excited to do some things to the new house.

The down side is, we'll be homeless for about a week in between closings and scrapings of popcorn ceilings....hahaaaa.

Our realtor has been fantastic!!! If you need a good realtor, Rick Arnold from REMAX is ON THE BALL!!!!! A go getter I tell ya.

Here is some pics from our bridal shoot the other day at Kelly Moore's Love Affair Workshop.
Lissa Anglin was one of our photographers, and I can't for the life of me figure out the other girls website. It won't work on my computer! Maybe she will appear and I can link her too! :) They did a wonderful job!! I'll share a few of my favorites with you!!

Well, my back is hurting! So, I"ll get off the computer for now. Man, I sure do miss my weekly chiropractor adjustments!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just now NEAR as convenient anymore! Ugh.

I've got to go figure out a few gifts for Peter's birthday on Wednesday! Happy 29 PEDRO!!! I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can't Keep UP!

Again, I can't keep up with my blog. I've been teetering with the idea of getting rid of it all together. There was a season in my life (about 4 months ago), that blogging was all I did at work. Here, I have ZERO time to be blogging. So, I'm blogging at 8am on Saturday morning. Ironically, I'm at work. Don't worry, I don't have to be. It's Labor Day weekend. I'm waiting on a FedEx package from my parents and it should be here by 10:30am. Apparently they won't deliver it to my home on a Saturday. Whatever. So, here I am catching up for next week, errr, I mean, blogging.

Well, some fun things have recently happened. Peter and I were asked to be models for a few days for Kelly Moore Photography. She held a photography workshop for about 15 people in Dallas. We got to work with some amazing photographers. The first day was fashion. Here are a few from the day. These specific sones were taken by Alex Maldanado. I hate that I don't know the name of his photograhy studio! Brandi, if you know, you can help me give him a shout out.

The second day was bridal. I'm anxiously awaiting to get to see these photos! These two awesome girls took our photos in the Bishop Arts District. As soon as I see them I will direct you to their blogs!!

Moving on...speaking of more pictures, Peter, Charlie, my sister and Daniel and I went to take pictures with Rachael at Cymbidium Photograhy. Man, I have too many photograhers in my life! :) LOVE IT! Anyways, she so graciously took pics of us for my mom. She graduated with her masters and so this first one we had blown up pretty big with a metallic finish. It's unbelievable.

Anyways. Peter and I are going to stay at a swanky hotel tonight in Uptown. I'll tell you where after we actually stay there. We got a free night from my mom that she won and can't use~!

Thanks mom! We need it!

Well, we've got some news for you...and no we're not pregnant. We are putting our house on the market!! We're really excited!!!! That was always the plan if you're thinking we're crazy! :)

So, if you know of anyone that wants to live in a really cool area with an amazing home, you just give me a shout out! Or, call our realtor. haha..

Going to help make some flowers.

Peace out and Happy Labor Day!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't seem to find the time.....

TO B.L.O.G.....
Sorry. It just hasn't been a priority in my life lately. Unfortunately, my love for reading them hasn't really changed. :) It's still sort of high on the priority list. :)

Life has been crazy lately. A good crazy though. The month of June flew by. And, well, today is July July has flown by JUST AS FAST.

Cymbidium has just been such a blessing in my life. More importantly, Robyn and Rachael. It's so exciting to be apart of a cool business.

Today we went over to our friend Paige's

She just recently had a baby girl. Her name is Zoe Elizabeth but mom and dad call her Lizzie. We thought we'd relieve Paige from a really hard week and let her go have some time by herself. So, I got to play mom for about 3 hours. It felt so nice to just sit in a rocking chair and rock a baby. ON A DAILY basis, someone asks me when we are going to have kids. My answer is still, I don't know. I know for a fact that there are so many women out there that are having a hard time doing so. It's scary for me to think that could be me. I obviously have had to give that up to the Lord. His purpose is far greater than I know. So, it was nice to just rock little Lizzie and sing her to sleep. Hopefully some day soon the Lord will bless Peter and I with a child. I KNOW I am not prepared today. :)
Moving on...

As of this week I have picked up Spin/Cycle class at the gym. It's been such a great stress/brain reliever. My underneath bones on the other hand are stressed BECAUSE of said Spin/Cycle classes. A man who does triathalons led our class last night. He instructed us that he was not leading us in a spin class. SO, I left confused and worn out. As a matter of fact, I left with salt on my arms....if that tells you anything.

To make up for my hard work, I made a banana pudding. Don't worry, I took it to Paige, but had a bowl there myself.

Miriam, sweet Miriam, came in town last weekend. Here's some pics of our sweet time.

This first picture is of us at our pool party. We brought back the ole "pool' doos! Mine of course was a hit!
This next picture is of us at dinner on Saturday night. My old roommates who will always be near and dear to my heart. And last week we sent off Chavon and Casey to Mississippi. (I just had to sing the song in my head to spell that.) My face was so sunburned!! I used expired Arbonne Sunscreen. It apparently did not work. On top of that I had been crying for an hour.

And well, here's a close up of my crying red face. Ugh. Sorry skin....

Peter and I in our family portrait taken at 9 in the morning in Ohio. Please don't look to close. I didn't wash my hair, etc.

Layla-Grayce turned ONE! We had the opportunity to host her party here at our house. Here's the present we got her for our backyard. Now everytime she comes over she can swing! Henslee's doing a great job of pushing her.

Unfortunately, she fell asleep in her birthday present. :)

And, our dining room became the place to be! PRECIOUS little girl.


Peter and Charlie are still best of friends. My mom came to stay at our house over the 4th of July to babysit Charlie and to study/shop. She graduates from ACU with her Master's next weekend in Nursing Administration. We're making her wear the cap and gown and walk the stage. :) Needless to say, while she was studying/shopping, she happened to LET Charlie sleep in the bed with her everynight. So, you can imagine what happened when we came home. Charlie wants to sleep in our bed. Some nights she gets up there in the middle of the night and I never know. (She ALWAYS gets on my side. She's smart.) So, we're having to try to undo that situation. She's just so freaking sweet!!!! Ugh. She just blesses my heart on a daily basis. :)

Ummm...that's all I have to say for now. Soon, I will be helping Robyn start a blog for Cymbidium. So, get excited!!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


You might know this beautiful couple!! Chavon and Casey Taylor! They were models for us here at Cymbidium a few weeks ago. We're launching our new summer collection if you'd like me to add you to our list! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Sorry. So sorry I haven't updated the blog! I know you're so excited to read what's going on in my crazy life! :)

Well, we just got back from, basically a weekend, trip to Ohio. We left the house at 4:30am on Saturday morning to make our 5:55am flight to fly to Minnesota. There we connected to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Peter's Uncle George picked us up for the 1 and a half hour trek to the farm in Canfield, Ohio. I'll upload my pics to show what an amazing scenery we had! It was absolutely fantastic! We had the Abrigg family reunion on Sunday! It was so fun!!
Then we traveled back yesterday with Peter's immediate family.

I hate flying I've decided.

I also should update you on my trip to Houston for our girl's weekend. You can read Mavy and Jay's blog or Blogstalker's to see pics of our fun reunion! I'm retarded and didn't take any pictures. What's wrong with me these days!!

Work has been really fun but really crazy all at the same time. I don't have time to blog at work..which is good. Which also means I don't have time to read and catch up on people's blogs. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of thankful for that. Blogging had become the thorn in my flesh. I spent way to many hours doing so at my old job. So, again, I apologize for not updating.
I'm sure you were worried about me.

Speaking of work, I'll go ahead and tell you where I'm working. You can look it up at
If you EVER need anything...please call! I'm now Cymbidium's Brand Manager...among other things! I've enjoyed it! I've already experienced my first event a few weeks ago. Although I came in contact with some really unpleasant people, it was fun at the same time to meet some really amazing people.
The best part is it's 5 minutes down the street from my house! And, I don't have to work until 7 o'clock! Praise Jesus!!!

I would update at home, but again, our computer died. So, as we speak, I'm using the in-law's computer upstairs in their apartment. That's what we call our upstairs now, the apartment. :)

I turn 28 tomorrow. Ugh. I just went and bought myself a Nothing Bundt Cake. Peter was going to take me, but I told him I'd just go pick it out myself. hahaa. :) So, I did.

Well, there's just a little taste of what's going on in my life these days. Peter and Charlie are doing fine. I love them. :) Who knew I'd miss my dog so much after 4 days! We had a couple stay at the house while we were gone. He just so happens to work for a Graphic Design firm who does all of the branding for a very UPSCALE, SHI-SHI dog food/treat company. He stocked our cabinet with gourmet dog food. I mean, only the stars can afford this stuff! It's simply ridiculous. So, Charlie LOVES when Jonathan and Sarah come to visit. :) I can hear her barking now out in the front yard with Peter. Peter is attempting to pick weeds. (Pausing to go spray him with off.)

Okay I'm back.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

Friday, June 06, 2008


It's Friday.
One week of my new job under my belt.
It's been a crazy good one. :)
I'm still lost. :) Robyn, I know you're reading this! That was for you! Kidding.

Off to Houston today for a high school girl's weekend and am PUMPED!!!!

Maybe I'll return with some blog worthy pictures.

I've been a bad blogger...and I think that will continue with this new job. It's just not a priority anymore. Yes, you heard that right...blogging was a priority before. Too much time on my hands.

Either way, I'm grateful for the break I had. But, now am back in the swing of things and LOVING the environment.

So, until next time.

Oh and..I would update my blog from home, but my year and a half year old Dell laptop kicked the bucket earlier this week. Apparently the MOTHER BOARD..that's what I'm talking about...called it quits. She decided she didn't want to slave anymore!!!!

Peace out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


It looks as if one of the son's was backing out of the driveway and accidentally hit her.

Oh man.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I feel like this month is taking forever!!! Why? Because I start my job on June 2nd, and have to wait! :)

I felt like it was time for me to update and not have such a sad post on my blog any longer.

Peter and I had a WONDERFUL long weekend. I had Friday off from work and so Peter decided he'd take the day off as well at the last minute. I had originally taken the day off to help with my neice, but she ended up not coming. But, I had someone to cover for me at work, so I just decided I needed it.

We woke up and went for a run. We, meaning, Peter, Charlie and I. It felt so good outside!! And, we went at 8am. No sleeping in for us. :) After that Peter had a meeting and I just goofed around the house. We then went for some "Retail Therapy" at the Galleria. Thank you Jesus for some stimulus money! Although, we spent very little of it. My husband is Dave Ramsey junior. Sort of. :) I'm thankful for that though!! If you knew me before we were married, you knew I was at Forever 21 every single weekend. The Lord has broken me of that! Anyways, we got to the mall and separated. :) We didn't want to be there forever and we had a limit. We had a great time I tell ya!

Saturday I continued my shopping spree as I didn't end up spending it all at the Galleria. I was VERY selective with my purchases. Peter and his dad went to see it wrong that I wasn't interested? :) We all rested a bit in the afternoon. It was much needed.
I then decided to be Susie Homeaker and bake a chocolate cake. :)
Saturday evening I celebrated with sweet Angie B at her lingerie shower! Good times with good people and HILARIOUS stories.

SUNDAY I MOWED THE YARD! Yea, it was my first time. :) haha. Peter said he needed to do some yard work and I just wanted to hang out with him so I asked if I could help. He asked if I'd like to mow and I said, "I don't know how!" hahaaa. So, I mowed the front and backyard..with a mask on. It didn't work because I sneezed my head off for about an hour. Thank the Lord for allergy shots, because it passed pretty quickly.
We then decided to take our cars to the car wash down the road. We rolled some loose change the other night and decided we needed clean cars. We spent an hour thoroughly cleaning our cars out. :) We then headed to a cookout followed by church and grocery shopping.

Overall, it was a great restful weekend!!!

This weekend we're off to The Cottages outside of A-town! Thanks to our friends who created them! :) Another 3 day weekend ahead!

I don't have any pictures. Sorry.

I'm off to get Charlie from her hair cut! :) Peace.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sad news

Peter, his two sisters, and two of his cousins are piling in a suburban and headed to Colorado tonight. They will be driving all night. PLEASE pray for their safety!! I HATE that they are driving all night, but what can you do.
The funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 4. Then they will drive back home on Friday all day. I know that the funeral will be very emotionally exhausting for all involved. Renee and the boys are doing okay. Lots of tears are being shed as they stayed in their home for the first time Saturday night.
There are TONS of articles all over google because Barry has a brother named Jeff Maggert who is a PGA golf pro. So, not only are all of the sports papers/etc. covering the story, but so are a ton of Colorado cities. You can google Barry Maggert to get more details. It's just awful.
We had a death in the family last night.

Peter's uncle, Barry Maggert died in a plane crash yesterday. It was his own plane and he was headed to his son's college graduation.

Things are pretty crazy right now.
You can read the article here

It's Peter's mom's youngest sister's husband.

As we speak, almost all of the brothers and sisters are in route to Colorado. Peter's mom is driving Gammur and Pop Pop and the others are flying. Please be in prayer for their saftey.

Also, for Renee, and her 3 boys. 1 just graduated from college and the other 2 are twins and are in college.

Needless to say, nobody slept much last night.

They are recovering his body from the plane today as they couldn't get to it yesterday because of the treacherous mountain terrain. There was a guy named Jonathan on the plane with him. He was Lee's 23 year old friend going to see him graduate. He survived with a broken leg and collar bone. They had to go in with a helicopter 4 hours after the crash to careflight him to Denver. Renee and the boys are in Denver with him now....
Jonathan said Barry lived about 45 minutes after the crash. I pray that during that time he found Jesus. His mercies are new every morning! We do not know His will, but we believe that the 45 minutes he was alive was for a purpose. His purpose.

Please pray that the Lord would be glorified.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have some news. :)
I have a new job and am SO excited about it I just can't even stand it.
I obviously am not going to post it for the world to see, so if you know me, you can email me.
Kelly, I promise I will email.

I'm just going to post a list of things going on since I don't have any pictures.

1. I'm starting to feel weird about checking my site meter. I think I will take it off. Is it weird that people from Finland check it? I don't know. Beware, I might be going private soon. I'll ask for your email if I do so. There's just some people I had NO idea checked my blog. I'm sure these people have no idea that I know. But, if they are smart, they know I know. :) It's cool, I have nothing to hide. ;)

2. Peter's family came in to town last weekend and stayed with us. We had 12 people at our house! It's normal for me to have that many people stay at our house these days. If fact, I almost expect it. :) It's why the Lord gave us this house.

3. Friday night we ate at Esparza's with 'the gang.' That gang being Natasha, Thomas, Natalie and Josh, Rachel, Craig, Jeremy, Peter and I! We had a good old time catching up for our monthly hang out! We'll be hanging out again tomorrow night at Taste of Addison. Gavin DeGraw is in concert. I'm not that crazy about him, but I love me some concerts, some food and some goooood people.

4. Speaking of good people, Josh and our friend Ashlee M. are on a plane with 3 other people to help as a relief team in Myunmar. PLEASE pray for their safety, for purpose, communication and a sound mind! I know Natalie is probably worrying her little head off too. So, please pray for peace on her part as well.

4. I got my allergy shots today, and well one of the swelled up a bit. Therefore it looks like I have a HUGE tricep. It's bad. :) Weeds and grasses are not cool. Well they are cool, just not in my sinuses. Praise the Lord the allergy shots have been working....I just had my year anniversary of taking them. :) If you've been keeping up with my blog, you've seen the pictures of my allergy tests!

5. Speaking of allergies, Peter is mowing the yard and working in the flower beds as we speak while I sit at my desk being bored wishing I was working in the yard with him. Peter's mom planted some herbs this week too! I'm excited about those too! :)

6. I am in the process of decorating my dining room. I will finish tonight and maybe put some pics up if you are lucky. My sister is having a shower at my house on Saturday. Afterall, that's what it's for...but, my decorating isn't quite finished! One room a month. :) It's worked out well for me! I am VERY pleased with the outcome of the decorations.

7. DO YOU LIKE MY NEW HEADER!???!?!?! Kelly spruced me up for the Spring! The 1st will always be my favorite, but I needed a new look for spring. What can I say! LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!! YOU ARE SO STINKING COOL!

8. Did you know the ONLY tv I watch is from 7-10 on Thursday nights? Well that's a lie. I occasionally catch The Batchelor! Anyways, we just caught up with 2008 and got cable and DVR! We are so cool. :) hahaha.

9. Ummm....Peter has been playing flag football in the city league with the doc I work for here. It's been fun to watch. He can barely walk when he leaves the games, but he still holds his title as "white lightening" from high school. I keep having dejavu watching him play! I'm loving it! Well, except for the obsenities my boss yells, and he's the quarterback. Nice work doc!

10. And last but not car has been in the shop since Monday. Praise the Lord for roommates and borrowing cars. Now I can drive my car without being scared the power steering will go out!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Family Reunion

So we headed to the BIG CITY of Snyder, Texas for my mom's side of the family's reunion.

Here's some pictures to document the event.

Peter and I after eating ALOT OF FOOD (Fried Chicken and Chocolate Ice Box Pie from Luby's) and paying a game of football out back with Sarah and Daniel.

Top Row: My mom's youngest sister Leslie, mom, oldest sister Vickie.

Bottom Row: Paw-Paw, Me-Maw, and Joy, mom's 2nd oldest sister.

I laugh at this picture because I told my me-maw to show her teeth. She has the most hilarious smile. So, everyone was laughing because I yelled, "Me-Maw, show your teeth!" That was AFTER I told my mom to show hers. They did good, don't you think?

Here's some of my family. Some of my cousin's didn't make it. As a matter of fact, ALL BUT ONE of my cousins didn't make it. Thanks Jenny, and baby, for coming out! :)

Next on our agenda for the weekend was to see Thompson, Brent and Caden. Isn't he precious. OH and, Thompson is skinnier than me after having a kid just a week ago. FYI, she is EVERY WOMAN with what she has been through the past week. I WILL NOT disclose any details. :)

He is such a snuggly baby!!

All in all it was a great weekend. I didn't get much sleep as my mom insists that we be up when she gets up. :) We did take Charlie home too!!

It was hot on the way there and then 45 degrees on the way home. Unfortunately, she had to ride in the back as their was no room in Daniel's truck with all of us. So, my dad slapped this vest on her. She looked hilarious and pitiful!

I took it worse than she did. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekly Post

I realize it's been over a week since I posted about our life.

I apologize.

We've been pretty busy lately. A good busy though!

Right now I'm buys copying recipes from my friend Mary at work's Gillian McKeith cook book. I know you've seen that show "You Are What You Eat?" It's scaring me. I can't watch it anymore. But, it's SEMI snapped me into shape.

Tonight will be an exception as Peter and I will be treated by my work for a VERY NICE dinner with the staff. We EVEN get off work at 6 INSTEAD of 7. Oh the joys in life............

Lots of new things going on in our lives.....busy new things.

I will spend my play money decorating my dining room at the beginning of next month. I look forward to showing you pictures.

The tree will finally be removed tomorrow....with our money. That's neither here nor there because it's not REALLY OUR money is it?

I need a pedicure really bad. As we speak I have 2 different colors on my toes. It's a good thing I brought my toenail polish to work. Whew. What? Don't judge me for painting my toes at work.

Music has really been stirring my soul lately. I'll update on the songs at a later time.

My heart has been burdened by my hurting friends as of late...

I get to see a brand new momma and baby this weekend....followed by a FAMILY REUNION. I have mixed feelings about this....well the family reunion part.

Peter and I booked our annual Gateway Getaway trip next month. Check it out at
I'm sure you remember last June's post. If not, you can peruse through my blog yourself. I'm dumb and don't know how to link you there.

I'm having 2 showers at my house next month. THAT I'm excited about.

Also, a HIGH SCHOOL GIRL'S weekend in H-TOWN in June that I am WAY excited about. Why is it more expensive to fly Southwest than it is Continental? And why is there 2 airports in Houston? OH wait...there are 2 in Dallas too. Never mind that.

Okay, that's enough of an update for now. Maybe I'll take some pictures this weekend of my long lost family members. And maybe Charlie's reuniting with Belle, Sally and Carly. That will be a sweet reunion.

The End.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm copying Annalee's blog today because I LOVED her idea! ;) Well, I love her ideas in general.


Oh and Lauren, I promise I'll do my tag AFTER this. :)

1. WHOLE GRAIN TORTILLAS FROM CENTRAL MARKET. I realize these aren't the exact picture of the goodness that I put in my mouth yesterday for lunch!!!! GO GET THESE.

WITH THIS..Organic Hummus. I usually prefer the Spicy Red Pepper version. OH SO GOOD.

Okay that's enough food for today!!!

Enjoy. :)

AND YOU CAN'T forget this. I slice them up and put them on top of the hummus.

Followed by this. YUM!! Why are orange bell peppers so stinking good!!!! I, no lie, ate this meal 4 times last week. And...again for lunch yesterday. I've been on some sort of eating healthy kick.

But, then I had these on Friday night.

FRIED PICKLES ARE THE DEVIL. I can't remember the last time I ate these. It must have been back in college or high school when I made frequent trips to Sonic. I don't believe they sell these anymore. Or, better yet, it's best that I don't know if they do.

Followed by this.

Is Shrimp Cocktail healthy? Probably not, because I stole hush puppies off of Peter's plate to dip in my leftover cocktail sauce. Unfortunately after eating this, my fingers smelt like fish the rest of the night. But, it didn't stop me from going here for dessert...

Yea. Peter dropped me off at the Town Center to run in and grab us a few cookies for our movie. When he came back around to get me, I was standing out front minding my own business. I had already endulged in 1 cookie. He was laughing his head off at me for some reason?
I totally gave away that I had already eaten a cookie. It was ALL over my face..much like this girl. I Had NO idea. :)

Okay, let's continue on what I ate last week. Cut me some was the weekend!

Oh wait, I forgot. I went HERE on Saturday night.

I couldn't help but eat my weight in chips and salsa....but then, they HAD to bring out the chips with melted cheese on top. Let's not forget the blended jalapeno's that I got in my eye after touching it. :) It didn't stop me though.

Okay moving on...

Here's what I eat every Thursday. Some days alone, some days with friends.

I start off the meal with these....oh my beloved Edamame. You are so good to me. :) You supply the protein my body needs. It's a good thing, because I've eaten you 4 or 5 different times this week. Thank you Central Market.

I then order these:

California Rolls! Yum! This picture doesn't really look that appetizing. It's fine though, becuase Sushi Sam does it up right!!!

I also order these:

Cucumber Rolls are the BEST with these on top.

GINGER with soy sauce and just a DAB of the green stuff. I shall not mention your name as you've caused some embarrasment when eating alone at Sushi Sam. :)