Thursday, April 22, 2010

8 months..

It just seems like the last month has been a month of milestones for our little boy. He is no longer a little boy in some ways and that breaks my heart!

You have been crawling for a good 2 weeks now. Your friend Jacob came over and you decided you needed to go faster, because he was REALLY fast. You also started pulling up on things a few weeks ago as well. Your favorite position is on your knees. You feel much safer, and only choose to pull up to your feet on a few things. Luckily, the hard wood floors do not bother you, however, I'm sure your little knees will be rough really soon.

You still are a pretty good sleep, however, this past month has been up in the air. I never know when you will wake up. This month it's been in between 4 and 7:30am. I know if I feed you, you go right back to sleep till at least 8 if not 9 if you wake up in the 4am hour.

Speaking of feeding. You are still breast feeding around 5 times a day, however, your 7 TEETH make that a challenge for your mom. You do not sit still when you eat, and your mom, may or may not have introduced you to a few new cuss words. LORD FORGIVE ME! But, your momma will truck on until you hit 1 year, Lord willing.

You are still a gagger. You love to chew with those front 7 teeth, but if it gets anywhere near the back of your throat, you will gag. If I talk you through it, you usually stop, and the Mum Mum has dissolved in your mouth to swallow. You do OKAY with the wagon wheels, and break out into a rash with Yogurt Melts. I have a feeling that's going to happen alot real soon.

Your mom is a bit timid to start feeding you anything else. She doesn't want to clean up your hurl.

You LOVE your walker. You could spend hours in that thing. It gets you places really fast and you love to slam into the wall/anything in your way....including mom's ankles. When I cook dinner, you love rolling around through the kitchen, pulling the kitchen towels off of the oven and dragging them all over the couch. You also LOVE to watch your puppy eat dinner. However, your puppy gets a bit annoyed that you are all up in her business.

Speaking up dogs, Charlie is so laid back that she will let you crawl ALL over her. She got in your way the other day and you just crawled right over her! You balanced on your tummy for a while and I snapped a few pictures. You thought it was SO funny.

You HATE having your diaper/clothes changed these days. You are WAY to busy for that. It is a wrestling match for sure. I usually win. :)

You got your first hair cut last weekend. Your mo hawk wasn't working so well, so we had to give it a little trim. If we combed it over, it got in your eyes. We are not professionals by any means, but you are still adorable. That mo hawk gets us stopped everywhere!! Mom secretly loves that everyone thinks you are precious. You flirt right back with everyone too.

You love to go jogging with your mom & dad. I think you enjoy going with your dad more, because he is much faster. :) You think it's really funny if your dad jogs in front of the stroller while mom pushes. Maybe you will be as fast as your dad one day.

You are saying ALL kinds of consonants lately. You will mimic Bye-Bye with your mouth and say the words, but you haven't quite put two and two together. You also have started waving Bye-Bye. It works much better if we do it in the mirror, but you wave at strangers alot. :)

You ALWAYS want my phone, the remote, my sonic drink, etc. You are a very strong boy and get very angry if I take it away from you. We'll have to work on this. :) I don't know where you get your dramatic temperament.

We had to lower your bed about 3 weeks ago. You decided to start pulling up on the rails. I go in there everyday after nap and you are looking over waiting to greet me. Then I tell you that I'm going to get you and you bury your face in the mattress laughing. It's hilarious and one of our favorite games to play with you.

You have also started head banging while talking. Your dad says you look like Chris Farley when you do it. It CRACKS us up.

You are wearing 9-12 month clothing and still wearing size 3 diapers. I'm not sure how much you weigh, however, you weighed 19lbs at your 6.5 month check-up. So, I'm sure you're well over 20 lbs. now. You are thinning out because you are on the move. PLEASE DON'T GO ROLLS!!!

You have also learned how to give your mom kisses on the lips. Your dad can't handle the slobber, but he'll learn to love it one day. :)

Like I said before you have 7 teeth. One of the bottom ones popped up a few weeks ago with no prompting. Well, I guess the drool prompted it. :) 7 teeth in 7 months. GEEZ. You're definitely on the fast track there.

You are a very independent little one, but you still love to snuggle. Rocking time is getting shorter and shorter. Mom doesn't prefer the bucking bronco, so she puts you in your bed pretty quickly.

You had your first baby sitter last weekend. You gave her a run for her money when it came time for bed. You decided to put on the tears and drama so she kept you up and had to try again later. I talked her into letting you cry it out. :) You did and drifted off right to sleep. LITTLE STINK!

You also went to your first wedding last weekend. You did a great job, but were very sleepy and for sure let me know when you were ready to go. But you looked oh so handsome in your tie. :)

Dear Titus,

You are our joy. You constantly amaze us on a daily basis by your growth. We love watching you learn new things. Lord, teach us how to love you well, and give us patience for the days to come. Thank you for blessing us with our little wild bundle of joy! We PRAISE you daily for his life and pray that you soften his heart to know you. Lord Save His SOUL soon.

Love, Mom and Dad

UP NEXT....8 months in Pictures...