Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confessions of a Stay-at-home Momma

Thanks to Erin I decided to confess.

1. Starting off strong...sometimes I don't brush my teeth until right before Peter comes home. It really frustrates him even more that I don't brush my teeth before bed. To my defense, ever since I got pregnant, brushing my teeth makes me GAG. Every time. It's weird. However, this should not be an excuse. In other news, we just dropped our $100 a month dental insurance.

2. I hate doing laundry. For example, I do really well separating and getting it into the washing machine, and even dryer! BUT, then it gets taken out, thrown onto the guest room bed, and never folded. UGHGH! I hate folding laundry. I used to think when I was a kid, that folding towels was the WORST thing in the world. Nowadays, I'd much rather ONLY fold towels.

3. Like Erin, I HATE doing dishes. If the dishes are clean in the dish washer, I'll let the dishes pile up until I get sick to my stomach. Then I dread doing them. I can keep up with them if the dishwasher is empty. I should make a vow to do them every single night before going to bed. Then, I wouldn't dread doing them ALL DAY LONG!

4. I'm a terrible deep cleaner. I can keep things picked up all day long! Beds, made, etc. But, deep cleaning and I aren't very good friends. I just bought new cleaning products, so maybe the caulking in our shower that has turned black, will become white again. Lord help me. I even take a bath every single day, and will go 2 weeks without cleaning my bathtub. I do keep up with Titus' bathtub. I feel bad about putting his little dirty body, in a dirty tub.

5. I'm a terrible couponer. At the moment I have a huge Ziploc baggy in my car with mounds of coupons. I always forget to get them out or they expire before I have a chance to use them. UGHG.

6. Since having Titus, once I fall asleep (which usually takes forever), I usually sleep like a rock. One morning about 3 months ago, I had a dream I was sitting on the toilet peeing. Unfortunately, I was not, in reality, sitting on the toilet peeing. The night before we just put the sheets on the bed, because the mattress protector was still wet in the washer. Lets just say I woke up in a panic and ran to the bathroom. Except, it was already too late. I had peed the bed. Peter didn't believe me and told me to get back in bed. I turned on the light, pulled back the covers, and showed him. We laughed for a while, but then I eventually started crying. He just hugged me in the closet and told me how his mom used to keep a pee chart on the fridge, because he wet the bed till he was like 10. I told him that was my first age 29. We giggled, and he asked me if I needed a pee chart on the fridge too.

7. I love GLEE so much, that I follow Lea Michelle on Twitter. I also own the soundtrack. However, my CD player doesn't work in my car, so I drive Peter's every so often. He gets mad at me, because I usually leave the volume up extremely loud when he gets in his car at 6am. I'm sure he cusses me. :)

8. I've seen every episode of Beverly Hills 90210, twice since becoming pregnant. Also, I re-watched all of The O.C. Luckily, we will be getting rid of our cable by May 31st.

9. I haven't worked out in 2 years. This should come in handy when we join the gym on June 1st. I don't know what to do or where to start. All I know is I'll have to wear 8 sports bras.

10. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day, and am still breast feeding. I'm a bad mom. :)

The end.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swim Suit Season

Oh dear. It's swimsuit season. As a matter of fact, I've already busted mine out from last year. How, you ask? Well, I did wear a 2 piece, but never in public. However, it's too big this year, so my bottoms have fallen off in the water already. Geez.
So, here's a few bottoms that I am concerned about.

I mean at this point in my life, there are a few areas that I would like to be hidden, and this would probably do the trick. ;) Thank J-CREW for covering my C-Sectioned belly. I actually think they are cute, but would NEVER wear them. Sorry if you own these bottoms. I will most likely purchase my swim-suit from J-Crew as they carry "special" sizes on top. No more comments here.

Don't worry friends, we're joining Lifetime Fitness this week and I can't wait!

Moving on...more random thoughts.

I've already cooked 3 times this week. I'm really proud of myself. Easy dinners I'll say.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up. This time last year we were relaxing by the pool at our resort on Lake Travis. Unfortunately we won't be doing that this year. :)

We have several projects going on around our home. I visited City Craft last week to complete a few projects. GREAT fabric store in Inwood Village. I'm recovering a bench in our bedroom. We are ALMOST finished with our bathroom. It's really vintage/modern. It's growing on me. :) It's Peter's design, and for the most part I love it. But, let's just say there is a black ceiling I've had to get used to. He's in the process of making us a mirror frame for the bathroom, and a headboard for our bed. BOTH are going to look amazing and I am SO excited. I'll post pictures soon. We also made a curtain box for our kitchen. Someone please tell me what those are called. I bought fabric for that as well, and it's about 60% done. We're going pretty project crazy around these parts. BUT, we do it for cheap and that's the fun part.

We're getting rid of cable and dental insurance to join the gym. In other news, my tooth has been hurting for 2 days. Seems about right.

My sister finds out the gender of their baby on June 8th! One day before her birthday!

I turn 30 next month. I will be throwing my own party. Don't judge me. I went to a rocking 30th birthday skate party a few weeks ago. It made me want to throw my own 30th. :) Peter's helping, don't worry. Haaa.

We're going to see Wicked for part of my birthday weekend with friends. I told Peter I didn't care where we sat, because I have the music memorized.

I'm a GLEEK. Just saying..

I'm ADDICTED to TJMAXX/Homegoods. I go once, maybe twice a week and have to call Peter to talk me out of my purchases. Usually, he cuts them in half. Thank goodness he has his head on straight. :)

9 by Design is also one of my new favorite shows. Peter joined me in watching last night. He was disappointed they didn't show enough finished projects. He said the family drama was dumb. I agree.

Now you know why I've stopped blogging. I just read blogs all day...mostly design blogs. Thanks Kelly, for the inspirations & the links everyday.

I'll be back soon.

For now, I have to go chase around my kid. I love him..alot.

Monday, May 24, 2010

9 month thoughts.

9 months. It just seems so old!!! Really...

Titus is 9 months old today. What a fun age! Of course it's keeping Peter and I very busy. I actually need a break from this sweet boy every once and a while! I never thought I would actually say that.... But let's be real here, keeping up with a 9 month old is hard!

*You still only have 7 teeth. I say only, hahaa. Most of the babies we know don't have many much less any. You're still ahead in this area.

*You are crawling very fast and still pulling up on everything you come in contact. You have perfected falling on your bottom. As a matter of fact, you think it's a really fun game in your bed. Your dad will run in there after a nap on the weekends, and you will just squeal and giggle and fall on your bottom!

*Speaking of naps, you fight them most every day! Now, you fight bedtime. We've pushed your bedtime to 8:30 instead of 7:30. We learned our lesson trying to put you to bed at the normal time. You're really ready to play.

* You sleep 10 hours, eat, and then go back to sleep for a few more. I don't mind this, if I can go back to sleep. :)

*You still "attempt" 2 naps a day even if they are only 30 minutes. Some days you take 2, 2 hour naps a day. It's lovely I must say.

*You learned to clap this month. It's hilarious. You showed off yesterday at your cousin's birthday party for the first time. You knew everyone was laughing at you so you kept on clapping. :)

*You have MAJOR separation anxiety these days. I get very gun shy taking you to the nursery, because I know I'll get called out about 30 minutes in to an inconsolable baby. You really don't like anyone else to hold you except your momma and daddy. It's getting ridiculous, so I'm praying real hard you become more socialized. We're joining a gym this month to help you and me out in that area. You need some time away from your momma to cure this. :) Lord help me.

*You LOVE to hear yourself scream. And when I say scream, I mean BLOOD CURLING, ear piercing scream. It's not funny after a while. You think it's hilarious. Your dad said you got your lungs from momma. I say you get your craziness from daddy. :)

* You have tried several table foods this month. Most healthy, some not. You LOVED pretending to eat corn on the cob a few days ago. It was hilarious. You watched everyone eat theirs, and wanted to give it a whirl. Luckily, your Aunt Anta, yes you read that right, got pictures of it. :) You also love avocados, strawberries, tastes of ice cream & banana pudding (whoops), cut up green beans and peas, and others. You still eat baby food too.

*You have mastered the sippy cup. Praise the Lord for this, because you really still hate the bottle. You think it's a toy.

*You are still breast-feeding 4 times a day. Lately, you have started using me as a jungle gym while eating. This is annoying at times...

*You HATE having your diaper and clothes changed. You don't want to be pinned down for anything. I have gotten good at trying to distract you with toys and such to get this task done. Whew.

*You went swimming for the first time yesterday! You died and went to heaven in that pool! You thought it was the coolest thing ever. Your mom may or may not have bought you a pink float, but you'll never know. I promise not to embarrass you in public with it. Just private backyard pools. Your dad pushed you around in at and you just laughed and kicked and squealed the whole time!! You were exhausted and fell asleep in your car seat immediately.

*Speaking of car seats, we moved you to the big boy car seat, but still have you facing backwards. I'm sure you're pushing 22lbs, but I'm not ready. You go for your 9 month appointment tomorrow.

*You threw up at Wal-Mart while grocery shopping last week. It was disgusting. I think you might have had your first bug. You had several dirty diapers. You were pretty snuggly that day and I felt really sorry for you. Thankfully, you didn't give it to anyone else!

*You experienced a skating ring this month too. You obviously didn't skate, but you got to crawl around and chase the strobe light and loooooovvved it.

*You also got your first soccer ball this month! You will walk around the house pushing it, and have mastered kicking it if we stand you up! I know your dad is very proud of this!

*You have also mastered your walking cart. I'm not sure what to call this, but you will stand up and push around the house. You prefer the hardwood floors over the carpet, because you can go fast! I think we're in trouble here. :)

*You LOVE your puppy, and I secretly think your puppy loves you. We have to keep your door closed if you are asleep, or Charlie will make her way in there and stick her nose between the railings of your bed. Your momma learned her lesson here. :)

*Your hair is turning sort of Auburn, but you can still see lots of blonde!

*Your eyes are still bright blue! I love this.

You have become such a little ham and I love this month! I think we are going to have a blast with you this summer...only if you take better naps. :) You are my joy and my heart little one!

Love, Momma