Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, here's the lot! I'll tell you that our street's name is Worthington. But, for the sake of the stalkers, that's all the information you will receive. :)

It may look like nothing has been done to the lot, but there has!! There used to be this big mound of something and there used to be 2 trees right smack dab in the middle of the lot. If you look closely, there's a tractor on the lot!! WOOHOO!!!!!

We're waiting on our permit and then will will break ground and build that bad boy!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!

We move out of our apartment at the end of November...it happens to fall right when we go on our anniversary trip! GEEZZ....
The cool thing...we get to move in with Natasha and Thomas. I hope their new neighbors don't think we are swingers or something. Sorry for the inappropriateness

We had a VERY busy weekend. Unfortunately, the pics I took, can't be posted on the blog.
Friday night, my mom came into town. Peter and I met her at our apartment after work and we headed to the Southlake Town Center. Boy do I love that place. I returned a sweater that she bought me from Anthropologie back in August that has ruined 2 different times (2 different sweaters) at the cleaners. I took the first one back in exchange for another one, and then it also ruined at the cleaners. They gave me my money back, but you know me, I had to exchange for something else....an amazing orange corduroy dress! I can't wait to wear it!!!!!
Then we headed to Truluck's for dinner. I had never been there. It seemed to be the only place that didn't have a wait. We should have known why..the food was expensive! But, mom wanted nice, so we ate nice dadgumit! It did not dissapoint! I had some amazing salmon with this peach salsa and asparagus. I finished off the evening with some pumpkin and cinnamon gelato from Picomolo!! You HAVE to eat the pumpkin ice cream. It might be the most amazing thing I have put in my mouth this month! hahaah! :)
Then on Saturday morning, we headed to Mockingbird bridal to look at wedding dresses for my sister. We found one! No, I'm not stupid enough to post pictures of it on my blog. My sister thought I might! DUH! Then we headed over to North Park! Oh how I love North Park! We browsed around and then got hungry enough to eat some PF Chang's! YUM!!! After we left North Park, we had to take my mom to Sprinkle's cupcakes. I ate a vanilla milk chocolate one this time. It sent me over the edge! I felt sick the REST OF THE DAY! It was to much rich food in a 24 hour period!
Peter and I headed to Wichita Falls around 4ish to attend Henslee's 3rd birthday party. It was a Halloween party! All of the little babies were SO CUTE! I of course got no Henslee time. She was busy. So, I had to get my Layla Grace time in. She was asleep in my arms the whole time keeping me warm!!
Anyways, we got back to Dallas about midnight. A WHIRLWIND of a trip let me tell you!
Sunday, we slept until around 10:30am. It was glorious.
I decided to start practicing my Susie Homeaker skills that day. I made Taco Soup for our small group leaders. Then I made a batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Then I decided I should probably make Peter a late lunch. I decided to make King Ranch Chicken for the first time. We had it for an early dinner on Sunday afternoon and then dinner last night. Apparently I ate to much because I woke up sick around midnight. It finally subsided after an hour and I went back to sleep. I hate it when that happens!!!

So, there was our weekend. Everyone take a deep breath now!

I am looking forward to Halloween night with some old, sweet friends! Apparently, I'm in charge of carving the pumpkin this time.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Homecoming, etc.

I realize it's Thursdsay and I'm just now posting about our weekend. Oh well! We got back fairly late on Sunday night and I was just to busy on Monday to post pictures.
Then I forgot.
We had a great weekend with family and friends! It never ceases to amaze me how much things "slow down" when I get to Abilene. EVEN if I'm busy the whole weekend. Macy even said she drives slower. hahaa. I don't.
Cassy, Chad and Cohen stayed at our house. It was Cohen's first out of town trip at a month and half old. He's so precious. Of course I never got to hold him because my MOM had him the whole time! I think she's ready for babies. Then there is Macy and Chad's baby, Meg. She is precious as well! She is so vocal!!!! It cracks me up. I had a little to much of her spit up on me throughout the weekend though. :) Peter lost his appetite after Mav caught Meg's vomit. It was great! So great.

I enjoyed waking up at 5:30 am to attend the Kojie breakfast! It was fun getting ready with Cassy in the morning. It was like old times in our house! :)Then we headed to the parade! I was highly disappointed in Ko Jo Kai's float! POOR! Oh well. Do I really still have that competitive spirit when it comes to social clubs? No.

Then Saturday afternoon my mom made lunch and then I took a 3 hour nap while the boys watched football. It was glorious. Then we headed to our 5 year reunion dinner. If you didn't go to ACU, you're probably wondering why in the world we celebrate 5 years? Beats me! We ate at the Beehive in downtown Abilene. IT WAS TERRIBLE! THERE WAS NO DESSERT!!!!! Can you believe that? We paid 20 dollars a plate to have no dessert. So, what did we do? We headed to the local Chili's on the "Southside" to get dessert! Good times!

Sunday, we awoke to the smell fo pancakes and bacon! Glorious!!! Then we headed over to Peter's parents for pot roast! YUM. Again that afternoon, I took a 2 and half hour nap! What's wrong with me?!! I love naps in Abilene.
My mom was confused as to why I wasn't begging her to take me shopping. She thanks Peter for my change. hahaah!!!

This week has gone by slow/fast. I keep forgetting to go by the lot and take pictures!! It was raining on Monday and I haven't had time since. Maybe this weekend Peter and I will head over there. Although, we have another weekend of traveling for our niece's 3rd birthday party! Whew!!!!

Right now I'm listening to Sarah Brightman singing "O Mio Babbino Caro"(don't ask, it was the doctor's choice), drinking a non-fat Chai Tea Latte, and typing. Yes, I am at work. Not really working yet. It takes me a bit to get into the swing of things.
Lately I have been in a slump. Every morning I have to ask the Lord to give me the courage and strength to glorify Him at work. I don't like my job. It's boring and I'm basically considered "the front office girl." Not the highest calling I have for my life. It's frustrating, because this might be the EASIEST job I have ever had with pretty good pay. But, it's hard to be bored. To be honest, I think I'd rather be bored at home. I'm sure most people would kill to have a job like mine where you don't have to do much. Then I have to check my pride. Man, I'm so prideful. Why do I care that I'm called the "Front office girl." I think I deserve something better and I don't. Then I step outside of myself and realize it's not about me. Boy, learning a hard lesson here.

Anyways, sorry about the rant.
The Lord knows what he's doing. I desire to serve Him, WHATEVER that looks like. If that's being a "front office girl" or a janitor, I'm there.

Here are some pics from our weekend.

THE WOMEN OF KO JO KAI. I think my jacket would have been cute if I was standing up! Peter wasn't excited about the mustard yellow. :) I loved it!

Meg and I. I love her.

MEG and her MOMMA Macy. Aren't they precious!

Peter and his child Charlie....isn't she precious.

The reunion dinner.............

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Susie Homeaker!!!!!!!!!

Today is a very special day!
A day I should probably remember for a long time!

Today, October 18, 2007, we will close on a home loan. That's right, you heard it, PETER is BUILDING US A HOUSE!!!!!!!

I'm nervous, excited, scared and impatient. :)

I have lived in an apartment since 2001. That's a long time. Never in my life have I been so excited to be Susie Homeaker. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every minute of our 750 square foot of fun!!!

Peter has been working, working, working, to get everything settled, the plans drawn and sent to the architect, etc. They look amazing. He's amazing. Basically, I will sit back and watch him do what he's always dreamed of doing. It's so exciting.

And, today, we will sign our life away. I'm sure I will sign my name at least 20 times, if not more. Then, I will leave scared to death. ;) hahaah....

Tomorrow, I will post a picture of our beautiful, treed, lot!!

When it's all said and done! Hopefully be the end of February/beginning of March, you'll all be invited over for a party! :)

Please pray for protection over Peter and I. Pray that everything we do will honor the Lord. After all, this house is His house. I pray that His will is done in the whole process.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, I have lots to tell!!! We had a fantastic weekend!! I'm going to document this weekend on the blog through pictures! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New York City

I'm starting a NYC countdown...........
57 days...............

PS...I'm not real sure why that button says 3". WEll, at least you know how big it is when I wear it!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Giving up....

Well, day one went fairly well.
Peter and I both had LOTS of energy and weren't really that hungry.

Last night, we drank the "Smooth Moove" chocolate flavored tea. It was terrible.
WE went to bed.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with CRAZY stomach cramps like I had never had before. I had them for about 2 and half hours before I actually went to the bathroom. After that, I got back in bed. I woke up 45 minutes later feeling absolutely terrible. I felt as if I had just had the stomach flu.
I got in the shower, and minutes after applying my shampoo, I must have blacked out.
I opened my eyes to find myself sitting in the shower floor. I don't really remember sitting down, so I must have blacked out. I could barely hold my hair up.

I got out and called Peter, while laying on the floor trying to recouperate.
He said he dry heaved a few times this morning and had been to the bathroom 3 times and that he felt just like I did.

According to the Dr. that I work for, he says everyone is different. He said he thinks my toxins were coming out quicker than normal and that some people throw up for 3 days solid.

THIS IS NOT what I signed up for.

In the midst of tears, we quit.
I then mustered up the energy to eat 2 waffles and a wheat English muffin. CARBS ANYONE?
I didn't care.

It's 10 oclock right now, and I still feel terrible. It took EVERYTHING I had to make it work. Thankfully, I don't have to get out of my chair and that I have a 3 hour break.

Our friends who just finished didn't have ANY of the symptoms we experienced this morning.

I'm thankful, because we already made plans to go to the state fair this weekend. Can we say torture? The state fair is about EATING!!!! DUH!

So, I'm sorry I failed. It just wasn't worth it.

Good bye lemonade and "smooth moove" tea. I will never drink you again!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Peter and I started a 10 day cleanse today.

So far, I'm doing well.

Here's the menu for 10 days.

4 cups of luke warm water
2 teaspoons of uniodized salt.
DRINK FAST or your gag reflex will kick in.
(I only was successful with 3 and a half cups. Peter, being the competitor that he is, chugged it all and then his gag reflex kicked in. I laughed alot.)

You can drink up to 6 servings of this.

10 oz water
2 Tablespoons organic fresh squeezed lemon juice.
2 Tablespoons Grade B Organic Maple Syrup.
Cayenne Pepper to taste
(I fixed mine last night and put to much Cayenne in it. Hilarious.)

Herbal Tea with Natural Laxative and Cinnaleaf.

10 days people!!!
CHEER ME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The toilet and I are going to be great friends this week.
Too much information I realize.

Yesterday, to celebrate our fast, we ate pizza and dunuts.