Thursday, September 24, 2009


Pics shown first.... I hate blogger. :)

Henslee and I at Peter's 30th birthday party.

Half of the room Layla-Grayce looks hilarious in this picture. :)

Other half of the room. We had a great time!

Peter and his BFF Thomas. Thomas has a chip in his hand and Peter has his cell phone. Nice.

Monkey Butt. Yes, he's sporting one sock here. Who knows where the other one is. :)

Charlie is babysiting here. She loves him. I love these pajamas here. They were a gift from Lauren. Thanks Lauren. I heart footie pajamas.

A pic of Peter making Titus smile. :) Melts my heart. He doesn't look like his dad at all, does he? :)

Well, I guess I should probably make a sign that says 1 month and put Titus beside it so I can follow along with his growth...but, alas, I forgot. So, tomorrow we're going to lunch with friends so, I'll take a picture of him a day after his 1 month birthday. :)
Just can't believe it.

Things are looking up around here. Titus is still eating every 2 to 3 hours. If I'm lucky, he'll go four. The only time he's really done that is in the evening time. Unfortunately, not the night. I have to remember he's only 4 weeks old and sleeping through the night will come. Luckily, I haven't felt too terribly exhausted. You'd think I'd try to clean our house or something. Luckily, I always keep the kitchen cleaned and the laundry done. :) Maybe I'll get it done this weekend while Peter is home.

Titus has started smiling and laughing. Of course this happened for the first time on Monday night with Peter. I have to say I was a bit jealous, however, I was lucky to be sitting right beside him when this happened. He laughed twice. It was unreal! Both of us just looked at each other in awe of what had just happened. Since then, he has consistently smiled at Peter and I. It is the most heart melting thing on the planet! I did tear up the first time he did it.

Titus is a strong little boy. The first time I put him on his tummy time mat, he rolled over. I was confused, but in awe. So, I put him back and he did it again!! He hasn't done it again since. But, I still can't believe he did that at 3 weeks!

He's still spitting up quite a bit. He goes through several outfits ag day, resulting in a load of laundry a day for him. :)

He is still making his goat noises. I think it's because he has a bunch of junk in his throat so he's constantly trying to clear best as a newborn knows how. :)

Last Thursday, he weighed a whopping 10 lbs 9 oz. I'm sure he's surpassed 11 pounds now. I carried him in the baby bjorn last night on our walk, and I was hurting when we got home. Hhaa.

He's still rocking the mohawk. His roots are blonde, so who knows. His eyes still have a blue/gray tint to them. We'll see what they'll turn out to be.
He's starting to coo and talk alot! I love it. He does it at 7 in the morning and it's hard not to wake right up! He loves to get up at that time, but somehow I manage to get him back to sleep for about an hour.

He doesn't really like to ride in the car unless we're moving. Otherwise he gets mad. It's kind of funny. If he's awake and I have to stop at a red light or stop sign, crying ensues. I have to tell him to hold on buddy and then he finally falls asleep. Same with his stroller. He'd rather be moving. I can stick the pacifier in his mouth and he's just fine.

He loves his changing table! He'll sit there forever and stare. Speaking of staring, he'll make eye contact with us now without crossing his eyes. His dad calls that "eyecrosserosis." It's funny.
He's still sleeping in his pack and play in our bedroom. I hope to move him to his room at 6 weeks. However, he loves his pack and play because it plays music and vibrates. It's nice and soothing. It will be a change to have to listen to the monitor and get up and go feed him. Lord help me. His rocker is currently in the living room. Luckily it's orange so It semi matches.

Here's some fun pictures of him. His newborn pics were taken by my friend Rachel at Rachel Debell Photography. These are only a few. I'll see more later. Can't wait!!

The rest of the pics are taking with the Iphone. Unfortunatley, it's normally the only thing around when I need to take a pic!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today is my love's 30th birthday.

To be honest, it hasn't been the best of days...and it's only 1:00pm. My transmission went out and apparently it's going to cost $3600. Ladies and gentleman, that's alot of money..on top of hospital bills. But, JESUS is better than worrying about all of this. He will provide.

So, I'm going to post 30 reason why I love Peter Eugene Abrigg.

1. He loves Jesus more than he loves me.

2. He is an extremely hard worker.

3. He is one of the most handy men I have ever met.

4. He is one of the most CREATIVE men I have ever met. His design aspect is 100 times better than many women I know.

5. He gave me Titus Garrett Abrigg.

6. Watching him be a father has melted my heart more than I ever thought it would.

7. He is an amazing encourager.

8. He works hard so that I can stay home and raise our family.

9. He has an unbelievable smile.

10. His curly hair.

11. The fact that our baby looks JUST LIKE HIM!

12. His joy for football season.

13. His desire to mentor and walk alongside men who are hurting and going through rough times.

14. His commitment to The Recovery Ministry.

15. His insatiable thirst for the word...wish this rubbed off on me.

16. His love for rap music. :)

17. The way he hugs me after a long day of work!

18. That he loves everything I cook. :)

19. That he'll watch Project Runway, Design Star, and America's Next Top Model with me without grumbling...he actually secretly enjoys it.

20. His desire to keep us out of debt and his faithfulness to keep us on a budget. :) I need this.

21. His Aveda hair smell. :)

22. His bow legs. :)

23. His need to do a project every waking hour he's home on the weekends.

24. His love for this friends.

25. His love for his dog.

26. His love for his son. I can't wait till Titus gets older so that I can see their dynamic.

27. His love for soccer.

28. His pickiness for clothes and shoes...

29. That he loves me in spite of me.

30. That he's Peter. :) Happy Birthday my love.

Friday, September 11, 2009

2 weeks and 4 days...

In Motion. But, I love footie pajamas. This is from Target and I especially love the owls!! He LOVES to be on his changing table!!!
Titus and his best friend Charlie. Luckily, Charlie has been a dream. She gets up to check on me in the night and I just tell her I love her and to go back to bed. Sometimes she'd rather get in our bed. :)

My FAVORITE picture so far. Rachel made this onesie. If only his eyes were open. She took newborn pics on Sunday and I can't wait to see them!!

I have every intention of posting every week so that I can remember this sweet time with Titus. But, I'd rather read everyone else's blog than post on mine. What is wrong with me?!?!??!

Things are going fairly well around these parts! Days are pretty good. I've been home alone since Tuesday. Mom left last Thursday, that was tragic, and Peter was home Friday-Monday. It was WONDERFUL having him here right next to my side. We joke about me being codependent. He said he loved it...for the time being. :) So, since Tuesday, the days have been pretty good! The nights on the other hand, vary. For instance, he went 3 nights in a row feeding every 3 hours and going right back to sleep in his pack and play. However, the last 2, he has decided he wants to be awake for an hour and half in the middle of the day. I held him alot yesterday and I think that was the problem. He sleeps like a rock laying on me..of course. So, today, we're trying something different.

Back track, the weekend was wonderful. My sister came over Friday night and held T for hours. Saturday, Peter and I slept in until 10..geez, and then ventured out to Grandy's and Target for the first time. I put Titus in my sling and off we went. He grunts and makes goat noises alot, so it's kinda embarrassing, but he did wonderful. He has some lungs on him, so he can go from happy to screaming in half a second. Peter and I laugh about it now, but it was pretty stressful at first. I realize that's just how he communicates. :) Sunday, Peter decided to stain the back porch. He needed to be outside and doing a project. :) Sunday, football all day. Monday we ventured out again to several places. It was so dadgum hot outside, but we managed to stay out for 4 hours. It was great to be out of the house and living a semi social life with the outside world. :)

Then, Tuesday came around! We stayed in all day, but Wednesday we went to Target again. :) It was my first time out with him by myself. I needed to find a dress for the wedding we are going to on Saturday. That will be our first time out. My sister and her husband are the babysitters for the night. Hopefully, he'll take a bottle today so that we can leave!

I went to the doctor today for my check up. I wasn't supposed to drive until today, however, I broke those rules on Wednesday. :) I woke up at 7:15am to it pouring down rain outside. I had to some how get us all ready, and him fed and out the door by 8. I managed, but he only ate half of his breakfast. So, he screamed at every time the car came to a stop. But, I just prayed he'd calm down and we'd make it to the doctor on time. Of course, we get there, and he's a ham in the waiting room. I brought a bottle, but he wasn't interested. I get in the room and the nurse tells me my doctor is delivering a baby. I knew I took him away from all his patients on Titus' birthday, so I didn't mind. Plus, I needed to feed him. Perfect...privacy and all!

Titus weighed 9 lbs 8 oz on Tuesday, and at the rate he's going, I feel quite sure he's 10 lbs now. Lord help me! :) He's such a sweet boy.

Things I love about him already:

-His goat noises and his grunting. (He's such a boy!)
-His mohawk!
-His huge lips
-His gorgeous dark blue eyes. Who knows if this will last.
-His hands and feet.
-His scream...I know this is ridiculous, but I think it's funny how impatient he gets. This sometimes results in him sucking the LIFE out of me...literally.
-The way he stares at his dad.
-How me singing "Boom Boom Pow" calmed him down immediately.

Things that scare me:
-His spitting up, or shall I saw projectile vomiting. Poor little fellow has some tummy issues. But, I knew this would happen, because Peter and I both had bad tummy issues too.
-His need to stay up in the middle of the night..

That's it. :)

Little Buddy is my new normal. It used to be Charlie. I try to give her all the attention she needs. She's such a sweet big sister. I am falling more in love with his little personality every day. I felt like I was in survival mode for the first two weeks and didn't really enjoy him as much as I would have liked. It's getting better and better each day. Praise the Lord.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009