Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Memorable Weekend? What?

Well, where do I start. Okay, I'll go back to last Thursday.
Thursday: I woke up feeling AWFUL. I felt like my whole body had been hit by a train, twice. I was really dizzy. So, I took a bath, thinking I just needed to wake up. No, that didn't work. So, I called in sick to school, they were NOT nice about it. I laid on the couch in tears. I knew I had fever because I was freezing, so I mustered up the energy to eat a piece of bread and take some tylenol. I fell back asleep and seemed to have been feeling better, but I stayed on the couch. Peter brought me some soup from Jason's Deli, and I fell asleep on his shoulder, and when I woke up he was gone. How sad!
Friday: I woke up early enough to get ready. I had a big day ahead of me. I had been preparing for our 8th grade dance for weeks now. They had put me in charge of the food committee. Everything was taken care of, it was just a matter of putting it all together. So, I got to school, still feeling horrible. I managed to dry my hair and put on a dress. I was sitting at my desk trying to focus, when another teacher came in. She said I looked horrible and my eyes were glassed over. SO, I went to the nurse, and well, she took my temperature, and low and behold, 102.6. WOW! So, I went into the office, told them what was wrong, and they got teachers to cover my class immediately. I mustered up enough energy to go to the doctor. THey got me in pretty quick thank the Lord. She said I had white puss pockets all over my throat...which I thought was weird, because I didn't feel them. She gave me a strep test....I dont' get the results back for that until today. Interesting...I'm already better. So, viral tonsolitis it is.
Well, on my way home from the doctor's office, I totaled my car on 35. I rearended the dude in front of me who decided he'd slam on his brakes. Well, there you have it. I'm in a sweet rent car though.
I was in bed pretty much the rest of the weekend. I finally got up and went to church on Sunday night. I felt really good!

Well, yesterday, Peter and I went to the Allen outlet malls. The boy got a TON of new work clothes...since he just got a promotion to the main office!
Here, I am today, finishing up my last week of school.
Kinda of speechless about that.
Hope all my teacher friends are having fun right now! :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Well, you can read Sarah's blog to find out details from our New York trip! It was so stinking fun, although, I'm utterly exhausted still today. This week has gone by really slow. Monday, school all day. Tuesday, school all day and small group last night. Today, school all day followed by shopping for the 8th grade dance and a friend's birthday party. Tomorrow night I finally have nothing to do. Which is good because I have to pack for my Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to float the river with a bunch of friends! It should be a blast! Maybe I can catch up on my rest while I'm there. I hope so, because really, I don't think I can function any longer like this. Rachel took this picture of Peter and I a couple of weeks ago. We were just sitting in a chair and she asked us to turn and around....and look how it turned out. I realize it looks like an engagment picture and I'll go ahead and apologize for that one. No it's not. :)
I hope that everyone has a great hump day. I have to be here with kids who steal things out off my desk. uGHGHGH!!! 5 more days with kids.

Monday, May 22, 2006

and to throw in a picture of peter and i last weekend in front of the refrigerator. hahaha, it was really late. like 1 in the morning. dorks.
sarah and i (fake smiling) in front of dylan's candy store. that dumb bus just appeared as we were trying to take a picture. geez.
my friend JJ who actually moved to NYC yesterday. He met us for lunch and a treat a Dylan's Candy Store! :) I'm excited for him. That's Bloomingdale's right behind us.
sarah and I after we went to a musical at Lincoln Center! :) This is right in front of THE MET and the New York City Ballet the theater we saw "Light at the Piazza."
if you look REALLY close you can see Ty Pennington. He was walking right in front of us, but because it was raining and I was slow, I waited till he crossed the street to attempt to take his picture! STUPID! :)
Paul Rudd.
trying to take a picture of the big picture of julia, paul rudd on the left and bradley cooper on the right. google them to find out who they are! :)
The Julia Roberts play.
luke, his crutch, and me. :)
me being a dork in the subway. what can I say?
oh NEW YORK CITY! REally, this place is unbelievable. Here are a few pics from our trip. Then I'll blog about it later.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


MOLLY CARRIGAN!!!!! Woooooooohooo!
yea, I'm definitely the most faithful blogger out there these days. Some of you, my so-called blogger friends are having a hard time updating your blog! :) Aheeeemm, Brittney! :)

Well, the concert was great. The kids had a great time. We had appearances from Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Amanda Perez, Kari Underwood, and many others.
Thanks to my DJ, the concert was a blast for everyone. I didn't have to hardly anything although my shoulders were so tense after leaving. Peter was the only faithful friend who attended. I think my vice-principal freaked him out. She went up and sat right next to him on purpose just to spark conversation. She told him that I was her favorite teacher at Bowie. Excuse me while my head explodes.
Peter and I went to Eatzi's for dinner last night! It was beautiful outside so we sat out there and enjoyed the gay community on Oaklawn...no really. :) It was funny watching people come in and out of the place..flaunting it...male and female alike! We got some good laughs.

Later last night, I got a phone call from Leigh Ann telling me that our friend Wade Scoggins, from high school died in a car accident yesterday. Peter and I just kind of sat there and stared at each other for a while, not really knowing what to say. It's really weird to think about. Peter will most likely go to the funeral...I can't becuase I'm going to NYC. Assuming it's later on in the week or weekend.

Speaking of New York...2 more days. I leave Thursday morning! I'm starting to think about finishing my laundry and packing! I cannot believe it's already here.
So many requests between Sarah and I for us to bring back purses. Geez Louize! :)

When I get back next week I'll be working diligently to finalize everything for our 8th grade dance. I'm in charge of the food! Then off to New Braunfels/San Antonio/Austin area to float the river with a bunch of people from the church! I'm so excited!!!!!!!! But, New York is my first priority. Sorry Brittney for mentioning it on my blog. I need to keep you updated on my life...

I woke up this morning so tired. I think I just hit a wall after yesterday. I never realize how worn out I am after a choir concert. I left the house at 7:30 yesterday morning and didn't get home until almost 10. Whew...what a day!
Side note: why do we shave our legs when it's like 20 degrees inside the school building!? what's the point. I don't know.

So, hopefully next week I'll have some pictures to post for everyone! Right now, I don't have any. Rachel, my roommate took one of Peter and I on Sunday. She's an incredible photographer. She's going to send it to me later on this week. Maybe I'll post it. Happy Tuesday everyone....i'm out of things to say.

Monday, May 15, 2006


of the year....and maybe for a good while. we'll see what the Lord leads or wills for my life this next coming year.
it has been an extremely busy day today. it flew by in fact! i love days that fly by. except tonight, i have my last choir concert of the year. i'm not going to lie, i almost teared up in my 4th period today because they were doing so good and were so excited. what am i thinking? i'm tired of middle schoolers! right??! ugh..;)

i had a pretty busy weekend. i drove to abilene right after school on friday and arrived there around 7. my mom had cooked chicken enchiladas for my sister and i! they were so good. after that, we just goofed around and sat and talked. then, my sister and i both were out cold at around 9pm. i slept until around 9....got up to the smell of chocolate chip muffins and coffee. had my share and headed to the salon. my appointment was at 10. i didn't leave there until 1:30. i always have to block out most of the day with nicole because she usually just fits me in between 3 or 4 customers. i know i'm ridiculous, but i'm a valued customer and i refuse to let anyone else cut my hair in dallas. so, after i lef there i went to the mall to meet my sister and my mom. we stayed there for about an hour and then came home. my sister and i spent a good chunk of time downloading songs on our ipod with the 2 dogs and my dad hanging out on the bed. they are hilarious. at around 4 i headed back to dallas.

i met peter at my house at around 7:30 and we met rachel and craig for dinner at chuy's. there was no wait at 830 on a saturday night! i couldn't believe it!!! it was weird. after dinner we walked over to starbucks. on our way back to the car peter and i ran into chuck haddox and his girlfriend. let me just say, BLAST FROM THE PAST. it was good to see him and catch up. i think he was pretty baffled to see peter and i holding hands. we just laughed about it...and so did he and said that's awesome! peter and chuck exchanged numbers and we were on our way. we went back to the loft and miriam, natasha and thomas came over. we all hung out until well after midnight.

sunday, i woke up at 10, did some laundry, watched some tv and took a shower. i had to be in ft. worth to sing at wedding at 5 so i left around 2ish. we had to set up and practice before the wedding. i got a little chunk of spending money for my new york trip..of which I LEAVE THURSDAY! holy cow. i need to get past tonight and then i can think about it....

so, tonight...choir concert. i'll let you know how everything goes...i'll give you the line up tomorrow. i'm sure we'll be having ourselves a little free time this week. aheeem. i've got things to do for my days off thursday and friday!!
peace out and happy monday!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


We have a love/hate relationship. The Tollway and I that is.
On one hand, it's a quick get-away to Frisco or the galleria and well, to Peter's place.
On the other hand, it's a camping ground for the State Trooper. If I'm ever driving during the evening, I always see people pulled over. Well, I became one of those "people' last night at around 11 oclock. I was looking down at my ipod changing the song, and then, well, looked up and in my rear view mirror and there he was right behind me with his lights on. Of course an obsenity came out of my mouth. I was going with the normal flow of traffic. Everyone around me was going at least 70. Now, I realize, there is no justification of me speeding, when it was 55mph, but come on! Give me a break! Who goes 55 on the Tollway?!?!? I never have...until now. I got a ticket from a ruthless state patrolman.
TROOPER: Ms, did you know you were going 70 in a 55?
ME: Before he could finish his sentence, Yes sir.
TROOPER: Can I have your license and registration?
ME: In his hands before he could finish.
TROOPER: Is this your correct address? Abilene?
ME: No sir.
TROOPER: What is your current address?
ME: spouting off address.
TROOPER: Why is your license not updated?
ME: Because I've moved every year in the past 6.
TROOPER: Takes my license and goes back to his car.
ME: Scouling and waiting a good 5 minutes before he comes back. Thinking of some scheme to get me out of the ticket. Thinking to myself, I hate the tollway.
TROOPER: Asks me for my new address, asks me to sign my sitation. Says please drive safe.
ME: Thank you, while rolling up the window and quickly driving away. Wishing I would have said something like, "do you realize that everyone goes 70 on the tollway, and why don't you stop people during the day? Dang you."

So, there's my story. I got a ticket. I hate speeding tickets. He gave me a "warning" for my license being wrong. Now, I'm moving in 2 months. DO I update my license now? Or wait? Hmm..........

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

oh the blog.

Honesty....has become my life in the past 6 months. I want to walk in complete truth and complete honesty within anyone who comes along my path. I want to glorify the Lord in all areas of my life, and if that includes the hard parts, AMEN, I want to shout it out from the rooftops!!!

I don't claim to be perfect, and I don't claim to have all the answers. What I do know, is that the Lord has created this amazing walk of life for me, and I am embracing it with open arms. I never thought I'd be dealing with some of the things that have come up lately, but He will not give me anything that I can't handle. More than anything, I am amazed at how He has had His hand over my precious life. I never would have thought that He would lead me down this path, and yet, it's one of the most amazing paths ever, becuase I KNOW I have to trust Him. I should be scared, I should be apprehensive, I should have questions, but I don't. Why, because I trust Him, and I remain falling at His feet daily and let Him have complete control over my life.

For those of you who don't know, Peter, the sweet boy in my life, has been married before. I don't claim to ever be able to wrap my arms around what Peter and his ex-wife went through. But, what I do know, is He took the steps to hang up His dirty laundry and heal, be restored, and walk in truth and forgiveness. It is such a picture of the Lord's faithfulness over a child's life. It has been amazing watching him this past year be molded into Christ's likeness. It has been amazing watching Him heal through counseling, through Celebrate Recovery, and many other things. It has been amazing watching him finally be free of all that was bottled up inside. He has taught me to walk in truth and walk in honesty. I tell him all the time I just want to follow him around and watch the Lord work in His life. He is an amazing man of God, and I know that he knows we can't do this alone. It's been so cool the support we have had from all of our family and our friends, and really we are only dating. But, to watch everyone embrace this with open arms baffles me!!!!!
I cannot live my life wondering why it all happened. I don't wonder...because it was the Lord's perfect will for their lives. Besides, he's here now, and that's all I know. I will take it one day at a time, and simply trust the Lord and let him lead us......
So, for those of you who are asking questions like, "what happened to his ex-wife" on my blog, there is no need to give details, because it is not my business to....
But, if you are concerned, rest easy, that I know the Lord is in control, and I know He's had his hand over my life for the past 26 years.....and brought me to this point! I cannot question His will for my life, I can only embrace it and learn and develop into the woman of God he desires me to be, with or without Peter in my life.
As for now, I'll keep him around, but I'll hold him at an arm's length, knowing He is not mine, He is the Lord's....and I will pray for His will daily for both of us.....

The end. Sorry for the deepness...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This silly boy bought me flowers and had them sent to my school!!! I mean what a feeling to have them bring flower's into your classroom! The last time that happened was my first year of teaching, the first week of school from my parents!! I so don't deserve this boy in my life. Just this morning, I copped an attitude with him on the phone because he's really busy this week. He has something every single night and I leave on Friday to go out of town. So the selfish person in me decided to pout an d let him know about it!! Then I realized that I am undeserving of someone like him!. Yesterday I gave my letter of resignation....and so that is why he sent them to me. Yes, I'm sure you're all wondering why in the world I woudl do such a thing. It's time. I know I need to finish out the year and move on. It's a good thing I get paid through August, because I do not have a job right. There are options in the midst, but I'm unsure of both of them. So, well, that's all I have today. Pretty speechless..

Friday, May 05, 2006


Sadly enough I really do not have a weekend. Dangit!
By the way, Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! :)

Last night, I went to dinner at an awesome mexican restaurant with Leigh Ann. And might I mention that they had FREE margaritas. Yes, you heard it...free...apparently they don't have their liquor license. Problem was, we decided to hit up North Park Mall after! Have any of you been to this mall lately? I almost started crying it was so cool! Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 were RIGHT NEXT DOOR....not to mention they were both 2 STORY!!! Leigh Ann and I were giggling like 2 school girls. Not the best place to go after stuffing your face and drinking 2 margaritas. I know I know..drunkard Molly. I don't do alcohol very well and it's been a while since I have had any. I was laughing at myself....
Speaking of that, our police officer came in to the lounge during lunch with these "beer goggles" that he was using to have the kids walk a straight line during one of his NO DRINKing shpeels. All the teachers were putting them on and trying to walk. I really felt like I was going to throw up I was so dizzy.....funny side note.
So, anyways, last night...I just spent 100 dollars. But, got like 12 things. Ridiculous I know.
Today during my 6th period boys choir I busted out the video camera and started videoing all the boys for fun. I laughed watching them....and can't wait to show my roommates the day and the life of my 6th period.

Tonight we're going to dinner and a movie....some peeps and I....not sure where we are going, but I think we will go to Fireside Pies! Amazing food I'll say..and I'm sure we'll have to wait at least an hour there.
Tomorrow I have to be up early to work the Irving ISD job fair. I was put on an interview team. I'm not sure why...but I'll roll with it.
Then tomorrow n ight I'm cooking for Peter. I'm trying out a new recipe, so pray for me. hahaha...
Then SUnday, singing again...so I have to get up at 5:30...and go all day. We have a Road Rules reunion in the afternoon, so I know I won't even be home until after 9. Yikes.
I hope everyone has a restful weekend...because I sure won't.

Peace out.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

What I love about Thursday!

I'm a tad bit on the tired side today. Partly becuase I was up until 1 am. I took my kids to the Ranger's Game last night and didn't walk into my door until almost 11. And, too my surprise found 5 extra people hanging out in my apartment. One of which was Peter, and I was not at all upset that he was there! I was surprised actually! It was a great ending to a long, hard day. So, of course we all stayed up and giggled....until almost midnight and Peter stayed a little bit longer. I was literally sleeping while I was standing up talking to him. It was hilarious. I asked him what all I said to him last night and he just laughed. He told me that I get sweet when I'm sleepy, which means, I'm not sweet when I'm not sleepy! hahha....hilarious.

So, today doesn't feel like Thursday at all.
At the ballpark last night, it was dollar hot dog night. And, well, I don't normally ever eat hot dogs, but I ate 2 and french fries. I can feel my butt jiggling even more today. Oh dear Lord! (I think I'm losing circulation quicker these days because I can't cross my legs without one of them going numb. Sorry for the rabbit trail)
Anyways, so the Ranger Game was fun I guess.....

Tonight I'm going to dinner with Leigh Ann. I'm excited. I haven't seen her since her wedding, which was only a month and half ago. So, we should have fun times I'm sure.
I'll update tomorrow about what my weekend plans are..........
Peace in the Middle East.

And, CONGRATS to Jay and Mav Ocheskey and finding out that they are having a girl! Camden! So sweet............
Oh and what I love about Thursday's....hmmmm, only thing I can think of today is that tomorrow is Friday.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I am unbelievably fascinated by this story. My roommates and I watched a similar story on TLC on Monday night. Seriously, we sat there with our jaws dropped. I don't know how someone could get to this point......enjoy.

ROME (Reuters) - A Mexican man who at 550 kg (1,200 lb) is possibly the heaviest person in the world hopes to travel to Italy for a life-saving operation to shed weight.
Manuel Uribe, bedridden for the past five years, cannot stand on his own and will need a special flight to take him from Monterrey, Mexico to Modena, where a surgical team has offered to perform an intestinal bypass free of charge.
"I can't walk. I'm can't leave my bed," the 40-year-old Uribe, who weighs the same as five baby elephants, said in a recent telephone interview.
"I'm trying to reduce my weight a bit right now so I can be in the right condition for the operation."
Uribe made an impassioned plea for help earlier this year on Mexican television, saying he weighed a more normal 130 kg (290 lb) until aged 22 and did not know what happened to him.
The broadcast drew the attention of doctor Giancarlo De Bernardinis, who visited Mexico with a medical team to examine Uribe in March.
Bernardinis, whose biggest patient to date weighed 350 kg (770 lb), told Reuters he plans a gall bladder, intestinal bypass procedure that will allow Uribe to pass food more quickly without so many calories being absorbed.
Bernardinis planned to perform the surgery in Modena as early as this month, although a Mexican health official doubted Uribe would be ready for a trip to Europe that quickly.
Uribe's case puzzles doctors since his cholesterol and blood-sugar levels are normal, despite his extreme obesity.
"His heart works very well. He has some respiratory difficulty because of his obesity, but in strict terms, he's well," said Marco Anibal Rodriguez Vargas, the director of hospitals in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.
Rodriguez Vargas said Mexican hospitals still hoped to treat Uribe themselves, but added Uribe would ultimately decide what to do.
Uribe said it was just a matter of time before he went to Italy: "Are we going? Yes. We're going. But the doctors will decide when."
The operation would last four to five hours and would likely require Uribe to spend one month in Italy.
"He will always be heavier than normal but certainly not like he is now ... We would be satisfied even if he weighed 150 kg (330 lb) after two years," Bernardinis said.
No one has managed to find suitable scales for Uribe in years and estimates of his weight are made partly by tape-measure. Guinness World Records 2006 only said it was aware of living people weighing over 508 kg (1,120 lb).
The record for the heaviest man ever is held by Jon Brower Minnoch, who died in Seattle in 1983 after reaching a record 635 kg (1,400 lb). He was in his early 40s.
Uribe hopes to avoid that fate. His wife, horrified by his increasing size, feared the worst and abandoned him more than a decade ago.
"She left me because she must have thought I was dying," Uribe said.
"Thank God, I'm still alive and hopefully will be able to take care of this problem."

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Monday!!!!

Is that a word? Probably not but I don't care.

Well, here is a recap of my weekend.....
Friday night....

I stayed here at school to judge the talent show until 6 oclock. I didn't stay for the school dance because I had alot to do before Miriam's little birthday party at our house. Peter met me at Southside and then we went to Central Market, my FAVORITE GROCERY STORE ON THE PLANET! We shopped through and got our fresh strawberries, bananas, graham crackers and marshmellows for our chocolate fondue pot. Then Peter and I both made our own individual salads and we got salmon fromt he meat place! Yummy to my tummy!
We then came back to Southside and ate our dinner with Mirm, Rach, Craig and Natalie. Then Natasha and Thomas and a few other girls along with Paul came to celebrate the occasion. We just sat in the living room and talked. You girls from Abilene will appreciate the fact that Michael Bocenegra and Jesse Sharp found me on my space! I freaked out, and well so did they! SO, that was a cool connection for the evening. I actually got up and went to bed at 11 leaving everyone still the living room.
I woke up at around 10..showered and drove to McKinney. Peter fed me Subway for lunch and then me, and 8 guys helped him and Michael move to Michael's sweet new townhome in Frisco! I unpacked the kitchen with Michael's daughter McKenna all day. She's in 5th grade and acts about 80 times more mature than I ever did when I was in 5th grade. It took forever to unpack the kitchen. Then Michael, Peter, Mckenna and I went to Campisi's for dinner. Then I helped Peter unpack his room, the McKenna and then Michael. Then we all sat down to watch a movie. I was almost asleep so I decided to leave at like 11. What a long day.
I woke up aroudn 7:30 and went to church for the 9 service. After that, I met Peter at IKEA. Talk about an overwhelming place...we only stayed for 30 minutes because we met Jason and Mallory Krieger for lunch at a place called Christina's. Nothing like margarita's and mexican food! YUMMY! Then we drove out to LIttle Elm to their house and just sat and watched TV...and napped while Mallory cooked us brownies. It was a great Sunday afternoon. Then about 5 Peter took me to my car and I drove home for a few hours. We then went to Thomas house and watched Memoirs of Geisha with him and Natasha. It was a really good movie..

Monday: MY DAY OFF.
I woke up at 9...took my time getting ready and then met Peter at Cafe Brazil in Richardson for lunch at 11:30. Then I went to Mockingbird Station to shop, followed by home, laundry, a good 2 hour nap, dinner, more laundry and some tv with the roommates followed by MORE LAUNDRY! Geez Louise...but I got most of it done! :)

Right now, it's advisory...which means only 1 class period left to go. Thank you Jesus. It's been a pretty good pseudo Monday. I have small group tonight and before that I will probably do a little hot-tubbing with Natalie...or maybe I'll start working out. Hmm, we'll see.

HOpe everyone had a great weekend! I sure did!!!!!!
16 and half days until NEW YORK! WOOHOO!