Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm a stay at home "mom" now and I haven't blogged in two weeks. I have had ALL the time in the world to do so. HOWEVER, there is really nothing blogworthy to write.

Well, maybe a few things. We're at 18 weeks today!!!! That last pic at 14 weeks is about what I look like today. That was a food belly then. :) I'll post a pic later this week when I actually look presentable.

First things first, YES, that was me on "A Blooming Business" on TLC. However, I'm a bit disappointed with the fabricated drama they created about me. Oh well, I guess I should have known. If you know me well, you know I wouldn't have just "missed" a big day at my job/ or forgotten the toss bouquet. There was so much more footage and who knows where that all went. :) If you want to know what really happened, or if you care, then you can call me.
It was pretty fun to see myself on tv. They did a really good job on the show..despite the fabricated drama.. Save it for your mama! It aired 3 times this past weekend and I don't know if it will air again. It was just the pilot. Apparently you can go vote on TLC's website if you want more episodes.

I just got back from Chicago yesterday! It was a SHORT trip. But, totally worth it. My sister, mom and I shopped until we dropped and ate ALOT of pizza. :) Totally worth every bite! We were really only there for a day and half. It started snowing really bad on Sunday morning so we left our hotel at 6:30am to get to the airport. My sister and I's flight didn't pull out of O'Hare until 11:15am! I bought a book. :) Remember I don't read. It was a toss up between "Shopaholic and Baby" and Twilight. I chose the first. I'm over half way through it. :) It's hilarious. I haven't read any of Sophia Kinsella's books, but they are great! I might have to read all of them!

Well, the big day is a week from today!!!!!! Any guesses??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?? I have my guess. ;)

I'm feeling much better than the last time I blogged! Praise the Lord! But, getting Charlie food still makes me gag...and it's dry dog food.

Peter is doing great. We had a bit of a health scare with him a few weeks ago, but we found out it was only REALLY bad acid reflux. Which, I could have told you 3 doctor's visits and an UPPER GI later. :) He's on medicine and doing much better. He built a few things while I was in Chicago. I was totally surprised when I returned. I'll wait and post pictures of those.

Luckily I don't have to do laundry today...our dryer broke and we won't have another one until Wednesday. DARN! But, I do have to go to the grocery store!! I promised Peter I would be a frugal grocery shopper. :) I wasn't very good with our food money in March. Oh wait, it's still March. :)

The only pics I have are on my phone...but I'll download them soon.

Sorry I'm not as good with pictures as you might thing. In fact, I've always been terrible taking pictures. Hopefully things will change when our child comes!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is wrong with my blog?

Every time I click on it, there is nothing in the body! Hmmm.

Well, I just woke up about 2 hours ago. It's 12:30pm. Insomnia has set in and I was awake from 3:30am until 7 this morning. So, I got up, took a bath, ate a fiber one pop tart and went back to bed. Slept until 10:30am. Now I'm on the couch in my pajamas watching Pure Country. Oh the crush I used to have on George Strait!

A cold front blew in this morning with some rain. I'm glad it's raining. However, it makes me want to stay in my pajamas all day. But, alas, I can't. Peter and I are going to see High School Musical at the Bass Hall tonight. Our friend/former roommate is in it! We're so excited. Well, as excited as you can be to watch HSM. :)

We had a great weekend! We helped my sister and her husband move into their new house. They were almost completely moved in on Saturday night so we got to have a cookout. My mom was in town so we of course brought Charlie over to play. Sunday we slept in until 10. Thank you time change. Well, I can always sleep in, however, Peter never does! So, I was thankful he got to sleep in. I congratulated him with brunch at IHOP! :) A new one just opened up down the street. Then we went to Dick's to get Peter some new soccer paraphernalia for this upcoming indoor season. After that we decided we didn't want to be inside because it was so pretty. So we picked up Charlie and went to Lake Grapevine! We had a great time. We felt as if we deserved some Bahama Buck's afterwards.

Monday I had another headache...geezz. But I managed to muster up some dinner with no groceries. Then last night I made some King Ranch Chicken. Yum!

Baby A is still growing at a rapid pace. After that picture I posted last Thursday night, of course my stomach went down. However, there is a visible baby bump.
I'm still dealing with nausea which is really frustrating. However, working out seems to make it go away for a while. Charlie and I went for a run/walk yesterday. If felt great!

Well, there's your update for the week. I have nothing picture wise to post. So sorry...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

14 weeks and 4 days

Taken at 9:30pm at night. Last night I went to bed at 9. There you go. And, I might be in a food coma from Anamia's guacamole. Whoops. It's probably bigger now than it will be in the morning. Oh well. :) This is why I think I'm a week ahead. That belly! Went to dinner with my dad and my sister and her husband and they ALL were like WHOA you have a baby in there now! I'm like, yes, yes I do. Have fun staring.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

If dogs and fetus' could talk...

Awkward title...I realize.

Charlie, our yellow/white lab is the most precious dog on the planet. I've actually lived under the same roof as her for a year and she has morphed into my best friend. Now, I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but cut me some slack here. Charlie and I spent almost every waking hour together last week. And, then on Saturday, I actually had to leave the house to sing at church. Peter came to the 5 service and left her outside. The sun was shining but it was pretty cold. Anyways, when we got home, she started acting very weird. So weird that we decided to take her to the emergency vet clinic at 9 on a Saturday night. Her cry and bark were very raspy. She was retching like something hurt or something was caught in her throat. She didn't perk up at the sound of hungry, outside, or treat. So, we immediately packed her in the car. She road laying down the whole way there which really gave us a sign that she didn't feel well.
We get there and she is hyper..of course. She wants to leave immediately. She hates unknown places. I think she knows where she is. The vet tech called her a beautiful dog and checked all of her vitals. No fever. Then the bald headed doctor came in and she barked at him. It was hilarious. He was pretty loud and abrasive and I don't think she liked it. But, then she warmed up to him. He asked us a few questions and then felt around on her. He then came back with some wet dog food and she scarfed it down like it was the most amazing thing on the planet. He told us her throat might hurt and she might have gotten a cold from the weather change.
We get her home and attempt to make her lay on the couch. She finally relaxes for a while. I stay up and watch The Dark Knight begrudgingly while Peter FALLS asleep on the couch. We go to bed at midnight. We let her sleep with us because we are worried. She wakes me up every hour ON THE HOUR shivering for 6 hours straight! I was exhausted come morning and I think the Lord was giving me a taste of parenthood. There was nothing I could do make Charlie comfortable. It was devastating!! I come home after singing 2 services and we all 3 take a 3 hour nap. Praise the Lord she slept. We got her to eat dinner finally. But then yesterday she had a few episodes. I got brave and stuck the thermometer up her rear. Her temp was normal.

So folks, I think she have a "case" on our hands. "Drama Dog" as Peter calls it. If I could just get her to tell me what's going on in that little brain of hers!!!

Moving on....

Baby, why do consistently make me hungry? Every 1.5-2 hours..I start gagging and then HAVE to eat. clockwork, the same scenario happens. Baby, how do you eat so much food to be such a little tike!!!!

Baby, why do you make mom's nose stopped up every single night? Why do you make her sleep with her mouth open and then have her wake up and not be able to even lick her lips because of the dryness?

Baby, why do coarse hairs keep appearing in weird places all over your mom's body rapidly? I mean, have I really let myself go that much?

Baby, why does your mom not know how to trim her toenails, shave her legs, pluck her chin, and wash her hair anymore?

Baby, your mom and dad love you so much. As much as we know how at this moment. Every day in the past couple of weeks I have gotten a glimpse of what life will be like when you are here. Last night we read in our prayer book about your sexuality. It made us so excited to find out what you will be! In less than two weeks I will have my 16 week appointment. Dr. Wai says he will give me a sonogram if I am antsy and itchy to see you and attempt to find out what you are! Are you kidding, why in the world would I pass that up!!!

Baby, I hope you have your father's beautiful curls and long eye lashes. I hope you have his smile, his passion for the Lord, his hard work ethic, his willingness to love men who are hard to love and his LOVE for rap music and soccer. :) Even if you are a girl...haaa. Errrr, maybe I will retract that statement one day.

Baby, I hope you love your dog Charlie as much as we love her. We know she will be a great big sister, although we think she will be mad at us for a little bit. But, once she warms up to you, then she'll love you just as much as we will.

Baby, I hope you come to know Jesus as your Savior and seek to love Him as much as He loves you...I pray that we will be parents who will wash you in the water of the word and encourage you in Him daily...even on the hard days!

Baby, we can't wait for you to be here. :) You can make me as hungry and as nauseous as you want as long as you keep growing strong and healthy!!!

No one is here to take my picture right now, but I definitely have some belly to show. :) So, I'll make Peter take it tomorrow and post it later in the week!!!!

Bye for now!