Monday, July 12, 2010

Too Many Updates...

We decided to forego cable and internet for the summer, and I feel really behind in blog posts.
Things to update so I don't forget.

*Titus turned 10 months on June 24th....which means he's almost 1 month shy of turning 1! Holy Hannah!
*I turned the big 30 on June 26th...Peter and I threw a big shindig at some friends house and it was a blast! Why not throw your own 30th birthday party..right?
*Titus has had 3 viral infections, roseaola, and a double ear infection since Memorial Day. Not fun.
*A week long trip to Houston...which involved the Roseaola and one of the Viral throat infections.
*Father's Day

At the moment, I'm typing on my dad's computer that has wireless. Thank goodness for parents moving here and staying with us off and on till their house closes! Today, I got to go work out by myself without taking Titus to the daycare there.
So, I guess come August, I'll make all of these posts when our internet is back. Yessssssss.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.