Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A pic from October. My boys at the Air Show. Titus LOVED it...and has since, spotted every single airplane in the sky.

Just an ordinary Wednesday for me and many others. But, for a 38 year old woman from Colorado named Joanne, not so ordinary. Joanne Heim had a stroke yesterday morning while running on the treadmill in her basement. Since then, some traumatic, scary things have been happening. She has been in surgery twice. The last surgery was to cut out part of her skull so that her brain could have room to swell. Talk about scary. Please take a minute to get on your knees for her She is so young and has so much ahead of her with her 2 girls and husband.

I feel like December and January have been full of heartache and despair for many people I know and even don't know. It's overwhelming to my heart. This world is not our home, and HE keeps gently reminding me of that. Praying for hearts to know HIM so that they too, can see that He is good and He DOES good despite sickness, death, loss, etc.

Moving my head at least...

Tonight I will go to my second boot camp. Monday night was HARD. VERY HARD. Yesterday I was very sore. Today, much worse. I can't even remember being this sore after my C-Section. Of course, I was taking pain meds. I'm trucking through the soreness and heading back out in the 20 degree temps and getting my workout on. Discipline and obedience are the words that are ringing in my ears with alot this month.

Today, Titus and I went on our weekly field trip to story time at the library with Natasha and Jacob. We follow that with lunch at Chipotle or Mooyah every week. Love that time. Our little boys are quickly remembering each other and saying each other names often. They love to talk and chase each other in excitement. It is really fun to watch!
The end...for today.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Christmas Card 2010T

Thanks to one of my best friends , here is our Christmas card! Brittney took us out to take pictures in Frisco by Babe's Chicken. We had fun. This is the second year in a row she has taken our pics and Matt has done our card. We LOOOVE IT. If you like what you see, you should ask her to do your card next year.
Thanks Brittney. Honored to know you and call you best friend...
I always joke with Brittney about how I'm going to send my kids to her house for preschool. Ahhaa!!


Glad to be warm between momma and daddy.

Mom, why are these bags on my feet??

Unsure but checking it all out anyways.

Wanting to be back outside!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Hopes for the Year


I'm really going to try to update this blog once a week. I'd really like to keep up with Titus as the time is going by very quickly. He's 16 months old! WHAT?
Everyone keeps asking me when we are going to have another one. Personally, neither one of us are really ready. Logistically, we should probably start trying as our insurance deductible is really high. But lets be honest, I don't really want to bring another child into the world based on something as stupid as that. Unfortunately, our year started off with a bang. Peter's company stopped paying for Titus' and I's insurance. Luckily, they are covering Peter. The worst part was, they told us one day and it happened the next. Selfish if you ask me. So, we had to revamp our budget and start pinching some MAJOR pennies to make sure we have insurance. It's been a pretty huge burden on Peter. But, I'm totally committed to sticking with our envelope system. I'm so very grateful to be staying home and raising Titus. I'd give up just about any purchase to do that. This world is not our home and I know that the Lord is taking care of our every need, regardless of what we think that need is.


I have not worked out since before I got pregnant with Titus. I'm smaller now than I have ever been. I breast-fed Titus until the beginning of November and then LBS just FELL off like magic. But, then the holidays happened and I had to figure out how to eat again. I'm completely happy with my weight, however, I am not happy with the way I feel. So, I enrolled in Camp Gladiator boot camp starting MONDAY! Lord help me. I have heard so many great things about this program. Lucky for me, there was a GROUPON yesterday, and I was able to afford it with my personal money (and part of next months) for 4 weeks! My friend Julie is going to do it with me. She just had a baby in September. My roommate, Macy from college is a trainer for CG in Ft. Worth. She has spoke very highly of the program and said it's the fastest, and funnest way she has ever gotten in shape! I need community to help me. I am NO GOOD on my own. So, at 5:30am on Monday morning, I'll be out in the snow trying not to die because I haven't worked out in ages. Lord give me grace! I'm super excited and I am NEVER excited about working out. Peter and I joined Lifetime Fitness this past summer and I only went to the pool maybe 1 time a week and worked out about that. Titus was in a huge separation anxiety stage and it just was no fun for any of us. Every time I tried to go to the pool it was closed for a chemical clean because someone pooped or puked. Eww. Maybe some day, but not worth it. Peter hates gyms anyways. Give him a park bench and a kettle bell, or is it ball. and he's ready to go! I have only committed for 4 weeks. So, that isn't bad. I'm hoping it will get me motivated enough to sign up for another camp!


I'm a terrible, horrible, no good reader. I committed to Beth Moore's Scripture Memory this year and am SUPER EXCITED about it. You memorize 2 verses a month. Peter is joining me and we are picking verses together. Our verse for the first half of January is
1 Timothy 6:6-7.

"Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment. For we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world."

I am super excited about what the Lord will teach me through this. I'm a terrible memorizer. I also started reading Graced Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel. I've made it to page 70 and that's a huge feat for me. My goal is to retain what I read. I also started Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity. I have made it to Chapter 2 on this book. Whew!!!

So, that's it. Simple as can be. Peter and I have lots to do around the house. It's just not The Abrigg's without a project. On tap at the moment, we are making a tufted headboard, painting the hallway, finishing the master bath and dreaming about a kitchen re-do. But, do to #1, that is only a far away dream. But hey, we can dream, right?!?! We both LOVE design and doing new things around the house.

As far as Titus, he is growing UP A STORM. He is SUCH a joy to be around every day. I am blessed and honored to be his mom. He talks all the time and is just becoming such the little boy. He can kick a soccer ball like no other 16 month I know and dance just like his daddy. He has become a climber lately, and that's scaring me HALF to death. He is a wonderful sleeper at night. He sleeps 12 hours or more. However, naps are different story. Max daily, is 2 hours. I'm not worried, because he gets so much at night that I just don't feel like he requires a long nap. 2 hours is a GOOD nap. He weighs 25lbs and is in the 75 percentile for height! Not sure who he gets that from. If you know his momma and daddy, you know we are S-H-O-R-T.

We don't have much planned for the year. We are really enjoying The Village Church. The Lord is doing so much there and I just feel like I've missed out the last few years due to being a mom and figuring out how to be that at home. I am still leading worship once a month and on the leadership team for Women's Bible Study on Tuesday night. We start that up again on January 25th. We're finishing up Genesis and I can't wait. I hope to retain more than I did last semester. I was trying to figure out how to do my job on leadership and listen was hard.

My parents moved to the metroplex this summer from Abilene. We are LOVING having everyone here. It's nice not to have to travel, however, I DO miss Abilene dearly. It holds 21 years of my life and it will always be apart of me. That may sound lame to some of you. :) I don't for see Titus going to ACU. We can't afford it. Unless money starts falling from the sky. :)

Looking forward to blogging every week. I still am a FAITHFUL blog reader to many more than even on my blog list. I should probably update that. However, I'm pretty sure it overwhelms me every time I look at it.

Happy New Year!!