Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Birthday

Oh me oh my....this summer has flown by! Yes, I just rhymed. Thank you. :)

We've had a fairly busy summer....without internet and television. We've swam, napped, ate, played, travelled, played, slept, and so on. It's been a good summer.

Today, I'll just start with T's 1st birthday.

12 month stats:
21 lbs 8 oz. - 27%
31 inches - 75%

I don't know how far I'll get on this post due to the fact that hasn't taken a nap today. We're at my parent's hanging out and he won't sleep for some dumb reason. :) So, he's a sweet whiney hiney today. Sorry son, my fault.

We had a low key party at our house with just family and a few friends. I decided on a Paul Frank theme thanks to TARGET! I love Target.
We actually did 1 year pictures the weekend before with a smash cake and he was hilarious. We will get those soon from Mallory Krieger Photograhy. Thanks Mal. :)

Things Titus is up to at 1 year old:

*Ball is a favorite word. As a matter of fact, I should probably start counting how many times he says it a day! He is obsessed. His cousins gave him a BIG basket of balls for his birthday, all shapes and sizes, and he plays with them often. Ball is the first thing he says when he wakes up and usually says it when I rock him to sleep sometimes. He doesn't prefer to be rocked anymore. He knows and loves his bed.

*He is walking! He started this a week before his birthday. A few days before his birthday he took a spill with a toy in hand and ended up ripping apart his nose! You'll see this in his birthday pictures. :) I'll remember it forever. It looks like it might scar now, so if anybody has any ideas to make this go away, let me know!

*He pretty much eats everything. Unfortunately, we had him tested for a milk allergy last week because his little skin breaks out in a rash when he drinks whole milk or eats yogurt. Luckily, he hates whole milk. BUT, the test results said he is highly allergic to peanuts, mildly allergic to wheat and eggs and of course dairy. I am going to get a second opinion other than his MD to an allergist. We'll talk that out on Tuesday. I'm trying not to panic until then. Right now, I'm just believing and asking for a clean slate for him, that this would just be a fluke!

*He is wearing 6-12 month and 12-18 month clothes. For some reason, he's getting tall. His momma and daddy don't have that gene.

*His FAVORITE time of day is when daddy comes home. He's usually in his high chair and I'll hear the garage door go up. I'll whisper to him, "who is it?" He says it back! It's hilarious. Then I say daddy's home. And, he repeats daddy over and over until he walks through the door. He usually squeals with excitement and sometimes plays coy and hides his face! Of course his daddy swoops him up immediately or he'll start crying! It's sad and hilarious all at the same time.

*His best friend is his dog Charlie. If my parents black lab was with us all the time, she would be his other best friend. He got in the bad habit of feeding the dogs from his high chair at my parents house. Now, he gets disciplined. :)

*Speaking of discipline. We have a crazy man on our hands. :) This past month has been rough I tell ya! Toddler phase isn't going to be my favorite. I love that his personality is shining, but now is when he set the rules in our home. He understands fully when we say No. Now, if we say no, he manages to sprawl himself belly down on the floor and throw a fit. This is when I walk away. Silly boy.

*He is very good at giving kisses, playing peek a boo. He caught on to saying "BOO" several weeks ago. It's HILARIOUS. It more sounds like Bahhh instead of Boo, but he gets it nonetheless.

*He is currently sleeping from 8 to 8. We've had some weird days and nights lately due to those stupid molars coming in. He's already gotten his bottom left one in and his top left has broken through the surface and bloody. These teeth have been giving this little boy fits. I think he's mad about it all the time. My job is to make him comfortable, so Ibruprofen is my friend at night...his too of course. :) That makes 10 teeth for the little buddy. Whew!

*Titus LOVES the park and has recently become an extreme dare devil. He is not afraid to climb up anything! He can crawl all the way up the slide!!! I don't like to take him by myself, because I get too nervous! He needs someone at the top waiting for him! He's also learned how to climb up in my lap if I'm sitting on the couch. Not to cuddle, but to use the couch as a jungle gym. HE LOVES IT!

*His favorite song is still If Your Happy & You Know It. I can sing the first word and he starts smiling and clapping. I've recently taught him Head and Shoulders. He can successfully point to his head and his nose. We're working on all the other body parts.

*He's gotten really good at mimicking me when I say things. He usually does this when he's sitting in his stroller and we are out and about. It makes me laugh so hard! He knows what lights are and can point to them. We've recently started teaching the names of the different balls. He's got football down pretty good!

*He LOVES to brush his hair. I started singing "Brusha Brusha Brusha" (you know, from Grease) to him and now HE SAYS it back! It might be the funniest thing he does yet! He did it for my mom and sister last night and they were rolling!!!

*We've still got a momma's boy on our hands! He made it in his class at church this past month for the first time! Of course, since then, he's only spent about 10-40 minutes in class. It's ridiculous, but I know he will grow out of it. I'm praying soon! I want him to LOVE to go to class at church!