Friday, March 31, 2006


I just witnessed the biggest food fight known to man.
At one moment I was sitting in the lounge having a great time eating my lunch, and then the next every teacher was sprinting to the cafateria!! You should have seen that place! It was unreal.
We had to skip out on lunch, even the kids, well the 8th graders anyway, and escort them back to our rooms! I was so angry. Words do not even describe. I yelled and made them put their heads down. Now we have to ESCORT the kids to their classes! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!
SO, this day sucks but at the same time...greatness.


I was just discussing with a good friend last night all of the new note/email lingo.
We were laughing so stinking hard.

WTF: what the (insert nasty word) is a commonly used term among the middle schooler's and the myspacers. Funny how middle schooler's and myspacer's can be used in the same sentence.

OMG: oh my gah! Can you just hear all the women out there saying this?!!? Hilarious.

LYLAS: love ya like a sis. I remember back in the olden days when I used to write notes to my friends and we would write this..along with....

BFFTTDWDSBS: best friends forever til the day we die side by side. greatness.

BFF: best friends forever. This one is a great one.

If you can think of any others please feel free to comment.

It's Friday, and there is supposed to be another walkout today. All the kids are dressed in Mexican flag paraphenalia. It's great. I think one kid even had the Mexican Flag on like a skirt. Genius. Anyways, so we are on strict hall duty among other things. It's so annoying...

Tonight I am going to a concert.
Please see to find out more about this! You should go if you live in the Metroplex. I got free tix...I'm big time around here, people know me. hahahha..hilarious.

Last night I lead worship with my friend Thomas at a ministry called Celebrate Recovery. Go to
I feel like the Lord's trying to get me to go through this process. I'm not sure what for or why. But, read about it. No it's not like Alcoholic's Anonymous...if you were wondering.

Sunday leading worship again at the village. go to if you don't have a church home or would like to visit! I love what the Lord is doing at this place.

I think I'm going to work on my resume this weekend and maybe apply for some school districts around the metroplex. Yup, that's what I'm going to do.
Some body keep me company today. I'm going to be bored here.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Is it bad to live for the weekends? Because right now that's all that I feel like I do. I just pray that the Lord will help me get through the day without killing someone. I mean, I guess I wouldn't really kill someone.

Today, during my 3rd period 6th grade boys choir, a mom walked in my classroom. I was so excited because her son is the kid who rolls his eyes and laughs everytime he gets in trouble. He is so stinking disrespectful. Today, I just stood and watched while the mom reprimanded and yelled at her son in front of the whole class! I was so proud of her. Poor thing was tearing up. She even said 'I don't give a rat's ass' in the middle of my class. I wanted to give her a high 5 but I felt like that probably would be inappropriate. Anyways, the freaking kid just sat there and laughed at his mom! I was so mad, so I threw in my 2 cents. I told the mom in front of the class that I felt sorry for her and that I have never in my life seen such an ungrateful kid. I went off about how his mother only works to put food on the table, a roof over his head and a warm bed for him to sleep on. It was great....but, as soon as she left, he was back to his old ways. I just sent him to the office. What happened to the good old days of getting whippin's in the office. I mean never in my life have I ever seen so many disrespectful kids in one place. It's bad because they actually love ISS and RAC.....because they are by themselves. Crazy.

So, last night I went to eat dinner at Eatzi's with my old friend Rachel. We went back to her apartment and watched LOST. It was such a good episode. I'm very intrigued about the next episode.
After that, my friend Natalie asked me and our friend Jeremy if we would help her with some video footage. Little did we know that we had to play a high school couple struggling with know. So, Jeremy and played it up but of course LAUGHED the whole time. It might have been one of the most awkward things that I have ever done! No really.

Anyways, so, this school day is almost finished and tomorrow is Friday. I have never been so thankful in my life.....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

DELIRIUM and protests..

Well, I have alot today. We'll start with protests.

So, yesterday between 2nd and 3rd periods, the fine students at James Bowie Middle School decided to pack their backpacks and head out the door in a stampede to...where you might ask?
A few possible places.
1. To their houses
2. To the high school to protest with their fellow Vikings at Nimitz
3. To downtown Irving followed by taking the dart bus to downtown Dallas to protest.

It's interesting. All I could do was laugh. I wasn't really in an uproar about it because there was absolutely nothing I could have done. So, me and my coworker Stacie stood at our doors and waved goodbye while yelling VIVA MEXICO! Kidding, but wouldn't that have been us probably. Anyways, we had about 50 students try to come back to school later yesterday..which I find hysterical. We of course didn't let them in because they didn't have a pass. So, today, we are all dealing with unexcused absences..etc. Exciting time here at James Bowie Middle School

My next topic..Delirium. Yesterday, my friend Jacob called me to inform me that the girl he had bought tickets to Delirium for (Cirque de Soleil for those of you unfamiliar) bailed out at the last minute. Sucks for him but not for me!!!! So, last night I got pampered with a dinner and margarita at Mi Cocina...I probably should have thought through the marg before the show..I was struggling to keep my eyes open, and then an incredible show at the American Airlines Center!!
I was so freaking cool! I couldn't really wrap my small mind around what was going on...but I enjoyed every single second of it.
Well, the bell rang..and the little heathens are on their way in!! Have a great Hump Day everyone!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Carpel Tunnel...and Protests

I think I'm getting Carpel Tunnel in my left wrist. Could it be from typing to much? Too much blogging and myspacing maybe? Probably so. I think I need to start a week fast from both of these.

This morning at 3:30am, our EVER SO LOUD fire alarm went off in my building. It's not your typical fire alarm with just a loud sounding beep noise or siren...but, it's a woman repeating the same line OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. "ATTENTION, THERE HAS BEEN REPORT OF A SOMETHING OR OTHER, PLEASE EVACUTE TO ALL THE NEAREST EXITS." Kill me. So, I hear Miriam running down the hall putting on her sweatshirt...I threw on a fleece and pajama pants and we both stood at the door...looking out waiting to see if other people were leaving. Generally, it's a false alarm. So, yes, it was a false alarm. The first week I lived in our building the fire alarm went off for an hour straight in the middle of the night and I was the ONLY ONE THERE. It was hilarious.

So, if you live in the DFW area, I'm sure you heard about the protests on the news. Well, we got an email from our principal today talking about the protests and free speech. He told us what we were supposed to do if it broke out on our campus. I can just see it happening now. I don't really have much to say about this..

I just commited to drive a 15 passenger van next weekend on our Road Rules Trip for church. I'm very scared about this, but they deemed me a responsible person for some WEIRD reason. SCARY.

Well, I don't have much today. I have alot to say really, but I'm going to refrain...I'm going to keep it surfacey and general today..I hope you don't mind.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday afternoon F-U-N!

i obviously didn't make this picture becuase i was taking it. but from left to right...mason, peter, mirm, natasha, thomas and john. michael and i were facing them.... fun times......
Me and Michael Snetzer. He's Peter's roommate. He's 39 years old and runs a ministry at our church called Celebrate Recovery. He's also a counselor at a Christian Counseling Center. He's such a freaking stud. All the guys call him "their holy spirit" because he's ALWAYS calling them out and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to do. He's pretty intense but hilarious at the same time. He has a beautiful daughter that I feel like is more mature than me at ag 13.
Thomas acting like an idiot, me of course acting like an idiot and covering up John's face in the back and Peter smilin' we are walking around the Arboretim in Dallas. I have no idea how you spell it. It's a beautiful place right next to White Rock Lake. We went to just throw the football around and be lazy becuase it was beautiful outside. My favorite part about this picture is the little girl right beside Peter's head with her dress lifted up on her dad's shoulder's. Priceless.

Friday, March 24, 2006


and then there is me. I didn't take this picture at school. This is my lunch table...along with about 4 other people's pictures I don't have. I took this picture at Grant's a couple of weeks ago with his camera....he of course posted it where everyone could see. So, this is a tribute to my friends at school. They get me through the day with their hilarious emails...of course we have group emails. I hope everyone enjoys their co-workers as much as I enjoy mine! Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!
Moss...better known as Brian....he's the art teacher. HILARIOUS. Everyday he shares his food with us. He hates that. Actually we steal his popcorn. He has a beautiful wife and is so talented!!! He hates it when people look at his eyes and refuses to give anyone a hug. hhahah
Ryan..his office is also across the hall from mine and does the same thing that Stacie does. He cracks me up and ALWAYS has a listening ear and great advice. He really loves the Lord and you can really tell by his heart! Love this kid. He's shorter than me. Our building manager calls him mini-mi. He's also a coach.
Stacie...her office is across the hall from the choir room. She's an inclusion teacher so doesn't have a classroom. I love going in her office for a laugh or for a cry. She's such a good friend and always has a great story. She has a beautiful son named Scout. She'd kill me if she knew I put this picture up of her. Persian/Iranian friend that teaches Spanish. She always kids around about teaching the kids Farsi. They have no clue that she's not Hispanic! We think it's hilarious. She's a great friend...we get manis/pedis every once in a while. She cracks me up!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


It's another weird day in the neighborhood today. Everything feels really thrown off.
I went to bed at 9:15pm with a headache last night and woke up with it this morning. That's frustrating. It makes my patience level non-exsistent.

Tonight, I'm leading worship with my friend Thomas at a ministry called Celebrate Recovery. It's an amazing ministry. At first, I put this stigma on it...but now that most of my friends have gone through the 12 step program, I have a new found respect. I have seen them find freedom over many things and it has been so cool to watch. 3 weeks ago I went to hear my friend Peter's testimony. It was, I'm trying to prepare my heart for that. All of my friends have been trying to get me to come for over 6 months. I either a, don't have the time, b, am scared, or c, am scared of what the Lord will do through this. So, I don't know if this is the Lord's way to put me there to make me see that this is what he wants for me right now or what.

I'm in one of those very introspective modes today. I've just been really analyzing my heart and my mind lately and I don't like what I see. It's so amazing how easy it is to put other things before the Lord. It's so frustrating to see how lazy one can become!! I feel like that right now. Lazy. Very lazy about most things in my life. Job, cleaning my room, time with the Lord..etc.

Tomorrow night a bunch of us are going two-stepping at Gilley's. I'm especially excited about this, because I love to two step. Most of the boys that I am going with are really good and can twirl me around that dance floor like nobody's business! Speaking of boys, I need to step away from them all right now. I feel like they are clouding my mind. Shoot.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful's almost favorite time of the day!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Buyer's Remorse

I just went into complete freakout mode.

I just booked 2 trips. One in May to New York, and one in June to California!

So, New York..I'm going with Sarah! YEAH! We're staying with our friend Luke...which is nice because we won't have to pay for hotel.

Then, in June I'm going to California from June 15th-21st! I'm going with Miriam, Rachel, Natalie and Natasha! We rented a car and will be driving up the coast! It will be so stinking fun! We're flying into Burbank...going to a wedding that Friday and then are totally playing the whole rest of the time.
So, we can make the trip cheap thank the Lord! It's a good thing I babysat last week and was able to pay for one plane ticket and half of the other! thank you Lord! :) But, still I went into freak out mode becasue I haven't deposited that money onto my credit card yet.

I'm in a funk today. I think it's because it's Wednesday, or maybe it's because I called off my first relationship...for only a 2 months time. It's interesting how God works, because there was nothing wrong with him.....I just didn't feel like he was into much as I would have liked for him to be. Is that selfish? I don't think so....I hope not. I just want someone to be enamored by me...and not just think I'm alright. Am I right? It's a weird day..kinda mopey..kinda trying to feel sorry for myself but knowing that the Lord has something better in store for me..which makes me excited.

So, that's that for today. I can't wait for May and June!!!!!!!! New York and California are my favorite places to go!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

me and mirm being ridiculous in her car...we had the windows rolled down becuase it was 900 degrees....and her air conditioner quit. hilarious.....
lovely groom and his new watch from leigh ann!
silly bride! doesn't she look beautiful!!!
bridesmaids! :) leigh ann did our hair..yes i said the bride did our hair for her wedding! Awesome
bride and i getting ready...
peter and i at the rehearsal dinner. i ate too much!
me and thompson at the rehearsal...i guess this is a thompson tribute! :) hahaha
me and thompson at leigh ann's bridesmaid luncheon
here is a picture of the bridesmaids from leigh ann's wedding. back row: me, audrey moore johnson, katie mitchen, alison camp, laura hess webb
Me on St. Patrick's day supporting my green. Hello Everyone.

Monday, March 20, 2006

You have no idea.....

How much i do not want to be at school today.
Spring break is such a gets you all prepared for the summer time!!! but, i guess i'm excited about that!!
spring break was fairly uneventful for me. we'll start with last Friday night.

We went over to my friend Natalie's house for a Shabott dinner. She went to Isreal this summer and brought back all this stuff to host a Shabott dinner. It was hilarious and so fun. I was on drugs becuase I was sick, so after dinner I fell asleep on Natalie's bed. It was much needed!

We hung out most of the day at home. It was like 90 degrees outside! We took Miriam's car to Flowermound to a baby shower we were hosting..and then ended up staying at those people's house for a cookout. It was a pretty early night..

I lead worship in all 4 services and hung out at Grant's in the afternoon. I got sunburned because we were outside for 3 hours! I thought I was going to be burnt for the wedding I was in yesterday.

babysat a 3 month old from 8-5

babysat 8-6..went to the grocery store and cooked dinner for Rachel and Grant.

babysat from 8-6...watched tv..went to bed

babysat from 8-6, went shopping and then hung out at Grant's.

babysat from 8-6...ate pizza and went to hear some bands play at THe Door with Grant and Peter, Natasha, Thomas and Mason. It was really fun. We ate at Cafe' Brazil and then came back to our apartment until 2am.

bridesmaid brunch at Breadwinners, manicure and pedicure with with Thompson, 30 minute nap, rehearsal dinner..took Peter as my date....then went and got coffee with Mirm and Rach, Grant and his sister and sister's boyfriend...until after 1am. dang.

leigh ann's at ready for wedding..poured down rain all at 330 until around 6ish. went home...changed clothes...went to the coolest concert I have ever been to at THe Gypsy Tea Room. Vedera is her name..and she is my new favorite girl singer!!!!! Then..went to bed... to the grind. I hate school. The end. 2 and half months until SUmmer. Thank you Jesus.

I'll post pics from the week tomorrow when i bring my cord to school....until then..happy monday.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The moment you've all been waiting for. Here it is, the group I took to UIL choir contest on Wednesday. We got a 2 on stage, WHICH WE DESERVED A 1 AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT HEARD...except the judges...thought we deserved a 1 as well. Even listening to the CD I wonder how in the world we got a 2. There were a bunch of other choirs from Irving that competed yesterday and they agreed that the judges were hard as nails!! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I don't understand the UIL judge phenomenon. I feel like they feel like they are important and feel the need to pick every single middle school apart. They have no idea where my kids have come from and what it took to have them where they are today! It's such a disappointment to get our ratings after we're SURE we nailed it. I always want to quit teaching after UIL contest. I feel like everyone bases whether or not a choir is good by your UIL scores. I totally disagree. And, I will never put UIL a priority for as long as I am teaching. My girls did amazing, and I've put up with alot from the them this year. ALOT OF ATTITUDE...but the look on their faces when we were on that stage was priceless. This picture was taken in the warm up room right before we went on stage. I let all the girls take their shoes off. My favorite part is the little black girl, Josie, on the front row who WORE BOOTS! But, that's all she had and I let her wear them......

Thursday, March 09, 2006

equals glazed over look on thursday morning.

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more middle school kids in black Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

me and mirm being silly Posted by Picasa

me acting stupid while driving. yes i was driving Posted by Picasa

Miriam and I decided to be retarded last night and take pictures because i got my camera back from the shop! i know i know...i'm so vain. tomorrow is UIL...and i'm just taking it easy...or attempting to anyways. last night we had a worship team the church. we ate pizza and watched the comedian brian regan on the big screen. i was told to bring my family so i brought miriam and grant. i know i know silly sillly. pray for me tomorrow as i go to UIL. oiiii..i'm starting to get nervous. sarah, remember the nervous poops! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! hilarious!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

It's Monday already? What?

Are you kidding me? It's Monday again???? I liked reading Leslie's post...
My hair is dirty, my outfit? What was I thinking. Last time I wore this dress my kids told me I looked pregnant. Middle school kids are apparently confused on the style this day and age. Or maybe my kids are just mean.

I had a really fun weekend.
Friday night Grant came over pretty quick after work and we watched Anchor Man. Boy that's such a quotable movie. Then we had a massive date night. Me and all my friends coupled up for fun....we ordered pizza, sat around the table and laughed at each other and then decided to walk down to the Brooklynn Jazz Cafe'. Remind me to never go there again on a Friday night. I mean I embrace other cultures but man they gave us dirty looks! It was quite intimidating when 12 white people walked right no through about 500 black people! They were all so beautifully dressed and classy...and I had on my tied dyed shirt with my hair in a pony tail. I could have sworn I saw some famous people. I love that place...but it was awkward. So, 15 minutes was all we lasted. We then went up on the roof and goofed around. Grant and I sat on the ledge of our 10 story building and dangled our feet over. Thinking about it makes my heart sink! SCARY! What a wild ride!!

Well, then Saturday I stayed in my pajamas until noon because I took a Sudafed and it made me feel drunk. I then went shopping at Urban Outfitters and Northpark. I love shopping too much. I bought Leigh Ann's lingere' gift and I think I was pretty darn creative! I then went to her shower for an hour and then drove out to Grant's house to meet him and his parents for dinner. Boy was that scary, but so much fun. They were hilarious.
I then went back to Chuys' to hang out with Leigh Ann and the girls for her Bachelorette times..
I woke up at 9 on Sunday morning and Miriam and Natalie made me watch a movie with ear phones on because they were working on an interview. I looked hilarious laying on the couch with these huge earphones on. I feel asleep with them on and they took pictures. Black mail..great. I then went over to Grant's about 2..followed by church at 5..back to Grant's to watch the Oscar's and on to bed at 11.

This is a big week. UIL is on Wednesday and then spring break.
I decided to be a good samaritan and babysit a 4th month old my whole week of spring break. But, money is involved and it is just the couple 2 doors down from I thought..why not make a little extra cash..instead of spending it. I love babies, but I'm sure I will be tired of it....
So, happy Monday everyone!

Friday, March 03, 2006

I never thought....

that i'd be the one breaking up fights at my school.
so, here's the story.

yesterday after school, i decided that i would make a beline out the door as soon as the 3:45pm bell rang. i got in my car, drove around the school...and proceeded to drive by the buses. there were 100's of kids about to load the bus. all of a sudden, these two black girls, who were bigger than me i might add, jumped right out in front of my car. one of the girls was tall and the other was short. the tall girl, shacuruea (you can attempt to pronounce this on your own), grabbed Shanae's dreads and took her to the ground and proceeded to kick her! i kind of froze for a minute and then my adrenaline kicked in and i jumped out of my car...left my car running with the door open....probably not very smart of me....and decided to run in front and attempt to break this brawl up. at that point all the kids had run over and were surrounding the girls. i pushed and shoved my way through the crowd yelling MOVE! hahaa, it's fun being a teacher sometimes..
then, i grabbed the tall girl by the arm and pulled her back out of the crowd. the other girl was laying on the ground crying. the girl that i took out of the circle was yanking and yelling. i was like, girl, if you'd like to hit me that's fine but you'll go go jail, so i suggest you settle it down and come with me. by that time one of the principals had mosied their way out to the bus stop. i explained what had happened and then went to see if the other girl was okay. i put my arm around her and asked her if she was okay. i couldn't understand a word she was saying because she was crying so hard. so, i brought her over, and by this time our police officer was out there. they were yelling at each other, and then i just left. i said my 2 cents though.
i got in my car and my heart was beating so fast. i tried to replay what had just happened in my head a few times. it's amazing the things that you will do when your adrenaline kicks in. scary, scary, scary.

so, there is your entertainment for friday. i, molly, broke up a fight yesterday and i feel like a hero. hahahaa..

Thursday, March 02, 2006

one week 2 days...

One week and 2 days until Spring Break...but boy do I have some hurdles to cross before then! Yuck.
This has been one of the most stressful weeks that I have had in a long time...emotionally.. school and other things.
although, today is a really good day! i for some reason love Thursday's.

Last night, Miriam, my roommate played in our coffee shop downstairs. It was so fun to have so many people come out and support her. She has such a great heart and is so passionate about that singing...and she's freaking amazing too!

Good times had by all. I don't have much to say right now. My 2nd period are doing projects on their favorite musical artists. Tomorrow is presentation day. SO, it's nice to get to sit here.

Well, I'm speechless today..sorry so boring.