Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Okay Okay

I've been procrastinating this week on blogging. I don't have any fun pictures....although I should since I carry my camera around everywhere. I hope to be better at that.

Things have been good the last couple of weeks. Peter and I have been VERY busy. He more than I because of his job. I didn't see him much last week because he worked about 80 night he had to work until 5:30am. He said that would NEVER happen again. He was so frustrated about that. His whole team stayed to finalize some budget that was due at 8 the next morning that had alot of holes in it from the last guy in charge. Peter is such a hard worker and always wants to do his best..he's been pretty down about it lately.
On top of that he still hasn't found a truck....we are desperately trying to get out of debt. It's funny, neither one of us had much before we got married. It was almost a blessng having that wreck, because we got to pay off Peter's wrecked truck and my car!!! But, taking Peter to work in the mornings is a bummer. It's not been that bad, but it's hard to wake up! I'm getting used to it. Picking him up in the evenings isn't that bad either. But, who really want to be a one car family? We'll do it as long as we have too. We're just praying for the Lord's will as far as that is concerned. Get a used beat up one for cheap, or go ahead and get a new one...frustrating when you are really trying to get out of debt.
Anyways, that's neither here nor there.

Peter has been playing soccer this month on Tuesday's or Wednesday's nights. He love it. Last night he scored 4 goals. He's pretty competitive so it's pretty fun for him. Although, because of lack of exercise, he has a horrible wheasy cough on into the night. I just giggle. I have become a soccer mom. Last night I yelled at a guy on the other team because he straight pushed Peter over on purpose. What was funny, is Peter got foul, FOR BEING PUSHED DOWN! I don't think I could play soccer. I might start cussing. Kidding..kind of. I'm sure I'll be a soccer mom in the future and I'll have to hold my tongue. :)

I have been subbing the past 2 weeks at a high school down the street from my apartment. It's been fun, but VERY BORING. I load up my bag in the mornings with tons of books, etc. I take my computer, but only to play games or to make outlines of a book I am reading! HAHHA, that's how boring it is!! I've been lucky though, because I'm not disciplined about reading and spending time in the word. It's been an incredible 2 weeks as far as that is concerned. I am studying a book called "Christian Beliefs."

It's a pretty thin book but it has SO much information it. It's been great to be reminded of who God is and be able to retain important scriptures! I also finished a book called Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney. It talks 7 virtues of a Godly wife and mother! It really has rocked my face off and I encourage everyone to read it! Thanks to Lauren....I got a good and challenging read! :)
Anyways, high school kids are definitley my favorite. I did sub at a middle school one day. And, let me tell you, it's a COMPLETLEY different world over here!! The kids are incredible! Course, I was teaching 6th grade AP Language Arts? I didn't even know that existed! :) hah.
Yesterday I taught Pre-Cal and AP Pre-Cal. The last period of the day, there were 2 kids that were bussed over from the middle school. One of them was TEN YEARS OLD! Not to mention he was a 10 year old in the 8th grade coming to the high school for AP PRE-CAL! Whatever...needless to say, I felt stupid. Sort of.

This past weekend Peter and I went to a movie. We couldn't compromise on anything so, we went to see Freedom Writers. It was fantastic. It kind of reminded me of Dangerous Minds. :)

We're looking forward to going skiing next week. We leave a week from today and return next Sunday the 11th. We are going to Wolf Creek with our marriage counselor and his wife and a few other people from Denton Bible. I haven't been skiing since college and I am SO ready to hit the slopes!! Peter says he's going to snow board, so I assume I'll be skiing by myself the whole time. I'm too chicken to snowboard. I'd rather enjoy my money's worth and just do something I'm experienced in. :)

Well, I have to go back to school now. I went to school and realized I had the first 2 periods off. Oh heavens. So, I left to go home with snow falling down! It was beautiful! :) I'm ready to see ALOT of snow next week!!!
Hopefully the next time I return I will have more to say with PICTURES to illustrate. ;)

Love you all...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WHY IN THE.......

HEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW do people put fake names on my test! That is totally retarded. Get some cojones (sp.) and put your real name!!! WHATEVER. :)

I'll blog later, I'm busy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our Apartment/Month Anniversary!

One view of our very small closet!!!! WE DID GOOD!
The love seat and part of the kitchen.
Where all the magic happens! (cooking that is!)
One view of our bathroom! Aren't we cute.!
One view of the AWESOME bed Peter built us!
Missing some colored pillow cases that were being washed!
Also, our attempt to get creative on the wall! :)
Little lounge section in the bedroom!
Another view of our closet. :)

Our dining room table! We got it for 199 dollars at WEIR'S~!
Our living room!! The entertainment center is large.
The view into view into the hallway/entry way.
My way of decorating. NOT FINISHED!
I painted those pictures above the toilet!

Happy Anniversary!! Well, Monday was our 1 month anniversary. We decided right after we got married we would celebrate and eat our cake. We didn't want to wait a year and have it get nasty and gross. I know I know, we probably broke the rules! :) I look like a rag-a-muffin due to working out and not taking a shower all day! I didn't feel well either after all the whip lash and sore body and recovering from my croup from last week. I asked Peter if it bothered him that I hadn't really gotten ready. He laughed and said that it was okay because I don't do that kind of thing very often. Here's a few more pictures of a our awesome cake! Thankfully it didn't take like Saran Wrap! It tasted just like it did at the wedding!!! Peter and I decided neither one of us wanted it after our piece we shared, so I ever so Peter ever so kindly cut it up and I took it up to my sister at school ! :) Speaking of, she has a new boyfriend! More on that later. :)

The rest are pictures of our awesome little 753 sq. ft. of FUN!!! I thought I would share where we have been living for the last month!! By the way, it's Wednesday, and again, actually SNOWED in today!! The look out side my apartment window isn't that pretty. There is way more grass than there is snow. Either way, I'll take it! :) I tried to post the pictures BELOW this darn blog, but it wouldn't happen. Oh well........
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Wreck.....

Yes, you heard it, Peter and I had a NASTY wreck yesterday morning!

Here's how it went down.

We were actually supposed to go to Abilene this weekend for a hunting trip. I of course was not hunting, but Peter, my dad and our friend Thomas were going to duck hunt. That got cancelled because we all took a look at the weather. We would have made it Abilene fine, but we would have not made it back in a timely manner. So, Friday, Mallory and Jason Krieger asked us to housesit for them out in Providence. Some of you know where Providence is, but if you don't it's past Denton and close to Oklahoma! That's what I feel like anyways. So, we had a nice dinner at Johnny Carino's on Friday night and headed out there for the weekend. We actually left at 7am on Saturday morning to drive up to the church for Celebrate Recovery Step Study. We were there until around 10:30 and decided to head on out back to Providence. It takes 30 minutes to get there from the church. When we got to the house, we realized that Peter had dropped the key out of his jacket pocket somewhere in the church, we hoped anyway! So, we drove 30 minutes back to the church. Luckily we got a key for the church and went on the hunt. Apparently, someone had picked up the key. We quickly figured that out and headed out to their house back in Denton towards Providence! Quite annoying I might add. We got the key and decided to eat lunch at a barbeque joint in Denton. We got back to Providence aroudn 1:30 and were there the rest of the evening. Yesterday morning I woke up to Peter scurrying around....he doesn't like to sleep in. He said he had already checked the weather and that we needed to go ahead and leave because it was only going to get worse. So, around 8:30am, we bundled up and packed up our stuff and got in the truck. At this point, it wasn't raining and the roads seemed fine. We thought we had beat the weather. We were driving on Highway 380 which is a 7 lane highway and came up on a bridge that was about 2 miles long. We were going along with the traffic at about 50mph, maybe a little more than that. Well, there the black ice appeared. The back end of the truck spinned around and we lost control. Peter let off the brakes and tried to steer, but it quickly moved us over into the opposite 3 lanes of traffic, thankfully no cars were coming. Our car was turned side ways and we ran smack dab into the cement guard rail going about 50. Did I mention we were on a bridge????? Yes, my first thought was, "We're going off the bridge!" So, I closed my eyes, grabbed Peter's arm and screamed bloody murder. We hit the cement and it ping ponged us back into the turn lane in the middle of the highway turning us back the same direction we were traveling. The airbags definitley went off! We looked at each other and asked if each were okay. I of course smelled smoke from the airbags, so I opened the door. Well my door was a little over into the traveling lane of traffic, so Peter quickly told me to close the door. I sat there for a moment to regain my breath and started thinking about us going off the bridge and just started balling!! We both hurt immediately. Both of our necks from whip lash for sure. The seat belt left bruises on my collar bone, and both of my hip bones. This morning, I felt like I had done a lower ab workout. It's very sore! For some reason the top of my foot is extremely bruised along with my knee cap. Peter somehow scraped his leg. In the process of me screaming, I accidentally bit down on my tongue when we hit the wall. 15 minutes later, my tongue was SO swollen! I laugh about it now because I was talking in a lateral lisp! That was the most annoying part! :)

The sherriff pulled up behind us about 2 minutes after the wreck and asked if we were okay. As he was talking to us, another truck down the road started spinning and hit the guard rail. It was nuts! And, then quickly following that wreck, here comes the sand trucks to sand the bridge. Awesome. :) The tow truck guy gave us a ride to the collision center and then because we couldn't get a hold of anyone to come get us, he ever so kindly took us to a diner right off 35 in Denton. We finally got a hold of one of my friends and her husband came to get us.

The collision center called this morning, and Peter's truck is definitly totalled. Nice. So, he has a cute little rent car. I was so scared for him to drive to work, but he did and he made it safely.......

Kind of a damper in the weekend, but we're so thankful we're alive and not hurt majorly!
I tell you what, there's something about the Carrigan girls and wrecks! Ridiculous I say!!!!!

Anyways, be safe today!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Blues....

Well, it's Thursday, and usually I'm pumped about Thursday's! They ae my favorite day of the week! But, I'm VERY under the weather today.

This past weekend I sang all 6 services at church, which didn't really wear me out by any means, but I decided it would be fun to work in the nursery on Sunday evening. I guess a few of the babies had a little cold....and you guessed it. They passed it on to me! I took 2 benadryl allergy and boy was that a mistake!
So, Monday I spent pretty much the whole day sneezing! Ugh. The medicine cured it but made me drunk as a sunkkkkkkkkk! It was awesome! But, I still managed to go to the grocery store and cook a fantastic dinner!! We had this chicken that my mom used to cook all the time when I was growing up. I call it Barbeque Chip Chicken. Basically you roll the chicken in flour, then in butter and garlic salt and then you roll it in crushed up barbeque chips. It's really really good! I guess all the butter/chips don't make it too healthy! We ate left over mashed potatoes that Peter cooked for lunch on Sunday and green beans!

So, Tuesday, I woke up and decided to cook brownies. I wasn't smart on Monday night and forgot to take my benadryl before I went to bed. So, I was up most of the night with my drainage going down the back of my throat! It hurt so bad! But, I still managed to be Susie Homeaker and make brownies. I wasn't very impressed with them because I used milk chocolate chips instead of semi sweet. My mom said that in brownies, semi-sweet are actually sweeter. WHAT? But, I took them to Mommy play group anyways. Yes, that's right Mommy Play Group. One of my friends at church, Natalie invited me to come over and play with all the mommies and their babies! I told my friend Sarah she could lend me one of her 2 and then I'd be covered! I had alot of fun, and was definitley over stimulated!

Tuesday afternoon I cooked an awesome recipe of Chicken Tortilla Soup! The first thing it said to do was to chop up an onion and 2 cloves of garlic. I guess I haven't really dealt too much with garlic and so therefore I decided to start chopping up a whole garlic! It seemed like alot to me so I called my parents. Even my dad knew that a clove was just a piece of the garlic! So, I had to throw the rest away. As I was chopping the onions, I was literally crying becuase it was so stout! It was miserable! But, it paid off in the end.
I let it simmer and cook for about an hour and then Peter and I headed to his soccer game. Peter loves soccer and decided to join one of the leagues with a bunch of people from church. I felt like a soccer mommy! It was great! He scored 2 out of the 7 goals, and seemed to score the first goal behind the back! He still has that athletic magic!
So, when we got home, he told me that was the best Chicken Tortilla Soup he had ever had! It made my day.

Tuesday night I managed to go ahead and take 2 benadryl allergy! :) I slept all through the night and pretty much into Wednesday! :) Hilarious. My fingers smelt like garlic and onions so it woke me up pretty abruptly. Anyone know a secret to get that off your fingers???

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I felt pretty awful all day. I decided to take a quick trip to Blockbuster and rent some movies. Thank goodness I got all the laundry done and dinner cooked, but I still felt pretty bad on into the evening. It was Sloppy Joe night! Peter suggested and I said yes. :) But, I don't eat left over sloppy joes so it's all his! :)

Last night, I got ZERO sleep. I got up about 5 this morning and ate a bowl of cereal and took some benadryl. So, I went back to bed at about 545 and slept till 11. Nice. Today's been pretty much of a waste!!!

This weekend we are going to Abilene. Peter and our friend Thomas are going hunting with my dad. So, I'm just going to hang out with mom all weekend and make her give me some drugs so I can get over this funk!!!

Sunday evening Peter and I are trying out our first married small group. I'm sort of looking forward to it, but am a little apprehensive at the same time! I'm ready to meet more people through the church.

Anyways, I'm tired now, so I'm going to finish my hot tea and lay down!

I'll post pictures next time from last weekend's Sushi Fun Night!!

Friday, January 05, 2007


First Dinner Party on New Year's Day! Peter and I decided that we had to much roast for just the two of us. So, I cooked my first roast in the crock pot (thanks to Brittney's mom) and it turned out..well okay. I had to buy the roast from Target (as we have gift cards that we are using for groceries) and it was just plain dry. Noone complained. I also made my mom's famous banana pudding. Everyone was saying it was Banana Pudding from Jesus. :) ahaha...
Anyways, we watched Waiting for Guffman afterwards. Funny stuff I'll say.

The rest of these pics are from the honeymoon. I guess none of them really need explaining. We had a wonderful time in The Dominican. Needless to say it was beautiful! We are in the reality of marriage right now. It's been pretty fun in the 753 sq. ft. of fun! :) I have pretty much cooked dinner every single night. That has been exciting to say the least. My days have consisted of well, waking up at 9, watching a little tv, eating breakfast, running errands for Vera, cooking dinner, laundry and today I deep cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. I'm in the process of washing the sheets. Hmm...the life of a wife.
I am going to start subbing on January 16th in Coppell unless I find something else more exciting to do. At this rate, Peter just wants me to be happy, and I am thankful for that. He does not want me to work just to work...although the money would be nice. It's been weird transition but I am gettng the hang of it slowly. And for all of you who think there will be kids'll be at least a year. I refuse to have a child in this apartment and we will have our debt payed off before a child. So, you can just all hold your horses! All you mommies know how much I love your babies. :)

This weekend I am singing all 6 services at church..which stinks a bit seeing that I haven't really seen Peter much this week except when we got to bed...but, I enjoy serving and singing a whole lot!! Peter is going to Wichita Falls for the day on Saturday. I am sad I cannot go! :( I will enjoy singing just as much.

I just wanted to say thanks to all my sweet friends for coming to the wedding! I know it was a crazy Friday and traffic was horrible but I am so glad you made it!!! It wouldn't have been the same without you. I'm sad it's over!! :)
Real life here we come!

I'll post pics of our little apartment soon.

Love you all!