Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is all that's on my mind today. Well that's not true. This is what I am looking forward to tomorrow night. PROBLEM IS, the people I usually watch it with have their usually Thursday night commitment at church. DANGIT! So, we might be taping it. OH THE THOUGHT OF HAVING TO WAIT ONE MORE NIGHT! I think I'll live.
Things have been fairly busy for us lately. Peter and I got up early Saturday and went Estate Sale shopping. What a CREEPY experience I tell ya. But, we did find a really cool Victorian bench for 30 dollars and a "new" kitchen table for $50! We're going to re-stain it but we are VERY excited about the finds. It's creepy going through people's things. Creepy because it seems like they left everything exactly how it was in their house for people to rummage through. This one house in Highland Park had her nighties in her drawer for sale. CREEPY PEOPLE!
Saturday night we went to Patrizzio's in Highland Village...not to be confused with Highland Park. We had grand ole time. Peter and I also spent some time choosing paint colors. It's a miracle we did it in 2 days! :) Our painter, Marcos, doesn't like a few of the colors I chose. I just laughed. :) They were supposed to paint the siding outside yesterday, but due to the 100 mile an hour winds, they opted not to kill themselves. :)
I attempted to make homemade hot sauce last night and failed miserably. And today, my fingers smell like garlic and onion. I EVEN wore gloves. What?
Anybody excited about the Super Bowl? What day is it again? That's how I feel about it.
I don't like my job this week. I got cussed at by my doctor. I almost laughed in his face. I'm tired of him using the 'F' word. Someday I'll get the guts to ask him to stop around me. It gets on my nerves. I wonder if uses that word around his 3 babies? Hmmm....
I guess I'm through ranting. Have a good Wednesday.
I'll post more pics of the house after I charge my camera battery!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


beginning stages of the stone!!!!

far wall of kitchen. the white bar will have bead board.
another all of the kitchen
built in entertainment center


Things are just moving way to fast for my taste. :)

This weekend Peter stained the floors. He only did one coat so we'll have to go back this weekend and do the process all over again! The cleaning part is the worst. As a matter of fact, I was SORE on Monday.

Monday morning the cabinets/shelves were put in. They messed up on the kitchen a bit. A few of the top cabinets are supposed to be "glass front." So, they'll go back and fix it. The stairs were also put in. Picture a classic look with stained steps and a white bannister. :) Very Pottery Barn/cottagey feel.

Yesterday they started putting the stone on the front and laying out the driveway!! I almost had a coronary when I saw all of this. I'm sure they were all laughing at me because I was just so excited!!!!! They were supposed to start painting the outside but due to the weather they are waiting till tomorrow or Friday. :) We're not yet set on the inside. For the most part we are, but there are some 'special' colors that I have yet to decide on.

Yesterday evening we decided on countertops for the kitchen. I didn't think I would choose granite but I ended up doing it!!!

Today I went over to unlock the doors and the trim, crown molding and doors were going up!

Again, freaked out. :)

So, here are some updated pics from yesterday. I couldn't take anymore because my camera died.

I'll post more soon!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Can you believe that???? They believed it to be a drug overdose or suicide??! They found him deadd in NYC!

That's just absolutely TERRIBLE.

I have nothing else to say.

That makes me so sad. Not to mention he has a baby girl Matilda who was 2. He recently broke up with Michelle Williams, the girl from Dawson's Creek. I can't talk about this anymore.

The END.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fabulous KELLY!!!

Isn't it amazing and TOTALLY ME! :)
Thank you Kelly! You can click her link here to see all of her FABULOUS blogs. Personally, I think mine is the best. :) Thank you for choosing me!!!
And, she's giving away 3 today! So, if you leave a comment she might choose you!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Unfortunately, our office does not celebrate Martin Luther King day. Well shoot.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More FUN!

This past weekend we went along with Natasha and Thomas to their sister-in-law's birthday party. It was at Times Ten Cellar in Lakewood! So cool. I should have taken more pics, but my battery was about to die. Not to mention free wine. Don't worry, nobody had to much. I promise.
We had a good ole time just pretending like we were hoity toity. The dress was black and white dressy. So, Natasha and I had fun getting all gooseyed up. Not sure if that's how you spell gooosey. :) Either way, we had fun.

Here's a few pics from the night. I think I might have put to much Bobbi Brown Bronzer on. My bad.

I took this pic of the house this morning because they installed our garage door!!!!!
It will be stained along with the front door and the cedar posts. Next week is a huge week as the front and inside of the house will be painted. Also the stone and brick will be put on. They might have to wait because it's hard for concrete to dry if the weather is below 50. The trim carpenter will install the cabinets and the crown molding! Last week they finished sheet rocking and then Monday the finished texturing the walls! So, it's all ready to go!! I didn't feel like it was necessary to post pics of white walls. So, now you know the progress! We are right on schedule and should be moving in by the middle of February! Our bathtub came last week too! It's utterly fantastic I tell ya!!
This weekend is a huge for us. Peter and I are staining the concrete on most of the bottom floor. So, if you need me, that's where I'll be. :)

Last but not least, I was chosen by Kelly at to get a free blog makeover!!! I'm SO EXCITED SO GET EXCITED EVERYONE!!!
I don't know how to insert a link because I'm a blogger dork.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I was going to post a silly blog today, but felt the need to post about this girl named Tricia and her daughter Gwenyth and husband Nathan.
I just spent the last hour catching up on her husband's blog here and just sat and cried at my desk for 2 reasons. One, that our God is so mighty and two, because of Him completely breaking my heart for not believing that He is a MIGHTY God. I know, sounds odd.

So, if you would join with me in praying for this sweet family. I won't tell you their story, as you should read it yourself. It's truly unbelievable.

Lord, you are a God of miracles. I pray that you would give Tricia and Gwenyth the strengh to fight so that they can be a testimony to your unbelievable power. I pray that you would give Nate energy, patience, and an ushakeable peace that can only come from you.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For Dawanika... :)

This past weekend was Rachel and Craig's wedding! We had a dadgum blast I tell ya!
Friday night was the lingere/bachelorette party! We had a nice dinner at Breadwinner's followed by some fun times at Becky's house opening up gifts. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

Saturday Peter and I had a good time just resting and looking at the progress of our new home. It's fully sheetrocked now and they cleaned up ALL of the trash in the front yard. Scary that we will actually take residence there in a month or so. WHOA! I'm pumped. :) I'll post more progress later.

Saturday evening we went downtown to the rehearsal dinner at Mattito's on Turtle Creek Blvd. We had our own room, free margarita's and fun! I laughed so much. I will say, Craig made the most creative video in the world. I was sweating from laughing so hard and tears were streaming down my eyes. Hopefully Rachel will post the video on her blog when she gets back from the honeymoon. Here's some pics from the night.

Isn't Peter's Rat face attractive. I laugh so hard when he does this. I hope this doesn't scare you blog world. :)

Look at these AWESOME robes Rachel gave us with our initial on them! They were so comfortable that we wore them out of the restaurant!!

And, here we are at the wedding! It was at the Hickory Street Annex in downtown Dallas! GREAT view, so cool.
Rachel had the honorary bridesmaids pick a color out of the peacock feather for our dresses. I chose a deep purple. I didn't get a pic of all of us together, but we looked cool. :)

Miriam and Rachel's mom dancing the night away with Craig. Hilarious!!

Afer a glass of wine and some dancin!! I look like a midget here.

Natalie and Rachel on the dance floor!

Them leaving the reception in their shaving creamed car!!

The blushing bride getting ready!!!

Peter and I in our wedding duds!

This is Natasha and I being silly. Thomas was actually standing outside and so we though we'd take a picture of her squishing him with her fingers. :) Hilarious.

Thomas, Natasha and Peter (he's a handsome man!)

So, needless to say, after a long weekend of wedding stuff, I have a horrible cold today. It started coming yesterday and it's hit me full force. I haven't had anything like this in well over a year, so I'm just mad. :)

And, without further ado, here's a picture of my neice at Christmas. Please pray for her, she's been in the hospital with RSV. Bless her sweet heart!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Is it just me, or did 2007 FLY by.

Highlights of 2007:

January - first month of marriage. WOW! Substitute taught. Not so cool. Enjoyed being a wife this month.

February - Valentine's Day with friends. Went skiing!! THAT was fabulous!

March - travelled to Austin for Peter's brother's wedding. Chopped my hair off.

April - 4 weddings, a crazy engagement "party" to Austin with friends, allergy shots, Maverick's game, etc.

May - baby showers, College girl's weekend, birth of the birds, and got a J-O-B. Ugh.

June - started that job, lots of babies, born, and MORE weddings. Celebrated my birthday at a bed and breakfast

July - Layla-Grayce was born, my neice, we got CHARLIE, our dog back. :) Sent her to the grandparents for the "weekend."

August - went to the lake, got stung by a wasp. It hurt bad and had to wear a heart monitor ALL MONTH. It sucked.

September - MORE weddings, San Antonio......hmmm

October - Halloween, State Fair, Homecoming, BOUGHT A LOT TO BUILD OUR FIRST HOME, Sister got engaged, booked our trip to NYC! :)

November - THANKSGIVING, moved in with Natasha and Thomas, NYC TRIP, Houston, House BEGUN!!!

December - NYC, White Rock Marathon, Wedding Showers, Christmas parties - well you know you read my blog. :)

Peter and I were praying last night thanking the Lord for an incredible year. The Lord truely blessed us beyond measure.
We prayed that this year is a year of purpose. There are alot of things happening, and we want to stay focused on why we are here, to glorify HIS name.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pics over the break. In fact, I only took 1 of my neice's. Geez....I'm horrible. :)
Maybe I'll get crackin!

We spent NYE over at Jeremy's house and had a blast playing games. We were to busy playing Scene It on the Nintendo Wii and we actually ALMOST missed midnight. :) It didn't phase us much. I had a great 4 and half day weekend filled with friends, family and fun and food! Can't forget the 4 F's. Now I'm tired of eating and sleeping too much and am back in the game. Sort of. :)

Looking forward to Rachel and Craig's wedding this Sunday. We've got festivites from Friday night-Sunday night and I can't wait!!!!!!!

Till then....I'm getting Carpel Tunnel and should be working.