Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 months...REALLY???

Holy Hannah my baby is half a year old today! I just might tear up.

I'm going to copy ERIN and write what I want to remember about my sweet boy as he is 6 months old.

At 6 months I want to remember....

Your sweet, precious, hilarious hair. You still have alot of hair on top that we still try to make into a Mohawk. However, it's so long it just curls into a doodoo roll type curl. A little boy at Old Navy asked me if you were a boy yesterday. What?

You had RSV this past month. It was pitiful. Actually, we would have never known you were sick. You were happy as a little lark, but you had a terrible wet cough, fever and a ridiculously runny nose. And, I can't forget that terrible wheeze. I want to remember having to take you to the doctor 4 times in one week and seeing 4 Dr's in the practice and finally loving the nurse practitioner the best.

I want to remember giving you breathing treatments 3 times a day. You haaaaated the first one. You screamed in the doctor's office the full 20 minutes is was going. Your dad and I were already stressed out as it was 10:00pm and your bedtime is 7:30pm. You cried so hard you broke blood vessels in your face. When you were finished, you started giggling. It was just hilarious and sad at the same time.

I want to remember your dad getting you out of bed in the mornings happy as a little lark. Usually between 6:30 and 7:30 every morning. I feed you and then we talk face to face as you grab mine and stare me straight into the eyes with purpose. After a while you will roll over on your belly and go right to sleep next to me until 9:30 or 10am. Praise JESUS for your sleeping habits.

I want to remember that you tell us every night when it's time for you to get in bed. Usually around 7:30. We put your jammies on, read you a book, turn on your mobile and put you in bed. It usually takes you about 15 or 20 minutes to fall asleep, but you will finally put yourself right to sleep. I love listening to you in the monitor laughing and carrying on.

I want to remember that sometimes I will rock you to sleep during your morning or afternoon nap. Lots of times you will lay your head right on my shoulder, but usually you will buck like a Bronco before you actually lay your head on my shoulder to go to sleep. Sometimes I have to pin you down and sing to you really loud to get you to calm down. It's quite comical.

I want to remember you sleeping 11-12 hours at night and then going back to sleep for a few more every night. I want to remember that you take 2 naps a day usually ranging from 1.5-2.5 hours. Praise the Lord you sleep like a teenager, or your mom for that matter.

I want to remember that you wear 6-12 month clothes and have for a solid month.

I want to remember you weigh 18 pounds and who knows how tall you are. You are a heavy boy.

You love your new green car that your Nana T gave you. Your dad will pull you around in it for hours. Sometimes you will get brave and only put one hand on the steering wheel and one hanging out the door. It's hilarious.

I want to remember that the first time I gave you sweet potatoes you broke out in hives. Why? However, you loved them. So, we will try again soon. You have tried peas and love them too. Fruits on the other hand, you gag every time. I think you are a fan of bland foods. We shall keep trying I guess.

I want to remember that you STILL won't take a bottle and only play around with sippy cups. Praise the Lord you eat food now and can go longer without breast milk. It makes my life a bit easier when I have to sing in weddings or funerals...which I will have done both this month.

I want to remember how excited you get when you get in your stroller at the mall, etc. You also ride in the basket now at the grocery store. However, you prefer to lay in the front part like it's a lounge chair with a blanket behind your head for comfort. I love that everyone always stops me to tell me how awesome your hair is. Some actually want to touch you and sometimes I want to backhand them. Sorry, just being honest.

I want to remember how you still get sad on occasion when there are new people around. For example, I was practicing for a wedding and you were playing with your dad and another little girl and her mom and you lost it 3 times for no reason. It's borderline ridiculous, but you calm down every time I pick you up. That just melts my heart.

I want to remember how fun it is when you play with your toys on the ground. I still have to put a pillow or the boppy behind you because you get so excited that you fall backwards. However, you normally can sit up by yourself.

I want to remember how much you love your Baby Faith videos. We have one in the car and one in the house and you laugh at the host, "Jodi Benson" every single time. You will turn your head like the exorcist if you hear her voice. I don't know what it is about her. Maybe you like her voice because she is the voice of The Little Mermaid. :)

I want to remember how precious your little voice sounds when you talk to me, scream at me or laugh at me. I can make you laugh at any moment and I LOVE that so much. It just bring so much joy to my heart!

I want to remember that you are getting your "fangs" in before your two top teeth. Is this normal????!!!! They've already broken skin. There were no signs of teething.

I want to remember how much you have started to love your exersaucer. You would stay in it for hours. Praise the Lord for that because we use it sometimes to keep you entertained while we give you your breathing treatments.

I want to remember how you have figured to actually jump up and down in your Johnny Jump up. It makes you SOOO happy while I cook dinner. If I jump and clap with you, you go faster! Hilarious.

I want to remember how you bite my shoulder when you get excited or mad. Ouch.

I want to remember how EXCITED you get when you realize your dad has come home. After all, you've only seen your momma and your puppy all day. I love that you adore your daddy.

Speaking of adoring, this month you have really started to notice your puppy's every single move! You can spot her anywhere in the room. If we are close to her, you will grab her face and her ears and she just will lay there. She loves and kisses on you too. Her breath is terrible though and I think you notice.

I want to remember how precious those baby blue eyes are. I LOVE that you have blue eyes and I hope they stay that bright forever.

Titus Garrett, you are a constant joy to your dad and my life and I praise His name for your life. YOU are such a precious gift to my heart and I am love soaking up every single detail about you. I love watching your every move these days. You are exploring and getting up on all four's! Which is scary because that means you are moving away from being "my baby." Lord help me. I can't wait to watch you grow!

I love you so much.

Pictures in another post.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


YUCK. My poor little almost 6 month old boy has RSV. Who knows really how he got it. He hasn't been in the church nursery in 3 weeks..however, he did catch a cold from there that lingered and turned into this dreadful thing. Praise HIS name we're not on breathing treatments/nebulizers or at the hospital. I'm praying hard for this boy to heal quickly and get back to his hilarious self. I love him and I HATE seeing him sick. HATE IT.