Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well, Peter and I got some engagement pics taken by my roommate. She is an aspiring photographer and is doing a darn good job!! We took a few and plan on taking a whole lot more. Obviously this isn't near the amount we took, but here are the ones she posted on her blog.
Check em out!

3 months and 15 days left! Unbelievable.

Love Molly

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Long blog

Well, what can I say!
I've been busy, busy busy!!

Where do I start. I guess May huh...
Well I quit my teaching job. Huge blessing in disguise. More on that later.
Let's see, June...
I hung out with Miriam, my old roommate for the first part of June. We played, packed, and just embraced our last few weeks as roommates. In the middle of July, me, and my 2 roommates, Miriam and Rachel, and 2 of our other friends, Natalie and Natasha, took a trip to California. It was an absolute blast!
We went to a wedding in Agoura Hills/Malibu. We spent a day on the beach in Malibu the first day, then took our little car to Newport and stayed at a little on Balboa Island! We parked our car for a couple of days and rented bikes. We rode them to Huntington Beach and back one day and then just all over the island on Balboa. After that we packed our BRIGHT BLUE Impala and had back to Los Angeles. We stayed at hotel on Sunset in order to wake up at 3 am to get in line for THE PRICE IS RIGHT! We did make shirts too! ;) I'll post pics of that if I can figure it out. ;) I'm transitioning computers right now.
We spent from 4am-5pm at CBS studios all for an hour taping of the show with our friend Bob Barker...who looks like he's been in the tanning bed a little to long to be 80 years old! :) We didn't actually get "on" the show but we were in the studio audience. Fun times had by all let me tell you.
We then headed back to Dallas after 6 days of fun!!!
My birthday was June 26th. It was a good time. That weekend Peter and I went to Abilene. I attended a few showers and Peter, "asked my dad for my hand in marriage." over a game of golf. Of course my dad killed Peter in the golf game, but that's neither here nor there. The night of my birthday all my friends took me to eat at Bucca di Beppo. It was good times. Then.....

Thursday June 29th, Peter Abrigg proposed to me! It happened on the top of Southside on Lamar over-looking downtown. That boy had tricks up his sleeves all day I'll tell you. It was absolutely perfect. The very next morning at 5 am to be exact Peter and I drove to Wichita Falls to meet his family for their family reunion in Colorado. We suprised them that morning with the news!! Then, on to Durango, Colorado with most of Peter's family for a solid week! It was beautiful and a great way to celebrate our engagement.

When we returned, I started a new job on July 10th at Mediajuice Studios, ltd., working as an assistant to the President, who is my friend. I do, well you name it and I do it. It will be a good change for now. I'm just thankful that I am not teaching at this point in my life. Due to the fact that I am getting married on December 15th, is a good reason not to jump into a new career. So, thank you Lord for providing this interim job for the next year for me. Who knows that will happen after that.

Other than that, I've been to Mexico. Me and about 7 of my friends drove Miriam down to Reynosa, Mexico where she will be living for the next couple of years to teach school. We stopped by Harlingen to stay with Natalie's family and then played at South Padre Island too! IT was a long weekend. We travled 10 hours on Friday and 10 hours on Sunday! Crazy..I'll say! :)

Oh and, Rachel and I moved. That was an ordeal, but I am thankful to be out of the loft for now!!!!!! Things are changing rapidly around here but I'm so very excited I just can't stand it.

I guess I should probably get back to work. I'll try to post pics.
You can always go to and look at some recent pics.

There I updated !:)