Friday, May 27, 2011

What I've been doing.

I have a new addiction or two. :) Pinterest and Polyvore.
You can see my Pinterest here.

So, maybe I need an intervention. But, it has spurred on my creative genes...Peter's too.
Lots of projects going on around here for fun.

May has flown by. We've been having fun. I've been working, playing, and being a mom. Titus had croup for a week at the beginning of May. That was NOT fun.
However, Mother's Day was precious. Titus made me a homeade coffee mug. :) Peter said he had to pray hard for creativity for Titus' gift. It was perfect.

Titus has been busy helping his dad build a shed in the backyard, climbing on Charlie, and playing with cars and choo-choo trains. He is hilarious these days. We have full on conversations often. My mom said we should put him in school. My response to that was, "I wasn't in school at his age." Mom says, "He's smarter than you were." Umm, thanks mom. It's probably true. The kid can count to 12 all by himself. What? He's currently obsessed with counting It's hilarious.

In the meantime, to tide everyone over. Here's some of my Polyvore inspiration boards. I just figured out how to do this a few days ago. I'm thinking about vacation at the moment. Fourth of July just happens to fall during our vacay.
Ohhh dreaming again...