Friday, September 29, 2006


Music is my passion and music is my life. Well, it used to be. It's not anymore but, I do get to enjoy my itunes most of the day and that is awesome. Problem is, I always want to buy a new song! Especially since I am trying to pick my wedding music!! I think I'm being stupid when I say I don't want anything that anyone else has done. Maybe it's because I've sung in over 50 weddings. I know how redundant one song can be. And NO I am not singing at my own wedding.
So, in saying all that, music is on my brain right now. I'm listening to Christina Aguilera right now. She's amazing by the way.

So, my friend Christine is in the hospital. I don't know why, and I'm sad. Speaking of hospitals, Mav and Jay had their baby this week! Peter and I went up to the hospital on Tuesday. She might be one of the prettiest babies that I have ever seen. Hello! Look at her parents! :) Congrats Jay and Mav. I can't wait to see her and actually hold her.

Jobs, my last day here at this job is October 27th. I put in my notice last week. It's just to far. I drive to far and spend 8-530 here, and then have drive drive drive. It's definitely not worth the pay check I am getting. So, subbing is on my list of things to do for the month of November and December. Well half of December anyways. Today is day 76. 76 more days! Boy it's gone by fast. But, if I had to get married today I would cry, why, becuase the left side of my face got attacked by acne. I hate hormones. I yanked myself off the patch last week. It of course was making me ill. So, my body is cussing at me....especially my face!!!! ZITS! I HATE ZITS.

I took the day off yesterday. I slept in until 9, and then ran errand after errand. I then met my mom at my house and we went to lunch at Celebrity Bakery with Peter. I love that place..and the desserts. I treated myself from being so good this week. Then, I came home around 3 and plopped myself in front of the TV and stuffed invitations and such. I ran out of stamps and I haven't even started writing on them yet. But, I do have all my addresses. WHAT A MIRACLE. So, today, I have got to find a chocolate brown pen.
OR, I could just send the envelopes to Sarah or Brittney and have them do it! :) really....ahhahahaahaa.

Anyways, well I guess I should get on payroll. Thank you Jesus for payday.
Happy Friday everyone.

Monday, September 25, 2006

No fun

It's really no fun to write on blogger anymore.
I lost all motivation. :) But, I still faithfully read everyone elses'.
Shoot, that makes me a bad friend huh. Well look here now, I'm blogging. I am sitting at work during the usual 3 o'clock lull time. I just finished with my addresses for the wedding. What a beating. I think addresses and thank you notes will for for sure be the worst part. But, the gifts I will receive, and the people's presence will be worth it! I think I will probably be working here at this job for another month. Then I'm just going to take a couple months off the month before my wedding and the month of December. Then, in January I'll work part-time somewhere near home just to make a little extra money.
That's the problem...I don't know what I will do with the rest of my life. Probably if I were making my normal teacher salary Peter and I would get out of debt this year. He had no debt before I came into his life.'s all good debt. Car will be payed of in a year...and my school loans. I don't have any credit card debt at all. Thank the Lord! Peter has my ring and our honeymoon. Paying that off will take a little bit..and until then 600 dollar 1 bedroom apartment it is! :) That's fine with me. Close quarters it is. The only problem..I won't get to put my awesome new quilt on the guest bedroom! Oh well..that time will come. Andrea congratulations on Little Mason! I can't wait to meet him. or tomorrow little Camden will be in our lives. 2 babies!
And, then Brittney...I guess I'll have to wait until April.

I'm excited about the upcoming showers. I can't believe next weekend will be October! Holy Hannah the time is flying by! I'm so glad! But...I'll enjoy it while it's here. Did I mention I love this weather outside! I have the door propped open to outside today. The breeze has been hitting my face all day! Wondermous!

Well....2 months and 20 days left until the big wedding day! My dress will not be in until the end of October. I went to the bridal store to pick up my veil this weekend. I took a peak at my dress again. Of course it's not MY dress...but it felt nice to look at it again! I'm so ready for it to be here! Then I'll probably have to wait until mid to the end of November to do my bridal portraits! I hope it's not COLD outside! Oh well if it is I guess....

Anyways well...back to work I go. Bye for now.