Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day, 911, etc.

911. :)

Yes, we had to call the infamous number last weekend. Funny, but not.
It had been summer day filled with swimming, no napping, eating out with friends, and a few fits. We had just gotten out of the car and Titus decided to throw a fit for his dad because he didn't want to go take a bath. Granted, I would have let bath time slip, but he'd been in a very public pool earlier that day. Ew. Anyways, Titus manages to throw himself on the floor and hit his head. He immediately starts the kind of cry where you hold your breath for a really long time. He lets out a little breath and does it again. Then all of a sudden he passes his daddy's arms. Terrifying, to say the least. Our first thought was that that he had hit his head so hard it made him pass out and get a concussion. Peter laid him on the bed and started yelling his name and patting his cheek. I, calmly, no that's a lie, frantically run to get my phone to call 911. I come back while it's ringing and we're both yelling his name. He finally opens his eyes and closes them again for a second. Then he opened them again and starts screaming at the top of his lungs. A GLORIOUS SOUND...let me tell you. So, 6 large men show up at our door. They all come in and they take one look at him and know he's okay. I was totally overwhelmed by all of these very large men in our house, so I'm sure Titus was too. He refused to stop crying. We knew he didn't have a concussion. There was only a little knot on his temple from falling.
But, just in case, we treated it like a concussion and checked on him several times in the night. I may or may not have put him in bed with us for 4 hours...but then when I realized he was fine, put him back to bed. It was a terrifying night. I recovered much quicker than Peter did. He was shaken up to the point of tears. I cried while telling my mom on the phone what happened, but other than that, I was able to bounce back pretty quickly. That, my friends, is only because of the Lord's grace. I had to keep reminding myself that evening that Titus is on loan to me and that he is not mine. But, I felt a huge weight of what it would be like if he weren't around. I'll just stop right there.

Moving on...
Is this not the most hilarious picture you have ever seen? :) Ace Ventura anyone? I told Peter I was going to tweet this pic. At church on Saturday, he had like 20 people come to him and tell him they died laughing over it. :)
I love this man. He is such an unbelievable father. He even allowed me to lead worship this past weekend...that's alot of hours away from home. Instead of having time for himself, he selflessly hung out with a whiny toddler who needed more sleep! We had a low key Sunday, and Peter got to work on his shed for about 4 hours. He built it from scratch and it looks awesome. Titus painted him a box that we will use for years to come for Father's Day gifts. Peter asked for some freezer beer I of course obliged and got him a Dallas Maverick's one and a Texas Rangers one. I also bought him a sketch pad. He's always dreaming up his next project, so I thought I'd get him a book so he could keep them all.

We are gearing up for our vacation in a few weeks. I just can't stand it that it's so close!!!!! I turn the big 31 this weekend and then we're off!! Hoooray!!!!!!!

Titus is growing like a weed. He is obsessed with cars at the moment. He'll play with them for HOURS upon end. It's so fun to watch his little imagination grow day to day. He can currently count to 12. We're working on our colors. His favorite color is red. Everything is red at the moment. He's becoming more and more social. This weekend after Peter picked him up from class at church, he said, "Bye friends!" Peter couldn't believe it. I was so proud. He cries when we drop him off. We've been to the pool several times already this summer. However, it's a bit of a beating to lather both of us up with 50SPF before heading out. Luckily, it doesn't bother T so much. We are NOT getting sunburned this summer. Here is what Titus wears when we go to the pool. It may or may look like a wrestling outfit. :) haaa!!! I can't decide if it's too small. It doesn't bother him one bit though!

Here's a few pics from my phone:

After a 3 hour nap. Those curls are amazing. We even trimmed them a few weeks ago.
I went to my niece's dance recital. It was hilarious...however, it made me appreciate little boys! Haa!!

Well, there is your blog update for quarter! :) The spell check is not working. So, don't judge me.