Thursday, February 26, 2009


First things first.

I retired. Yes, you heard me right! I quit my job!! It had been on my mind since around January and there never seemed to be a good time. Well, last week I finally did it. It was bittersweet as I love my bosses dearly, but know that they are still family and we can hang out whenever. Peter and I decided now was as good of time as any to bite the bullet. So, last Friday was the first day of the rest of my life...I think. Who knows if I will go back to work after the kids go to grade school or not. But, for now, I am very excited.

I had a great first day off with my mom. She came in town to babysit Charlie because Peter and I were both going out of town. Different places unfortunately. I headed off to Possum Kingdom to celebrate my dear friend Rebekah's birthday with 7 other girls! We stayed at a lake house that I had already been to before so it was nice and comfortable being there. Here's just a few pictures from the weekend. I'll post more when I can get them from the other girls. After all, I'm re-learning how to take pictures again. :)

Jill, Me, Chavon, Lindsey and Kristen. Sorry Kristen that they caught you not smiling with your teeth! :)Rebekah's sweet mom, Rebekah, Jourdan and Hollie!

Of course we stayed up way to late and laughed really hard! Saturday night we played guitar hero, pop culture trivia (I suck at it), and SPOONS!!! I won after a two hour game. There may or may not have been biting involved. I won't mention any names Jourdan. :) I almost went into early labor screaming and laughing.

We returned early Sunday morning and I took a bath and went to bed! Peter came home and cooked me a hamburger outside and then we watched The Oscars. I really enjoyed them this year! We watched the whole thing!!

Monday I cleaned the house-ish, started the laundry and went to the grocery store. I cooked dinner for the first time in a VERY long time. Roast! Then Tuesday night we had Natasha and Thomas over for pork chops, blueberry sauce, sweet potatoes and asparagus! I made Brittney's Mimi's apricot bars! They were a hit!!

Then I woke up at 4 in the morning yesterday with THE WORST headache of my life. I got out of bed around 10 to take a shower and started throwing up IN THE SHOWER! So, I went back to bed. Peter came home around 6 and forced some food down me..which wasn't pleasant and then more tylenol. I barely slept and then woke up with it again today. I took two benadryl at around 10 this morning and slept till 1 when Peter came home to rescue me. He took the afternoon off to take care of me. He forced a sandwich down me, put me in the bathtub and then took me to the chiropractor! I already feel 80% better. I'm looking forward to dinner with some girlfriends tonight. PRAISE THE LORD!!

Here's some funny pictures from Christmas!

Natalie, Rachel, Me and Natasha.
Can you tell those are tree bows in my hair! Also, notice Peter's hair slicked over to the side. Hilarious!

Craig and his kiddy sweater. Hilarious!!!!

Well, that's about it for now. Monday I'm going to start taking pictures of my 14 week belly. There's really nothing to see right now. :)

Until then. I hope these pictures tide you over.

The end.

Monday, February 16, 2009

12 weeks!

Well, I made it to 12 weeks! Whew.

It's been a ROUGH couple of weeks. In fact, last week was my first week to throw up. And you know what, I threw up almost every single day. I think I might have had a bug on Thursday...and haven't really bounced back. Poor Peter...he witnessed it a few times. In the bathtub, on the bathroom floor?!? I mean I felt like a little kid. HELPLESS. But, I think that part is over. Praise HIS name it wasn't like that the whole first trimester. I go to the doctor this afternoon for a check-up. Happy President's Day! Yea, I have an unexpected day off. We worked our tails off this weekend due to Valentine's Day. WAY worse than a retail store at Christmas time....let me tell you!!

I'm going to start taking pictures of myself this week. I know you've all been waiting. I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday, so that will probably be a monumental day. :)

Peter and I didn't really celebrate Valentine's this year due to all my sickness and me working. He did give me a sweet card. We celebrated last Friday night early at Pappa's Steakhouse. We hadn't been on a fun date since before Christmas, and I was CRAVING a steak. I didn't even get Peter a card!!! Flowers, well...I work at flower store. Although I never get tired of them.

Our house is coming along. In fact, Peter finished putting up most of the baseboards this weekend. I bought some furniture to semi-complete our sitting/dining room that I am very excited about. I'm sure you can guess where....of course Weir's. We buy everything there. Luckily I caught the President's Day sale this morning. I'll soon post pics when we are almost finished. Now I'm itching for some new bedding. I know I know....ridiculous.

Well, I guess you'll all have to stay tuned for some pictures later on this week. I'm spending the weekend celebrating one of my favorite girl's birthday at Possum Kingdom Lake! Hallelujah for a semi-vacash!!!!

Anyways, Happy post Valentine's and President's Day everyone!!


Monday, February 02, 2009


OKAY FINE! I've been tagged. :)

The rules are as follows...

1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were tagged.

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

1. I take at least one bath a day. And, I get in the bath as soon as the faucet starts running. Then I basically am finished with my bath as soon as the tub fills up. You think this defeats the purpose and wastes water, but NOOO, it actually keeps the bath nice and warm! Sometimes I take two. I prefer them over showers ANY day. In fact, I have a VERY hard time going to sleep at night unless I've taken a bath. MY POOR SKIN is so dry these days. I wonder why. These days, my favorite thing to do while taking a bath during the evenings, is to eat grapes and bathe. Don't ask.

2. I cussed at a student when I was teaching middle school. It was a classroom full of 45 middle school aged boys and things were getting out of hand. This one kid, who thought he was a bad a--, proceeded to make fun of another kid in a pretty harmful way! I was so tired of it. So, in front the class, I asked 'said' student why he was being such an A--. As soon as I did I knew I was in trouble. The whole class busted out in laughter and said, "I'm telling." Of course I proceeded to say, "Well, I guess you can tell on all your coaches too!" I knew they cussed at the kids on a daily basis. NOT that I'm justifying my actions. I felt terrible and ended up confessing it to my principal. He laughed and said he'd cussed much worse that day. He told me he had my back. Thanks Mr. Moreno.

3. I'm afraid of throw up. I've been afraid of it since 1st grade when Christy McCann threw up in the sink in Mrs. Hood's class. I ran home from school bawling and of course "thought" I was sick. That was the first of many head games I had played with myself. So, now you can imagine me pregnant. I will do ANYTHING to not throw up!! These days, dry heaving is part of my life. It's pretty ridiculous. If I get to hungry, dry heaving occurs. It's a game I play in my head. RIDICULOUS I know. Thanks to Zofran, it hasn't been too bad.

4. I used to stalk my "what I didn't know 10 years later" husband in high school. Yes, my senior year of high school, I conveniently would drive by his house on my way to and from school every morning. Which meant I had to pass the football practice field too. HHAAAAA. One time, we got in a 'fight,' well, it wasn't a fight. Basically I was in love with him and had told me earlier in the year to help hold him accountable to not date anyone the rest of his senior. That, in and of itself is hilarious. Anyways, I was mad at him because he started dating someone. So, I stopped talking to him. Well, that posed a problem seeing that we sat by each other in English class every other, one night he just couldn't stand it anymore. I used to have pre-cal study groups at my house once a week. Really it was just a ploy to copy every one's homework and all the hot guys came over..including Peter. Well, this time I didn't tell Peter about it because I didn't want him to come over. He found out of course and came over without his book, paper or pencil. So, he just hung out and laughed with every other guy there. So, he waited until EVERYONE was gone so he could chat with me. He asked for my forgiveness for dating someone...haaa. But, of course I didn't have the guts to tell him I liked him. But, he hugged me and said he never wanted to lose me as a friend and felt lost without talking to me in English.
I find it VERY funny now looking back.

5. I was the smallest girl in middle school compared to all of my friends. In fact, at the beginning of 8th grade I weighed 65 pounds. The funny part, I had boobs. I had boobs bigger than all my friends, but hadn't quite crossed over into womanhood yet. I was the only one who NEVER had a boyfriend and was always the 3rd wheel. I enjoyed it for some odd, awkward reason. I used to go to the movies with Brittney, Kelby, Sarah and Devin and would sit in between the couples. That was back when people used to make out in theaters. You can imagine what I was surrounded by. :)

6. Currently, thanks to Kate and Lauren's guidance, I am now using the Neti Pot. Google it. Kate's trick of using the Neti Pot at night followed by Breathe Right strip and a humidifier helps me sleep. Who knew that pregnancy would make me so congested and stopped up while I sleep. It's really hilarious and sexy if you ask me. Last night I had on a breathe right strip and was eating grapes in bed. Peter was like, what is that noise? Are you eating? Yes babe, I'm eating. Are you surprised? Then he just cracked up laughing at me. He said he loved me Neti Pot, breathe right strip, dry heaving and all. Thank you baby.

7. My family is obsessed with dogs. I've grown up loving them and will always love them. From that, Charlie, our dog has become spoiled rotten! It's simply ridiculous. She follows me everywhere. She lays in front of the shower and stares at me and then sits by the bathtub with her head on the side of the tub. It's so funny. She is a grand kid. In fact, she saw all 4 grandparents today. They all love her and she makes herself right at home when she's at their houses. I'm not sure what's going to happen when baby A comes along. Everyone says you neglect your dogs, but I don't see Charlie letting us do that. Unless she refuses to be around us. I will be very sad if that happens.

8. I used to pinch my stomach when I got nervous or sick. Which resulted in hickey like marks all over my stomach. When I had to sing or was in any kind of competition, you knew I was nervous by looking at my stomach. I don't do that anymore, however, my mom thought I could have used some counseling in that area. :) haaaaa.

9. I was the co-tennis manager with Brittney my junior year of high know, we only did it to get the letter jacket. We didn't want the ugly red one. We wanted the red AND blue one. Funny that I had choir patches all over an athletic jacket. Don't judge me....

10. I used to watch Days of Our Lives everyday of my life. In fact, for as far back as I can remember my mom taped the show. So, we'd come home every afternoon and watch it with her. hahaa. I obviously don't watch it anymore, however, Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Stefano, etc..are all still on the show.