Thursday, May 22, 2008


It looks as if one of the son's was backing out of the driveway and accidentally hit her.

Oh man.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I feel like this month is taking forever!!! Why? Because I start my job on June 2nd, and have to wait! :)

I felt like it was time for me to update and not have such a sad post on my blog any longer.

Peter and I had a WONDERFUL long weekend. I had Friday off from work and so Peter decided he'd take the day off as well at the last minute. I had originally taken the day off to help with my neice, but she ended up not coming. But, I had someone to cover for me at work, so I just decided I needed it.

We woke up and went for a run. We, meaning, Peter, Charlie and I. It felt so good outside!! And, we went at 8am. No sleeping in for us. :) After that Peter had a meeting and I just goofed around the house. We then went for some "Retail Therapy" at the Galleria. Thank you Jesus for some stimulus money! Although, we spent very little of it. My husband is Dave Ramsey junior. Sort of. :) I'm thankful for that though!! If you knew me before we were married, you knew I was at Forever 21 every single weekend. The Lord has broken me of that! Anyways, we got to the mall and separated. :) We didn't want to be there forever and we had a limit. We had a great time I tell ya!

Saturday I continued my shopping spree as I didn't end up spending it all at the Galleria. I was VERY selective with my purchases. Peter and his dad went to see it wrong that I wasn't interested? :) We all rested a bit in the afternoon. It was much needed.
I then decided to be Susie Homeaker and bake a chocolate cake. :)
Saturday evening I celebrated with sweet Angie B at her lingerie shower! Good times with good people and HILARIOUS stories.

SUNDAY I MOWED THE YARD! Yea, it was my first time. :) haha. Peter said he needed to do some yard work and I just wanted to hang out with him so I asked if I could help. He asked if I'd like to mow and I said, "I don't know how!" hahaaa. So, I mowed the front and backyard..with a mask on. It didn't work because I sneezed my head off for about an hour. Thank the Lord for allergy shots, because it passed pretty quickly.
We then decided to take our cars to the car wash down the road. We rolled some loose change the other night and decided we needed clean cars. We spent an hour thoroughly cleaning our cars out. :) We then headed to a cookout followed by church and grocery shopping.

Overall, it was a great restful weekend!!!

This weekend we're off to The Cottages outside of A-town! Thanks to our friends who created them! :) Another 3 day weekend ahead!

I don't have any pictures. Sorry.

I'm off to get Charlie from her hair cut! :) Peace.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sad news

Peter, his two sisters, and two of his cousins are piling in a suburban and headed to Colorado tonight. They will be driving all night. PLEASE pray for their safety!! I HATE that they are driving all night, but what can you do.
The funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 4. Then they will drive back home on Friday all day. I know that the funeral will be very emotionally exhausting for all involved. Renee and the boys are doing okay. Lots of tears are being shed as they stayed in their home for the first time Saturday night.
There are TONS of articles all over google because Barry has a brother named Jeff Maggert who is a PGA golf pro. So, not only are all of the sports papers/etc. covering the story, but so are a ton of Colorado cities. You can google Barry Maggert to get more details. It's just awful.
We had a death in the family last night.

Peter's uncle, Barry Maggert died in a plane crash yesterday. It was his own plane and he was headed to his son's college graduation.

Things are pretty crazy right now.
You can read the article here

It's Peter's mom's youngest sister's husband.

As we speak, almost all of the brothers and sisters are in route to Colorado. Peter's mom is driving Gammur and Pop Pop and the others are flying. Please be in prayer for their saftey.

Also, for Renee, and her 3 boys. 1 just graduated from college and the other 2 are twins and are in college.

Needless to say, nobody slept much last night.

They are recovering his body from the plane today as they couldn't get to it yesterday because of the treacherous mountain terrain. There was a guy named Jonathan on the plane with him. He was Lee's 23 year old friend going to see him graduate. He survived with a broken leg and collar bone. They had to go in with a helicopter 4 hours after the crash to careflight him to Denver. Renee and the boys are in Denver with him now....
Jonathan said Barry lived about 45 minutes after the crash. I pray that during that time he found Jesus. His mercies are new every morning! We do not know His will, but we believe that the 45 minutes he was alive was for a purpose. His purpose.

Please pray that the Lord would be glorified.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have some news. :)
I have a new job and am SO excited about it I just can't even stand it.
I obviously am not going to post it for the world to see, so if you know me, you can email me.
Kelly, I promise I will email.

I'm just going to post a list of things going on since I don't have any pictures.

1. I'm starting to feel weird about checking my site meter. I think I will take it off. Is it weird that people from Finland check it? I don't know. Beware, I might be going private soon. I'll ask for your email if I do so. There's just some people I had NO idea checked my blog. I'm sure these people have no idea that I know. But, if they are smart, they know I know. :) It's cool, I have nothing to hide. ;)

2. Peter's family came in to town last weekend and stayed with us. We had 12 people at our house! It's normal for me to have that many people stay at our house these days. If fact, I almost expect it. :) It's why the Lord gave us this house.

3. Friday night we ate at Esparza's with 'the gang.' That gang being Natasha, Thomas, Natalie and Josh, Rachel, Craig, Jeremy, Peter and I! We had a good old time catching up for our monthly hang out! We'll be hanging out again tomorrow night at Taste of Addison. Gavin DeGraw is in concert. I'm not that crazy about him, but I love me some concerts, some food and some goooood people.

4. Speaking of good people, Josh and our friend Ashlee M. are on a plane with 3 other people to help as a relief team in Myunmar. PLEASE pray for their safety, for purpose, communication and a sound mind! I know Natalie is probably worrying her little head off too. So, please pray for peace on her part as well.

4. I got my allergy shots today, and well one of the swelled up a bit. Therefore it looks like I have a HUGE tricep. It's bad. :) Weeds and grasses are not cool. Well they are cool, just not in my sinuses. Praise the Lord the allergy shots have been working....I just had my year anniversary of taking them. :) If you've been keeping up with my blog, you've seen the pictures of my allergy tests!

5. Speaking of allergies, Peter is mowing the yard and working in the flower beds as we speak while I sit at my desk being bored wishing I was working in the yard with him. Peter's mom planted some herbs this week too! I'm excited about those too! :)

6. I am in the process of decorating my dining room. I will finish tonight and maybe put some pics up if you are lucky. My sister is having a shower at my house on Saturday. Afterall, that's what it's for...but, my decorating isn't quite finished! One room a month. :) It's worked out well for me! I am VERY pleased with the outcome of the decorations.

7. DO YOU LIKE MY NEW HEADER!???!?!?! Kelly spruced me up for the Spring! The 1st will always be my favorite, but I needed a new look for spring. What can I say! LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!! YOU ARE SO STINKING COOL!

8. Did you know the ONLY tv I watch is from 7-10 on Thursday nights? Well that's a lie. I occasionally catch The Batchelor! Anyways, we just caught up with 2008 and got cable and DVR! We are so cool. :) hahaha.

9. Ummm....Peter has been playing flag football in the city league with the doc I work for here. It's been fun to watch. He can barely walk when he leaves the games, but he still holds his title as "white lightening" from high school. I keep having dejavu watching him play! I'm loving it! Well, except for the obsenities my boss yells, and he's the quarterback. Nice work doc!

10. And last but not car has been in the shop since Monday. Praise the Lord for roommates and borrowing cars. Now I can drive my car without being scared the power steering will go out!