Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh to Blog.

I'm sure you've caught on with the latest and greatest fall fashion trends already!!

I thought I'd enlighten you and show you the top 10 colros for fall!!!!!


It also doesn't talk about how black lace is in as well!!!! Couple black lace with some eggplant and your money on your fashion! :)

About the Top 10 Fall Fashion Colors for 2008:
Blue Iris (Pantone 18-3943) a balanced blue with undertones of purple
Royal Lilac (Pantone 18-3531) red undertones give this hue heat & drama
Shady Glade (18-5624) true green, unlike the yellowish greens of recent seasons
Caribbean Sea (18-4525) extremely popular choice in jewelry & accessories
Aurora Red (18-1550) true, energetic red
Shitake (18-1015) understated yet complex
Withered Rose (18-1435) pinkish with brown undertones - the palette's universal neutral
Twilight Blue (19-3938) its twist on classic navy bridges spring into fall
Burnt Orange (16-1448) a steady background that's gaining prominence
Ochre (14-1046) mellow yellow with a hint of mustard, lightness & spice

It isn't near as much fun as it used to be to blog. I guess I just plain don't have time!!!

I'm actually sitting at the kitchen table blogging/part watching the Cowboy's game with Peter. I don't really watch much unless Peter starts becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and scares our dog. Charlie gets so confused. She thinks she's in trouble or something. Then he has to reassure her in every commercial that she's not in trouble. It's hilarious.

Well. I'm sure you've all been wondering. Yup we sold our less than 48 hours. Yea, but the kicker is...we got 2 offers. The first one fell through due to something, I'm not sure, but we had another within the hour. The same people that were fighting for the house in the first place,

Pause...going to get a cake out of the oven...

Okay I'm back. Needless to say, we're in the option period. The buyer has until Wednesday at midnight to back out. We're hopeful that he won't and know if he were going to he probably would have already done it.

So you're wondering....why are we selling?!? Well, that was always the plan. We knew we couldn't afford this house on one salary. So, are has always been to build then sell. The perfect opportunity presented itself for us to build with Peter's discounts and a cheaper lot so we jumped on the chance. It's a very, very sad day. But, of course, we try to be kingdom minded and live within our means. Yes, we made a few bucks on the house which will help a TON for our next house and our savings account. :) We hope and pray that we get to do it again one day. Peter is just way to talented and it was just so effortless. Besides, who wouldn't want to design a new house!!?! It's so much fun. Several people I've talked to are overwhelmed by the idea. (Welp, another touchdown.) Moving on.

I LOVE watching Peter get so excited during games. He laughs and laughs and sweats and sweats. It's hilarious.

So, we put an offer on a house this morning in a sister town. :) We're really excited. Well, as excited as you can be to downsize into a home built in 1995. I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but when you live in this beauty, it's a tough go! We're excited to do some things to the new house.

The down side is, we'll be homeless for about a week in between closings and scrapings of popcorn ceilings....hahaaaa.

Our realtor has been fantastic!!! If you need a good realtor, Rick Arnold from REMAX is ON THE BALL!!!!! A go getter I tell ya.

Here is some pics from our bridal shoot the other day at Kelly Moore's Love Affair Workshop.
Lissa Anglin was one of our photographers, and I can't for the life of me figure out the other girls website. It won't work on my computer! Maybe she will appear and I can link her too! :) They did a wonderful job!! I'll share a few of my favorites with you!!

Well, my back is hurting! So, I"ll get off the computer for now. Man, I sure do miss my weekly chiropractor adjustments!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just now NEAR as convenient anymore! Ugh.

I've got to go figure out a few gifts for Peter's birthday on Wednesday! Happy 29 PEDRO!!! I LOVE YOU!