Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Every time I look at my ticker, I get overwhelmed...maybe that's why I'm having trouble updating my blog. :) What is wrong with me???
I went to the doctor on Friday. Luckily, I didn't gain as much weight as the 4 weeks prior. 5 pounds this time. 5 pounds in 4 weeks..no biggy. But, now I'm going every 2 weeks. Hopefully, I'll not gain much. I've hit the 30 pound mark. No, I'm not scared to post that on the blog. What can you do really? :) I just know I have 9 weeks or less left.
I have to share a bit of an embarrassing story. Friday was my birthday. I went on my usual walk with my 38 week pregnant friend. Well, she's 39 now. We have the same path every time and it takes an hour to get there and back to her house. She lives basically down the street. After that, I was feeling good! I showered, got cutsied up, after all it was my birthday, and headed to the doctor. My belly is measuring 32 weeks this past Friday and I was at the end of my 30th week. Ugh oh. :) Peter takes me to lunch to a fabulous Italian restaurant. I head home to rest for a bit. It's a million degrees outside. (On that note, it said on the news that in 1980, on my birthday it was 113 degrees! Luckily I was born at 7:44am. ) I lay around on the couch and decide to go blow my birthday money. I promise my mom I won't buy anything for Titus. :) I needed a dress to wear to the wedding I was singing in that night. Why did I agree to sing in a wedding on my birthday of someone I didn't know? I was getting paid. Don't judge me, all pennies count these days!! I venture out to the Shops at Highland Village and end up at Charming Charlie's. I spend about an hour and half there and come out with ALOT of stuff..including 2 dresses. By the time it was 4pm and I had to get home, changed and back at the church by 4:30pm. I was feeling really nauseous and borderline about to pass out. I went by sonic and got some water. Whew, that helped. But, I went Friday night without eating dinner. No biggie right? After all, it was too hot to eat. I come home and go straight to sleep!! I'm exhausted from a semi-lame birthday. :)
29 you weren't very eventful. :)
Saturday morning I wake up at 7:30 to go walking with Andrea again. Peter is already gone, doing his workout..we hit the pavement. We decide to take her son's empty stroller to keep our hands from swelling. I'm sure we were getting looks! It was unusually hot for 8 in the morning. 8:45am rolled around and I start feeling a bit weird. My eyes started going black. I got real nervous, so we sat down on the bench. Andrea suggests I put my head in between my legs. Then we start laughing, because that's not possible with this belly. :) Then she starts reading the stroller warnings about weight limits. She really wanted to push me home. We were only 15 minutes away. I'm feeling better so, the prideful me says I can keep going. We pass by 2 more benches. We get to a busy street and I start blacking out again. We sit on the curb and I tell her, 5 minutes from the house, that there's no way I can walk back..that I will pass out. She starts pouring her water down my back, while we are laughing. Peter comes to get me and Andrea pushes her empty stroller home. ;) We get home and Peter makes me get in my swimsuit and we go to the neighbor's pool so I can cool off. It did the trick.
So, needless to say, this summer is getting hotter and my exercise regiment is going to have to get pushed to 6am. I mean, we don't walk slow people! Luckily, I didn't pass out, but am very nervous about going walking again. :)
Hope that didn't bore you.
Tonight we have our 5th of 6 birthing class. Total waste of time people. Luckily, we took it with friends. We always spend the last 20 minutes doing relaxation and breathing exercises. Peter and I seem to get in trouble every time. Last week we "forgot" our pillows thinking we could leave, and the lady said, no go ahead and sit on the floor! I WAS TICKED! I wonder what reading material Peter will bring tonight. :) I allow him.
We finally finished the bulk of Titus' room. Now we just have to put all the goods in. The crib and dresser are still in the box. :) I can't wait for everyone to see it! Peter has worked SO hard, and it's ALL been his idea! I am lucky to be married to such a creative man! I'll post pictures when it is completely done! I've got some ideas brewing in my head.
Can't believe July 1st is tomorrow. HOLY CRAP! That means that the next month is August!!! BABY TIME! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :)
Well, there's your monthly update people.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

He has a name...


And that is what he shall be called. There is no real reason why his first name is Titus. Peter and I chewed on Jackson for a while, but then it just didn't feel right! I panicked. So, what did we do? We went to Barnes and Noble. Ahhaaaa. We grabbed a few baby name books. You know, the ones that say, "1000 Baby Names." We were overwhelmed with the task. we sat there for 2 hour and narrowed it down to Titus and few others. After milling over it for a week and calling him Titus, I decided that was it. Peter loves how strong this name sounds. Someone once said to me, "think of what his name will sound like as a man." So, that is just what we did! However, my friend Angela just told me that they read somewhere that it means "Defender." As they do, I pray that he be a defender of the Truth as Paul was in the book of Titus. Thank you Angela for that!!!! I forgot your little boy was named Titus. His middle name is Garrett, after Peter's oldest brother. He passed away when Peter was in the 3rd grade and we just want to carry on his legacy in the Abrigg family.

Titus, your dad and I are so proud of you already! We cannot wait until you are in our arms. Although scary, we know HE has chosen us as your mother and father and we couldn't be more amazed daily by His grace and greatness! We try to imagine what you will look like. Will you have your dad's dark curls, tan skin, and BEAUTIFUL face, or will you have your mom's fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair? Lord willing the first. :) HAHAaa...Just kidding. I've embraced my fair skin these days!

I'm currently listening to Christy Nockel's new album, "Life Light Up." So, powerful! GO GET IT! I always love it when she comes out with a new album. Her voice and her worship is just more than I can take. :) I actually had it blaring while outside while excavating our flower beds. TERRIBLE weeds. We have a party next Saturday night, and I am determined to make it pretty. I have no idea what I am doing.

Anyways, just wanted to announce his name. :) Little T it is. :)