Monday, April 28, 2008

Family Reunion

So we headed to the BIG CITY of Snyder, Texas for my mom's side of the family's reunion.

Here's some pictures to document the event.

Peter and I after eating ALOT OF FOOD (Fried Chicken and Chocolate Ice Box Pie from Luby's) and paying a game of football out back with Sarah and Daniel.

Top Row: My mom's youngest sister Leslie, mom, oldest sister Vickie.

Bottom Row: Paw-Paw, Me-Maw, and Joy, mom's 2nd oldest sister.

I laugh at this picture because I told my me-maw to show her teeth. She has the most hilarious smile. So, everyone was laughing because I yelled, "Me-Maw, show your teeth!" That was AFTER I told my mom to show hers. They did good, don't you think?

Here's some of my family. Some of my cousin's didn't make it. As a matter of fact, ALL BUT ONE of my cousins didn't make it. Thanks Jenny, and baby, for coming out! :)

Next on our agenda for the weekend was to see Thompson, Brent and Caden. Isn't he precious. OH and, Thompson is skinnier than me after having a kid just a week ago. FYI, she is EVERY WOMAN with what she has been through the past week. I WILL NOT disclose any details. :)

He is such a snuggly baby!!

All in all it was a great weekend. I didn't get much sleep as my mom insists that we be up when she gets up. :) We did take Charlie home too!!

It was hot on the way there and then 45 degrees on the way home. Unfortunately, she had to ride in the back as their was no room in Daniel's truck with all of us. So, my dad slapped this vest on her. She looked hilarious and pitiful!

I took it worse than she did. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekly Post

I realize it's been over a week since I posted about our life.

I apologize.

We've been pretty busy lately. A good busy though!

Right now I'm buys copying recipes from my friend Mary at work's Gillian McKeith cook book. I know you've seen that show "You Are What You Eat?" It's scaring me. I can't watch it anymore. But, it's SEMI snapped me into shape.

Tonight will be an exception as Peter and I will be treated by my work for a VERY NICE dinner with the staff. We EVEN get off work at 6 INSTEAD of 7. Oh the joys in life............

Lots of new things going on in our lives.....busy new things.

I will spend my play money decorating my dining room at the beginning of next month. I look forward to showing you pictures.

The tree will finally be removed tomorrow....with our money. That's neither here nor there because it's not REALLY OUR money is it?

I need a pedicure really bad. As we speak I have 2 different colors on my toes. It's a good thing I brought my toenail polish to work. Whew. What? Don't judge me for painting my toes at work.

Music has really been stirring my soul lately. I'll update on the songs at a later time.

My heart has been burdened by my hurting friends as of late...

I get to see a brand new momma and baby this weekend....followed by a FAMILY REUNION. I have mixed feelings about this....well the family reunion part.

Peter and I booked our annual Gateway Getaway trip next month. Check it out at
I'm sure you remember last June's post. If not, you can peruse through my blog yourself. I'm dumb and don't know how to link you there.

I'm having 2 showers at my house next month. THAT I'm excited about.

Also, a HIGH SCHOOL GIRL'S weekend in H-TOWN in June that I am WAY excited about. Why is it more expensive to fly Southwest than it is Continental? And why is there 2 airports in Houston? OH wait...there are 2 in Dallas too. Never mind that.

Okay, that's enough of an update for now. Maybe I'll take some pictures this weekend of my long lost family members. And maybe Charlie's reuniting with Belle, Sally and Carly. That will be a sweet reunion.

The End.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm copying Annalee's blog today because I LOVED her idea! ;) Well, I love her ideas in general.


Oh and Lauren, I promise I'll do my tag AFTER this. :)

1. WHOLE GRAIN TORTILLAS FROM CENTRAL MARKET. I realize these aren't the exact picture of the goodness that I put in my mouth yesterday for lunch!!!! GO GET THESE.

WITH THIS..Organic Hummus. I usually prefer the Spicy Red Pepper version. OH SO GOOD.

Okay that's enough food for today!!!

Enjoy. :)

AND YOU CAN'T forget this. I slice them up and put them on top of the hummus.

Followed by this. YUM!! Why are orange bell peppers so stinking good!!!! I, no lie, ate this meal 4 times last week. And...again for lunch yesterday. I've been on some sort of eating healthy kick.

But, then I had these on Friday night.

FRIED PICKLES ARE THE DEVIL. I can't remember the last time I ate these. It must have been back in college or high school when I made frequent trips to Sonic. I don't believe they sell these anymore. Or, better yet, it's best that I don't know if they do.

Followed by this.

Is Shrimp Cocktail healthy? Probably not, because I stole hush puppies off of Peter's plate to dip in my leftover cocktail sauce. Unfortunately after eating this, my fingers smelt like fish the rest of the night. But, it didn't stop me from going here for dessert...

Yea. Peter dropped me off at the Town Center to run in and grab us a few cookies for our movie. When he came back around to get me, I was standing out front minding my own business. I had already endulged in 1 cookie. He was laughing his head off at me for some reason?
I totally gave away that I had already eaten a cookie. It was ALL over my face..much like this girl. I Had NO idea. :)

Okay, let's continue on what I ate last week. Cut me some was the weekend!

Oh wait, I forgot. I went HERE on Saturday night.

I couldn't help but eat my weight in chips and salsa....but then, they HAD to bring out the chips with melted cheese on top. Let's not forget the blended jalapeno's that I got in my eye after touching it. :) It didn't stop me though.

Okay moving on...

Here's what I eat every Thursday. Some days alone, some days with friends.

I start off the meal with these....oh my beloved Edamame. You are so good to me. :) You supply the protein my body needs. It's a good thing, because I've eaten you 4 or 5 different times this week. Thank you Central Market.

I then order these:

California Rolls! Yum! This picture doesn't really look that appetizing. It's fine though, becuase Sushi Sam does it up right!!!

I also order these:

Cucumber Rolls are the BEST with these on top.

GINGER with soy sauce and just a DAB of the green stuff. I shall not mention your name as you've caused some embarrasment when eating alone at Sushi Sam. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers?????

Here's me opening the blinds this morning after a LONG night. If you can look past the flash you will see a half.

There we go...I opened the blinds better. Yes...that is OUR tree...on our neighbor's roof. Awesome.
Seriously. AND, she had NO IDEA it had fallen on her roof!
Look at that TOTALLY ALIVE dead on her roof.
We think it got struck by lightning. HOW FREEEEEAAAAKKYYYY IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile, in the middle of the night...I was in the hallway, ducking and covering, while Peter and his parents were hanging out in the living room with candles. They weren't scared. But, I WAS. I called my dad in Abilene to check the weather for us....and then I called my sister who lives 10 minutes away...she was awake too. Boy what an exciting night in G town. :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

House Revisited....

I'll start off with my favorite room in the house. I love this bathtub with ALL OF MY HEART!

Peter's sink. Notice the pulls. :) Aren't they precious.
A view of my vanity I can vanitize. what?

Well, here's the outside again...all of our flowers are in bloom. Beautiful! There's our friend Luke..chillin in our rocking chairs. We STILL haven't replaced the lights on the outside, so please ignore them. Thanks.
Charlie had to be in a picture. Look how green the grass is!!!
A view from the street on to the driveway. At some point, I will probably drive into that tree when backing out of the driveway. haaa..
My doormat. It was $10 at Hobby Lobby.
Here's some of our bedroom. It's still not finished....I'm sure you knew that from the plastic tubs. I will also cover those lamps with something cool.

My parents gave us this piece of furniture. It matches the bed Peter made us. Yes, Peter made that bed if you didn't already know. I'm not sure what I did on top of it. Like I's a work in progress.
The leapord velvet chair and mirror.
Peter made me a necklace holder. We painted it and it's ready to go! I forgot how many necklaces I had until I untangled them all. It was a CHORE!
My's pretty organized...but could still use a few more clothes to fill the space. hahahaaa!
This is the shower curtain in the guest bathroom downstairs. I love it.Here's a view of the entertainment center and fire place. I'm not sure what I did on those bookshelves...but it works.

Here's a blurry view of our couch/rug. I need a chair...but that will have to wait as well.
Here's the entryway. Another $10 Hobby Lobby rug.
Here's the panels!!! If you click on them you can tell how they go. There is pink in the middle one and it really ties the two together. I'm really in love with them. :)
My coat rack in the dining room. I've still yet to figure out how to decorate this room.
I'd like to put a rug underneath the table. That's a battle I'll have to have with Peter. He doesn't want to cover the pretty floors. :) I'll talk him into it soon. I need a mirror and a few other things to make this room a bit homier. Is that a word?Here's a view of the kitchen. I love it.

The breakfast table. We bought this table at an Estate Sale for 50 dollars. Our task this weekend is to stain it. ;) I'd like a round rug here too..but the aforementioned battle will have to happen here too. :)
A view of the sink/bar area. Don't you just love my M and P hooks! :) Oh and the tulips I bought for 6 dollars at Tom Thumb. It's a goal of mine to have fresh flowers always. :)
A view of the fridge/microwave area. I of course have my Perini Ranch cookbook out. It's important for times when I want to make a rub for steak....etc.

I still need to take pics of the shower curtain Peter's mom made me. Also, a view of one of the guest bedrooms upstairs. I'll refrain from taking pics of the roommates bedrooms. They probably would be okay if I didn't. hhaa..

I still have a few things to hang...but it's coming along!!!

Peter and I had an extremely busy weekend. I plan on taking a nap today. It sounds glorious right about now!!! Anyways...I'll be back at the end of the week with a few more pics.
Hope you enjoy!!!