Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm thinking of waking this blog up from it's very long nap. :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer 2012

Low key summer. Sick as a dog. Grateful to be 13 weeks today..still nauseous, but managing it better. Titus has been a trooper! maybe he won't remember how boring the summer of 2012 was. We're looking forward to August and celebrating our boy as he turns 3! Going to be updating more so that I can document this pregnancy. It's been a difficult go so far being sick since 4.5 weeks. But, I'm grateful we actually got pregnant! Took us over a year and we are grateful for the miracle. I'm reminded by the minute that I'm still pregnant and thankful for that too! Baby Abrigg #2 will make his/her debut on January 30th via C section, Lord willing! Here's a few pics from the last few months.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor little blog.

I wonder if I will ever blog again??? Haaaa!!!! Someday, someday. Until then...I'm hanging with these two today!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 new entries below!!


Home improvements.

 Stripes added to the family room. This project was not for the faint of heart. It involved tons of patience on my part. Let's be real here: I didn't do much. :) Also, a few fall decorations. Those pumpkins in the apothecary jar are glittery. They are orange in real life, but I am a terrible photographer.
 Entry way finally done.  For now anyways.
 New paint color in the front room..
 My souvenir from Rosemary Beach, Florida. :)

 Antique store purchase #1.
 Antique purchase #2. I'm also collecting pom pom balls for a little project. I also now have 5 blue mason jars. I'm in love with them..
 Anthopologie display...Peter is currently making an art project where he was inspired from this piece.
Fall is here.....

School Days

 Still chewing his breakfast here. :)
 I'm done taking pictures, thanks momma.
 Every kid was sent home with a bag to decorate. Luckily, I had everything at home and had fun with it!
 First school project he brought home. Proud fridge moment.
 Hanging up his name tag. Yes, his finger is in his nose. Nervous habit. Mouth or nose..
 Checking out the cool toys with his best friend, Jacob.
 Friends from home group. Peter was very sad I took this picture. Stupid real job. :)
Here we are just before I left. No tears were involved from either party. Successful first day.

Titus is 2.

Titus turned 2 on August 24th. We celebrated on his actual birthday with breakfast at Cafe Brazil and the mall play ground with friends. Peter had to work extra late on Wednesday so he took the day off on Friday to help with Titus party and to play with his birthday boy. Thanks to Brittney, Titus had a wonderful party. She let me borrow a ton of stuff from Nash's party. LOVE YOU! Mickey Mouse was the theme....
Pictures galore!!!!