Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Sorry. So sorry I haven't updated the blog! I know you're so excited to read what's going on in my crazy life! :)

Well, we just got back from, basically a weekend, trip to Ohio. We left the house at 4:30am on Saturday morning to make our 5:55am flight to fly to Minnesota. There we connected to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Peter's Uncle George picked us up for the 1 and a half hour trek to the farm in Canfield, Ohio. I'll upload my pics to show what an amazing scenery we had! It was absolutely fantastic! We had the Abrigg family reunion on Sunday! It was so fun!!
Then we traveled back yesterday with Peter's immediate family.

I hate flying I've decided.

I also should update you on my trip to Houston for our girl's weekend. You can read Mavy and Jay's blog or Blogstalker's to see pics of our fun reunion! I'm retarded and didn't take any pictures. What's wrong with me these days!!

Work has been really fun but really crazy all at the same time. I don't have time to blog at work..which is good. Which also means I don't have time to read and catch up on people's blogs. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of thankful for that. Blogging had become the thorn in my flesh. I spent way to many hours doing so at my old job. So, again, I apologize for not updating.
I'm sure you were worried about me.

Speaking of work, I'll go ahead and tell you where I'm working. You can look it up at
If you EVER need anything...please call! I'm now Cymbidium's Brand Manager...among other things! I've enjoyed it! I've already experienced my first event a few weeks ago. Although I came in contact with some really unpleasant people, it was fun at the same time to meet some really amazing people.
The best part is it's 5 minutes down the street from my house! And, I don't have to work until 7 o'clock! Praise Jesus!!!

I would update at home, but again, our computer died. So, as we speak, I'm using the in-law's computer upstairs in their apartment. That's what we call our upstairs now, the apartment. :)

I turn 28 tomorrow. Ugh. I just went and bought myself a Nothing Bundt Cake. Peter was going to take me, but I told him I'd just go pick it out myself. hahaa. :) So, I did.

Well, there's just a little taste of what's going on in my life these days. Peter and Charlie are doing fine. I love them. :) Who knew I'd miss my dog so much after 4 days! We had a couple stay at the house while we were gone. He just so happens to work for a Graphic Design firm who does all of the branding for a very UPSCALE, SHI-SHI dog food/treat company. He stocked our cabinet with gourmet dog food. I mean, only the stars can afford this stuff! It's simply ridiculous. So, Charlie LOVES when Jonathan and Sarah come to visit. :) I can hear her barking now out in the front yard with Peter. Peter is attempting to pick weeds. (Pausing to go spray him with off.)

Okay I'm back.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

Friday, June 06, 2008


It's Friday.
One week of my new job under my belt.
It's been a crazy good one. :)
I'm still lost. :) Robyn, I know you're reading this! That was for you! Kidding.

Off to Houston today for a high school girl's weekend and am PUMPED!!!!

Maybe I'll return with some blog worthy pictures.

I've been a bad blogger...and I think that will continue with this new job. It's just not a priority anymore. Yes, you heard that right...blogging was a priority before. Too much time on my hands.

Either way, I'm grateful for the break I had. But, now am back in the swing of things and LOVING the environment.

So, until next time.

Oh and..I would update my blog from home, but my year and a half year old Dell laptop kicked the bucket earlier this week. Apparently the MOTHER BOARD..that's what I'm talking about...called it quits. She decided she didn't want to slave anymore!!!!

Peace out.