Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twitter & Facebook and other things..

I'm behind again.

Life gets in the way of me updating the blog. Part of me updates to keep up with Titus and then be able to look back, and the other fights updating because I don't want to care what other people think.
Regardless, I'm updating today.

So, here's my random thoughts, numbered.

1. I took a twitter/facebook hiatus until Easter. I'm not giving it up for lent, it just happens to be during that time. It is getting the way of life. I find myself checking it on my phone the second I wake up until the second I lay down to go to bed. Now that's ridiculous. I need an intervention. So, I just deleted it off my phone. There is no reason why I should be so obsessed with reading what other people are up too. It does nothing for me except make me fall into sin. Whether it be jealousy, anger, envy, etc..., none of it's good for my heart.

2. Titus is almost 19 months old. He's currently battling an ear infection and a bad attitude. :) His antibiotic is causing major diarrhea. He woke up with a 104 fever on Sunday morning and so we took him to Rapid Med. They also said he had all the signs of Strep even though he tested negative. They said it could be wrong because it was during the first 24 hours. They gave him a shot in his leg and it caused him pain ALL DAY. He just cried and cried. It was rough. I slept with him on Sunday night in the guest room for the first time. After around 11 he actually fell asleep and slept till 8. I, on the other hand did not. Last night he woke up crying, which is rare, and so I brought him in there again to sleep. He instead wanted to play for 2 hours. I finally put him back in his bed at 3am to cry. He finally fell asleep. Unfortunately, he woke up a few hours later to diarrhea all in his bed. TMI! Pumping the probiotics as we speak.

3. I've been "lucky" enough to have a few weddings to sing in this month. Thankfully, they are paying me. I love bringing extra money to the table to take some pressure off of Peter. I also led worship at a retreat in the Panhandle a few weekends ago. It was my first time to ever lead something by myself. I was a complete ball of nerves. But, the Lord was gracious. The amazing people paid me enough to pay off our credit card from having Peter's truck in the shop the week before. HE PROVIDES. Thankfully! Praise the Lord.

4. I love spring but I HATE allergies. I've had a few severe attacks in the last few weeks. It's been miserable. Manageable, but miserable.

5. Titus had Rotavirus during the snow week in February. He had it for 11 days. If you're wondering what it is, google it. I shall not share the details. It was A.W.F.U.L. He got it from class at church...of course. For the most part, he's stayed very healthy this cold and flu season. No colds or flus, but now an ear infection. I consider myself thankful for a healthy boy.

6. I watched the whole season of The Bachelor. Emily was my pick from day 1. I didn't realize she was 14 years younger thank Brad. Holy Hannah.

7. Titus is repeating EVERYTHING I say...good and bad. :) It's hilarious. My favorites so far that have made me die are, "Oh Lord," and "Geez." It's funny, but scary. I have road rage, so he's repeated a few choice cuss words. Praying he won't know what they mean for a long time.
He's very vocal for his age. He can put 3 word sentences together. Momma, cracker please or Momma, juice please are said often. Unfortunately, due to the last 2 sicknesses, he's watched alot of tv. His favorite is Mickey. Thankful for Verizon On Demand. They have 10 episodes on at all times you can choose from.

8. Peter got me a maid on Valentine's Day. It was a surprise. He knows my heart. Now, if only Valentine's was once a week. My house has blown up since. Ugh.

9. Japan. No other words. It's heartbreaking, and mother nature is a beast. The Lord knew what He was doing, but geez....

10. We've rented a house in Destin this summer with friends and I CANNOT wait. I told Peter I would pay for the whole trip myself. So far, so good! The Lord has provided several jobs for the next few months and I think I can do it! Love that. Obviously, if I can't, we can still go, but I just really want to do it for us. I feel a sense of accomplishment and again, LOVE to take financial pressure off of him. He works so hard and keeps us out of debt by smart decisions and managing us well. That darn envelope system does work for us. :) Sometimes I steal money from other envelopes. Haa.

Maybe I'll post some pictures of my little bubba someday. That would require me to stop taking pictures with my iphone. Oh geez.