Sunday, October 25, 2009


Because I'm an awesome photographer. :) hahaaaa....
He didn't really want to look at the camera. :) I can see each month this is only going to get harder. :)
Here's some of my favorites from my phone over the last 2 weeks.
Today, in our Halloween footie pjs. Thanks Thompson. :) We love them.

Aftermath from his shots yesterday sleeping on me. :) Sweet, sweet boy.

At the doctor. He was laughing and smiling. This was before his shots. :) I had to get a pic. :)

Having a serious conversation with his dad on Saturday morning about how he was up all night for no apparent reason. :)I just had to go buy him some toboggans. The one from the hospital was the only one that fit!!!

My little man. :) It looks as if he's flaring his nostrils here. ;)

This is what happens when I don't fix his hair. Comb over central. Grow to appreciate the Mohawk everyone. :)

Airing out the other day...he had a heat rash, swollen allergy eyes and bad cradle cap in one day. He thought it was hilarious.

My how time flies when you're having fun!

Titus at 2 months you:
-You weigh 13 lbs and 9 oz making you in the 95%. You're a BIG boy. :) I think it's all in your cheeks.

-You are 23 1/2 inches tall putting you in the 50-75%.

-You were so happy yesterday, the day you got your shots. You were even laughing at the nurse right before you she stuck you 3 times! Then, your mouth opened really wide, your face turned bright red, I picked your stiff body up and you let out the loudest most piercing, rhythmic scream I have ever heard. I should have blown on your face. I heard that's the trick to get you to breath again. You finally relaxed your body and kept screaming. Your dad and I just looked at each other in shock! I told him I had never heard you scream like that in the 2 months of your life! I cried right along with you and your dad wiped my tears. You were quickly soothed by your paci and fell asleep in your car seat on the 10 minute ride home. Luckily you didn't run a fever and were pretty happy the rest of the day. Can't wait till 4 months. least I'll be prepared this time.

-sleep fairly well at night. Most nights you go to bed at 10pm and wake up between 2:30-4:30am to eat and then go back to sleep around 8. The last couple of nights, you've woken up at 2:30 and 6 and then go back to sleep till 9am. I shouldn't complain. You're getting there.
-you hate to be swaddled, however, it's the only way to sleep. You're a very active baby, so this causes a problem when it's time to sleep. You'll kick and flail your arms forever.
-Since you're such an active baby, this sometimes causes a problem when you eat. You prefer to push off whatever chair I'm feeding you in while eating. Which has caused a few blisters on my end. :)
-You smile, talk and laugh all day long. Especially when your dad gets home. It doesn't matter if you are sound hear his voice, open your eyes and crack up! It's crazy!! But it melts my heart and I look forward to that time every single day.
-You started taking naps in your crib a few weeks ago and have done pretty well! Your "nana T" bought you a really cool mobile, but you sometimes prefer to laugh at your bumper pad. The contrasting colors crack you up!

-You really enjoy your paci. If I put it in your mouth, it immediately triggers sleepy time. You suck on it really hard!

-When you are tired you have this hilarious yell. It's not crying, just yelling. It makes us laugh so we like to torture you and watch you do it.
-Just this week you've started fighting sleep. You'd much rather be awake this week....opposite of how you've been for the past few weeks.

-You went on your first trip to Abilene last weekend. You got to meet your great-grandparents, great aunts, cousins, etc. You were really tired when we got home, but slept great while we were there!

-You hate your car seat. Pretty soon you're going to start bucking when I put you in it. But, if I keep talking to you or sit by you, you enjoy it. This poses a problem when I'm not sitting back there with you.

-You have yet to attend church. Your mom and dad are really scared of the SW$NE FL#. Darn pigs.

-Your eyes are still very blue.

-Your hair is turning auburn, but has blonde roots.

-You have bad skin like your dad. Everything gives you a rash. Cortisone clears it up every time!

-You LOVE your changing table. You'll talk and laugh all day long.

-If you are fussy, the swing calms you down almost immediately. You will sleep in it for at least 2 hours. :)
Dear Titus,
I can't believe you are 2 months old. I never thought I could love you so much. You are constantly making me laugh and cry all at the same time. Your precious voice sends me over the edge!! I can't wait to watch you grow into a really strong boy. After all, you already are. Your family adores you and dotes on you all day long. :) Thank you Lord for this precious gift. Give Peter and I wisdom and faith as your parents. Lord I pray you capture Titus' heart early, so that he too can know your love.

Love, Mom

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Had a great time at the pumpkin patch. Ridiculous really for me to take him. But, a good time for socializing! Momma needed to get OUT of the house and out in the beautiful weather! Thanks Michael for the precious pic. Why am I smiling so big here?

Debating on whether to get little buddy a Halloween costume. I feel like it's torture for him right now. And, I'm sure he'll have a strong opinion about it. :)

Don't have time to post anymore, but I will later! Have a great rest of the weekend!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our annual pumpkin carving/soup party at our house last night. :) All of our "gang" came and it was truly refreshing. I love my little community and family. I wish we could hang out every weekend.
Sorry this is sideways...confused how to turn it around. Titus and Jacob. Jacob kept putting his hand in Titus' mouth. It was hilarious. Jacob 9 weeks, Titus 7 weeks.

The girls. Natasha will get mad at me posting this picture of her. Sorry, it's the only one I had!

Me and Natalie.

Jeremy making Titus laugh. It was precious.

Peter and I. I think someone ate our pumpkin. He was trying to carve an A. :)

Rachel and Craig. Craig very excited about his carving.

Thomas, Natasha and Jacob. Thomas was mad at me because I accidentally threw his pumpkin top away. Whoops.

Miriam and Jeff. They came all the way from Austin to play.

Jeremy came with 2 mini pumpkins. He claims all the big ones were sold out. I cannot write on here what he carved.


I caught Josh whispering to Natalie....his pumpkin was scary. She would say "his" because of how scary it was. :)

Friday night we went out to Target. Titus had to get bundled up to go to Corner Bakery and Target. Thank you Brittney for the hoodie. :)

Here we are. :)

Mad because he had to pose.

Dad attempting to make things better. He can find Peter anywhere in the room. It's crazy.

Saying goodbye to my Honda last Saturday. Praise the Lord we sold it and were able to pay off all of the things that broke the week before! He is Faithful! We even were able to put money in savings.
Well, there is your week in pictures! We're taking a road trip next weekend. Should be exciting. It will be my first weekend out of town since May. Praise the Lord! I'm ready and Titus is too. :)
Thank you Lord for the cold weather! This week we look forward to the pumpkin patch, breakfast and coffee with a new friend, a rearranged living room, etc.

Friday, October 02, 2009


Things I'm looking forward to this month.

1. Tomorrow we will head to the annual "Barktoberfest." This is a tradition Peter and I started the year before we got married. We haven't missed one yet! It's very exciting this year because we get to take Charlie and Titus! We enjoy laughing at all the dog costumes and crazy owners, and Charlie has fun running around and sniffing butts.

2. Pumkin Spice Lattes...I've already had one. Unfortunately, I had to get it decaf with soy milk. Not near as good. Next time, I'm just going to go all the way and hope for the best with Titus. I still haven't delved into the realm of lactose lately. :)

3. Our trip to Abilene! We haven't been since May! That's way to long if you ask me. Also, it will be Titus' first road trip. I'm sure my mom will whisk him away and introduce him to all of her friends.

4. COOL WEATHER! It was freezing this morning. We had the air conditioner on 72 and I was frozen. I love not having to turn the ac on at all.

5. Pumpkin Patch! Can't wait to actually go this year. We've never gone before, but now we have an excuse to go with T here. We'll take the dumb "pumpkin" pics and send them out to everyone. :)

6. Titus is 6 weeks on Monday! I guess I shouldn't look forward to this, but he is getting so fun! And, this means I'm released from post partum care...whatever that means. Running....and getting rid of this extra baby pounds. I did gain 44. :) I only have 12 left...but I'm going to go further considering I wasn't happy with where I started. TMI for some of you bloggers. Sorry.

7. Decorating for fall. Unfortunatley, I have no decorations. I have some spending money, but don't get it until the end of the month. Dang.

8. FALL TELEVISION! I tape all the shows in the evening, because Peter and I hate getting into ruts and plopping in front of the television. So, spread them out during the next day. It's glorious.


1. Paying medical bills.

2. Paying off the credit card we just put our cooktop, broken refridgerator repairs, and a new transmission. blah blah blah.

3. H1N1 and FLU scares. ughghghg, this sends me over the edge! I get so nervous about taking Titus anywhere! I can protect him, but not me!! I'm scared of those shots too.

Well, that's it. :)

Things are good on the homefront. I got a little infection this week. Mastitis. Bleh. Luckily, it wasn't too bad. I did have a fever and felt flu like for 2 days. But, I got antibiotics and things are looking up! Titus has slowed down his eating a ton, which caused some problems with my body...if you know what I mean.

We took Titus to a wedding on Sunday. He did wonderful! Praise the Lord. I can't wait to go back to church, but I refuse to put him in the nursery. Warrented because the church just sent out an EMAIL about the flu and protecting your children at church. Luckily my mom will be here this weekend and he can stay home. :) Will he ever get to come to church! The kid makes way to many grunting/farting noises to bring him into worship. :) I'd be embarrassed.