Friday, April 28, 2006

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Well, it's interesting around Bowie Middle School today. The buzz of the school dance is in the air! The kids are soooo excited. All the girl's intentionally and purposefully straighten/curled their hair. I actually fixed mine last night for an event I went to at my friend's store. So, this morning, all I did was wake up..oddly enough, I didn't even brush my hair. I'm really itchy today. I'm not sure why....the kids keep asking me what I did different, and then I assure them that I did nothing. I only fixed my hair. It's amazing what happens when you fix your hair. Last night was so much fun...I'll write about that in detail at a later date....but, I had to get all shi-shied up....I had to mingle with the wealthy...let me tell you! It was cool though....Anyways HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!! I'm taking Monday off. I'm done with school until Tuesday! Until then...peace out..

Thursday, April 27, 2006

And here we are trying to take a picture with all 4 of us. Poor Rachel was missing....I don't know where she was.......So, here is my post for the day.
or shall I say LAtasha. I accidentally called her that last night as we were making dinner. We laughed for like 15 minutes about it. She's got more names than anyone!
Natasha and I before we went to the drive in the other night....being as silly as we possibly could.
I just think this picture is really sweet. This was actually over a month ago. A bunch of us were about to go to Gilley's. We're both definitley not trying to hide the fact that we like each other. Well, I'm hiding it, but he's not! :)
I thought this picture was hilarious. These are more cousins, Rex and Rob. Rex, the one in the REd shirt goes to TECH, and Rob, is in high school at Sweetwater High! They were being silly. THis is Easter weekend as well.
me and my cousin Jonathon. He always picks on me and hits me as if I'm his sister. He's about to be a police officer in San Angelo, and my favorite part about him is the fact that he is a BOUNCER at a club there. How hilarious is that?!?!?!? Oh me, oh my...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Why are Wednesday's so hard? You have half the week behind you, but you still have 2 whole days left to go before the weekend!! I'm sitting here yawning as I type. It's been a hard day. My kids don't know how to be quiet, much less be respectful. So, I've had to fight with that all day.

I walked into school at 8:20 this morning. I'm supposed to be there at 7:45. I normally can get away with it because I have 1st period off. Today, I just didn't care. I took my dear old time getting ready, and decided to treat myself with some coffee from our coffee shop in Southside.! I was so glad I did it.
I also have to stay here until 5 today and that is annoying. I GET to listen to kids try out for our spring show. Should be an interesting afternoon to say the least.

I'm tired, and cranky, and highly annoyed with my job. The End. Sorry for the DEBBIE DOWNER!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And Sally.....Belle wouldn't let me take a picture with her.
couldn't leave an updated picture of carly out..
Is this awkward that I'm already in the family picture holding the family dog...probably, but considering, I have done my share of house sitting for "Taz" in college, I think we're cool. Unbelieveable. (Peter's Dad, P-diddy, Me and Taz, Ashlee and Henslee, Scott, Andrea, Peter's mom, and Scott's parents.) Don't make fun of me for posting this please.
My top lip apparently was dry, and so it was really high up where you could see my gums. I think it's funny......
Me, Peyton (Gaige refused to be in the picture), Peter and Andrea (Peter's sister and the boy's mom.)
Peyton, Peter's nephew and I on Kite Day. He thinks I'm the coolest thing to walk the planet....besides Uncle Peter of course.
Kite Day! Can you tell what kind of kite this is??????

Monday, April 24, 2006

i heart them. (insert Brittney Poe)
Peter and I....I look like a dork....I always look like a dork....

Friday, April 21, 2006


This one is for you! :)

So, I don't really have any updates, except for the fact that today is FRIDAY! And, as I'm sitting here, some darn kid just threw something in my room. Everyone is at lunch, and I'm enjoying the end of my 2 hour lunch break! Today and yesterday, because of TAKS, I didn't have a 4th period because my 8th graders were in their testing room. It was definitley a suprise to me. But, I've totally taken advantage and just worked my little hiney off. On what you say?
Well, I'm speaking at Brittney's little girl's retreat in the morning. The title of the weekend is "KNOWN" and my top is "Stand For." Really, purity..and just my testimony. It's been an amazing week digging into the word and reading and just really trusting the Lord on what I'm supposed to say tomorrow. I'm so excited now! Oddly enough, the Lord's timing is perfect.

And, for those of you who think that I've spent countless hours with Peter this week, well you're wrong. I haven't seen him since MONDAY. So, definitely excited about our double date with Thomas and Natasha. We're all pretty close so it will be really fun! I have to be in bed early though to rest up for the morning.

This week has been pretty eventless. Monday night Peter came over, brought me La Madeline for dinner. We sat with Mirm and Rach and ate. It was a fun family night. Then Jeremy came over. So, Jeremy and Miriam watched me clean my room while Peter was upstairs working out. I love my friends so much.
Tuesday, me, Natalie, Natasha and Mirm went on a POWER walk around American Airlines. I still have some shin spints today. Need I mention that it was 100 degrees outside when we went. We then had small group. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Probably because I got no sleep over the weekend and went to bed after midnight on Monday night.
Wednesday I went to the grocery store. I cooked taco salad for Mirm and Rachel and I. My friend REbekah came over and we had some pillow talk. I love her. Then, off to the bath tub...too long of a phone conversation with P-diddy and then to bed.
Last night, I got home and took about an hour nap. Then I ate dinner and chit chatted with Rachel. Then 2 hours worth of phone time with Peter and my friend Laura Berg. Then, I had to clean the kitchen. I deep cleaned that bad boy and it took me an hour! Then I finished my laundry and tried to go to bed...but ended up on the phone after my bath again. I finally feel asleep about 11:15.
Here we are to today...I'm wearing my new northface fleece because it's below 0 in my room!!! Dressed for winter in almost May! Might I also mention it is Filthy Friday..meaning I didn't wash this grease bucket of a head! Woohooo!

This weekend is going to be busy. No time to really rest. Tomorrow after Brittney's deal, I'm going to hang out with Peter and his mom and his sister and nephews. We're supposed to think of something fun to keep them occupied..and then tomorrow night the gang is getting together. who knows what we will do! I'm excited because I love my community. I do have to be up at 5:30am on Sunday morning for rehearsal at the Village, followed by 4 services. Sunday afternoon I will probably finish my resume and send it off to their respected places. Don't ask me I'm not telling anyone yet! :) IT's really awesome!!!!!!!!! The Lord's favor over me has really shown in the last week and I am so unworthy of it.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
3 and half weeks until NYC!!!!!!!!!!!! That was for you Sarah T. :) hahahahahha....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i realize this picture is a little cheeze friend Mallory sent it to me...she was the photographer at Leigh Ann's wedding....she calls this GQ Peter.
Here's another picture....
This is Peter......


Well, it's Wednesday and I haven't even blogged this week. Unbelievable.
Monday, I honestly was very busy. I was proud of myself for not checking my email 84 times that day. Tuesday and today the kids are taking the TAKS. If our principal even catches us on our computers, it's possible we will be reprimanded/fired.
So, I chose to be above reproach and wait. Yesterday my kids fininshed testing at 3:20 which didn't leave much time to blog. Today, 1:15pm. Which means that we will be sitting here until 3:45 and all the kids can do is read or sleep! Oh Lord help me with these 8th graders.

So, Easter was fantastic.
Friday night, I left around 5:30ish. I ended up driving and Peter rode with me. Who's Peter you ask? The boy that I am dating! HOLD THE PHONE EVERYONE! I know I know. It's an amazing story and such a cool picture of the Lord's faithfuness and love and favor over me. Amazing. Is all I have to say. So, Peter and I drove toward's Abilene and stopped and ate dinner with Macy and Chad Missildine! I love them. So, we left around 8 from their house. About 30 minutes before Abilene, Peter decided to start the awkward moment....he's been waiting to tell me for 7 months. Yes, I said, he's waited to profess his feelings for 7 freaking months! Awesome. Anyways, long story short, we are now dating as of Friday. Unbelievable. That's all I have to say.
So, Friday night late I hung out with Sarah T...on her couch. We just talked and talked and talked until about 1 am. I went to bed...but didn't really go to sleep and popped up about 7am. I took my time getting ready and then my mom and I went shopping. I hit a wall about 1:30 so we went home and I took about an hour and half nap. I got up and was ready to go to Perini Ranch with Peter's family. It was really fun...but really freaking hot!!! After that Peter, Ashlee and her husband(Peter's sister and brother-in-law) and I went shopping. I left my wallet in the car. Peter came out with 3 bags. I laughed. Then Saturday night we met Thompson and Brent and Sarah and her brother brad at Taco Bueno followed by Starbuck's because Taco Bueno smelt.

Sunday morning, Easter Sunday, I did not go to church. My mom and dad did, but weren't really pushy about waking me up. I got up while they were gone and got ready so I could help my mom cook and such for the family. My aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents came was fun. I introduced Peter. Talk about a whirlwind! I've never brought a boy home...EVER.
Then Peter and I left in time to be back for and Easter Egg hunt at the park that Rachel and Craig put on! It was so fun. After that we went to McKinney and somehow ended up throwing BOILED EGGS at each other and each other's car's. We stunk at the restaurant. Then we had a group car wash outing! That was fun times had by all.

Monday I cleaned my room! It took forever but it was such a relief when it was over. I stayed up to late.

Last night was small group...again went to bed at 11...and here we are today...
Still sleepy. Because I've been staring and reading...

I hope you are enjoying the day. I'll post pics from our Easter Egg hunt soon.

Friday, April 14, 2006


OH I crack myself up.
I believe I'm the only one working today. It is Good Friday.
And, well, since Irving took a snow day in December, they decided to be mean to us and make us to go school today. It took me like 10 minutes to get to work this morning because NOONE was on the highway. I got to thinking this morning, would I rather like to have Monday off or Friday? I think Monday. Why? So I can recoup from the weekends are always crazy.

SO, I'm leaving for Abilene at like 6pm this afternoon. I'm riding with Peter. I'm excited to go home and see my family. I haven't really been home, home, since December. It will be a good time to relax and just really spend some time thinking and praying about the next couple of months. I have some decisions that I need to make. Do I resign, and just trust the Lord? Etc....

Rachel and I started watching TV last night at around 7...and well guess who fell asleep at 7:30? Me, and I woke up at 10:45....all the lights were off. So, I just hopped right to my bed! Hilarious. I guess I was really tired! So, I got 11 hours of sleep last night. Unbelievable. I went St. Bernard's sports outlet store yesterday afternoon..and got some reef sandals for 10 dollars AND 2 Northface PINK and GREY fleeces for 160 dollars!!! Can you believe that???!??!?! My sister and I are exchanging them for each other for birthday's in June. Great!!

My room is still a disaster area. I'm hoping the cleaning fairy will work her way into my room and clean it. I doubt it..wishful thinking I guess. I hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend...I'll be enjoying my 2 day weekend. Next week is TAKS test. So, I won't be using my computer that much. If I do, I might get fired!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

this was on Saturday evening. They had just let us shower for the first time. my eyes look horrible. I'm sunburned and my eyes are lacking in the moisture area. Rachel says she looks Chinese. I agreed. We were ready for dinner. This is the last picture I have. I just didn't feel it necessary to take 800 pictures. I guess I probably should have had documentation. OH well. HOpe you enjoy. Have a Happy Thursday! I'm tired.
At our first stop on Lake Mexia, they had a bouncy house. It actually ended up as people's sleep house during the night! :) Off the wet grass and out of the tent!! If only we could have had mixed sleeping. hahaha
This is the first team I was on. We had to stop at some convenient store and perform our skit. Rididculous. I'm always doing kissy face in my pics. I'm an idiot. That's Gary..the tall guy, who was in my group EVERY TIME. I have no idea what the Lord was trying to do. I had to ask for His forgiveness alot....
so, this is me driving my little silver mini-van all weekend! we did a little skit with scarfs..yes every scarf that everyone has on is mine. you'll see those in the next picture.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts.

Things I say daily:
1. Tuck in your shirt.
2. Spit out your gum.
3. I really do not want to be here today.
4. Why are you so rude and disrespectful?
6. Everyone stand up.
7. Stretch up, Stretch down, roll your shoulders back, roll them forward, roll your neck around, other way....
8. QUIET!!!!!!!!!!
9. Line up for lunch.
10. Are you kidding me?

1. How many hours left till lunch?
2. I love email.
3. I need to update my blog.
4. I really need to clean my room/bathroom.
5. Why are boys so weird!? :)
6. I need to call so and so back.
7. I am going to slit my wrists now..kidding.
8. I need to go workout.
9. 8 hours of sleep tonight. YES!
10. I really want to go back to bed.

As you can tell I'm annoyed today with school....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Road Rules

So, what a weekend! Where do I start. Okay, with Friday..

-I left school at 3:45pm on the dot, knowing that I had to be in Addison at 4:30pm to hitch a ride to the car rental place in Lewisville. So, all 10 of us drivers hopped in the 12 passenger van and headed to AVIS. Now, might I mention that traffic on Friday afternoon at 5 isn't the HORRIBLE. So, we managed to stay in the neighborhoods and got there and back by 6:15pm. All 70 other road rulers were meeting at 6:30. When we were at the AVIS rent car place, he asked me what kind of van I wanted. I was like, hmm...since I'm really not familiar with many, then, give me the prettiest. I get this 2007 Silver Chevy Van..that looked more like an SUV/BUS. It was great throughout the weekend because it had plenty of room for stuff and passengers.

So, we end getting our first round of team members. I ended up with a pretty great group. There were 2 guys and 5 girls. Hmm..interesting. There was 1 boy who ended up being in my group all 4 times. I think it was the Lord because he wasn't easy to get along with. I just laughed everytime we got our assignments. So, anyways, moving on...they gave us our first clue. It would have been hard to figure out if we didn't have smart people. We headed down 45 South to a small town named Mexia. We ended up at this lake house of a girl from our church. On the way there we had to make up a skit and perform it to different stops along the way. HILARIOUS. I felt like I was in high school again. Anyways, we pulled up to the lakehouse and there was a huge bouncy house and these lights everywhere! It was great times. We ended up pitching tents and all 70 of us slept 6 to a tent. Not to mention we had port-a-potties as bathrooms and NO SINK. It was fantastic. Everyone was dirty. So we go to bed at around 1:30 and at around 6am the music started blaring and the fog horn sounded. They woke us up fast and made us take our tents down and be ready to roll. We ended up eating breakfast, had a little worship time and played a little red rover. Obviously we were get to the next place. So, then we get our new team...and head to Stillhouse Lake near Killeen. We had to go rescue our team captain across this lake. So, yes it was either swim, kayake or canoe. I chose to canoe. I didn't take my shoes across and so I now hae horrible looking feet. Thank the Lord I didn't get poison ivy..I hiked a mountain with no shoes! Stupid. So, we were the first team to arrive and the last to find our captain.
So, then they give us another clue and we end up at this camp for kids with disabilities near Killeen. It was called Peaceable Kingdom. It was beautiful. We spent from about 1 on Saturday to Sunday morning there. We did odd jobs around the camp sight and just kind of relaxed and had fun. They had incredible meals for us, beautiful scenery and a movie theater! Not to mention the golf carts! Those were great. I spent alot of my time being a passenger rolling around the hills of the camp thinking we might crash! Lots of laughs! So, they finally let us shower at this point. And, thankfully, they FORCED the drivers to stay in this awesome house on Saturday night. Apparently, for insurance purposes, they wanted us to get some sleep. Awesome!!!

Sunday morning we got new to our next destination..which we had to figure out. Church under the bridge in Waco. It was awesome! They did this really awesome Easter service!! I'm glad we went! Then the best part of the trip comes!! They gave us money, and let us go eat. We had to find our next destination...which was to......this town called Maypearl. It's where they filmed Pure Country. We end up in this little covered patio out in the middle of nowhere. And, we here all this country music being played. They had hired a REAL square dance caller!! So, we square danced for the next 2 hours! EVERYONE did and had a freaking blast! IT was awkward at first because they made us partner up. Thank goodness my friend JEremy was standing next to me! He made me laugh the whole time.

So, then back to Dallas we go. We end up in Addison at around 5. But, I of course had to take my van all the way back to DFW and then back to Addison to get my car. Then I drove to Highland Village...all nasty I might church. So, I didn't get home until 10 last night! I took a long shower and hopped into bed! My alarm was not pretty this morning! It hougtha bout chunking it across the room!!
So, I treated myself to Starbuck's this morning. Here I am...having to substitute during my off period! DANGIT~ 22 dollars isn't really worth it. I have nothing prepared for the day. DANGIT! OH well....I'll figure out something. I'm just tired right now.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I bring my cord. I had a great weekend overall!!!! I don't know when I'll get caught up on my rest!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday things...

Well, Hallelujah it's Friday.
I feel like I am having dejavu. Yes, because every Friday I go through the same motions. I'm hoping there is no major food fights today. But, there is some major disciplinary actions being taken here in the Bowie Choir room.
As I stated in my previous post, I played "executive secretary extroidinare" at the High School Choir UIL competition the last 2 days. The bonus part about this was that I got paied 500 freaking dollars! That was an unexpected, amazing shock! It literally paid for BOTH of my plane tickets that I bought in the last month. Thank you Lord! :)
So, I get back this morning to find a very long note with plenty of names on it. I had kids decide they were going to ignore the sub and just decide to get up and leave and go to the bathroom. That would have NEVER happened if I were here. It's amazing how much they take advantage of people they don't see on a normal basis...anyways, enough about them. Not worth my precious typing fingers

So, Wednesday night after my long day at UIL we watched America's Next Top Model and LOST! They were both good. Then last night, I lead worship at Celebrate Recovery again. This time...there were at least 150 people there! My close friend Natasha gave her testimony and it was amazing. I love real, authentic people who are not afraid to air their dirty laundry!!!

SO, today at approx. 4:30pm I will be meeting the ROAD RULES team to go pick up my van. I found out that it is not a 15 passenger! Hallelujah thank you Jesus.
Then we meet our team at 6:30. I'm scared and excited! It's just the fear of the unknown. I have a feeling we are going to the Hill Country area.....just a hunch and some clues given.

Thanks to Sarah we now have our Julia Roberts tickets in hand! I can't until May 19th! When else am I going to get to see Julia Roberts! OH man I'm pumped. She's staring in a broadway play called "Three Days of Rain." We cannot wait!! !:)

So, that's really all I have today. I hope you find this pos semi interesting.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I need a new job...

I need a new job. My middle school days are over...I hope.
I really am not enjoying a bit of it right now. I'm such a bad teacher when I don't want to be here.
I feel like the end of the year becomes very redundant. I have to come in and discipline the same kids about the same the same mumbo jumbo, try to talk to the same psycho parents...etc.
I either need to move up to the high school level or quit this shebang all together.
Then, I wonder why in the world I spent so many days "learning" how to be a teacher. Yea right..not a bit of my schooling was about how to be a teacher. Not a single bit. Everything I learned on my own or by watching other people.
I have always wanted to be teaching a high school choir, but it also scares the ever living fire out of me. Why? Because I know it will take so much more of me and so much more of my time. Selfish yes. But, am I using my gifts if I just quit and go work at Blockbuster or something?
I'm really trying to evalute what I am supposed to be doing. I'm trying to figure out what my passions are and how the Lord wants me to use them.I'm TRYING not to be lazy about these last 2 months...but it will be so hard.

Tomorrow and Thursday I will be heading up the high school UIL competition in my region. Our Region secretary asked me to run the site because she will be running the band site. I got paid for working with her last year, so maybe I will again! That would be awesome, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
SO, not having to be with my kids the next 2 days will be awesome!!!
I'll get to see all the high school directors in will be nuts.

So, that's just what I'm thinking today.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Camera Happy

Well, I got a little camera happy this weekend. It was a good weekend.

Friday night:
We went to the drive in movie theater in Ennis off of 45S. We got to see Ice Age 2 and dangit..what's the name of the movie with Sara Jessica Parker and Matthew McHottie? I forget. It was a beautiful night. I slept through alot of the second movie. I was tired and was all curled up on a futon mattress in the back of my friend Thomas' truck with the most comfortable blanket known to man.

I pretty much stayed in my pajamas until about 4 oclock. Then me, Rach, Mirm, Natalie, Natasha and Craig went to Central Market to eat dinner followed by fun times at Craig's and then to Super Target. If you'll notice a few pictures down...the sideways pics, hilarious. Natalie and I got into Craig's sweatpants. He, well, is my size or smaller....and loves his over-sized sweat pants. He got into them and put them over his shoulders and did this hilarious dance. We laughed our heads off. I have video footage of it but don't know how to post it on there. I think he would be mortified if I did. Super Target is always fun on a Saturday night. I went to bed early because I had to get up at 5:30 to be at church by 6:30am.

Church, Church and more church. I sang with Lauren this weekend for the first time in a really long time. We had a photo shoot in between the 9 and 11 services. JT, my friend in the band is cool. I just wanted you guys to see that I was friends with a rockstar. He's also in a band called Auckland. And no lie....he jumps around on stage and acts crazy. He's possibly the sweetest 20 year old boy on the planet. Anyways, it was a good day...
Last night I went to dinner with Grant, his roommate J-rock and this girl named Mande...followed by ice cream at Shake's. I laughed for a good 3 hours.

So, here I am today. Hating it already. I hope this week goes by fast. enjoy the pics!
and well here's ONE of his tatoos. He really is a rockstar. He plays the electric guitar at church...and he also buys his pants from Forever 21....if that tells you anything. We own the same bracelet from there...and at times..have worn it on the same day! Excellent.
my rockstar friend JT...he didn't fix his hair because we had to be at church yesterday morning at 6:30am....with the time change...meaning we lost an hour of sleep. so, i made fun of him and his greasiness.
a shot from behind. :)
Molly and Natalie in Craig's "torsoless man sweatpants"
Lauren and Molly photo shoot #4
Lauren and Molly photo shoot #3
Lauren and Molly photo shoot #2
Lauren and Molly photo shoot #1