Monday, November 23, 2009


Whoa. 3 months. Really?

At 3 months you:

*are sleeping in your big boy crib. Sort of. You started taking naps there about a month ago and loved it. You started sleeping there at night this week and did pretty well. For some reason you wake up once to eat and then will go back to sleep. We're traveling all week, so the sleeping thing should be interesting. You stopped sleeping well in the pack and play in our room, so it was easy for me to move you.

*You've slept through the night about 4 times. I'd like to make this more consistent. You definitely weigh enough. In fact, I'm sure you've tipped the scales at 15 lbs now. I need to go get you weighed. :)

* You are wearing 3-6 months clothes and have for about 5 weeks.

*Your hands and feet are still huge. :) 3-6 month socks are too small for you. ;)

* You laugh and talk ALOT! We can make you laugh at a moments notice. You've even thrown your head back a few times, which is hilarious.

* You have become more content sitting in our laps at mealtimes, watching the television, etc.

* You still love your swing and would sleep in it for hours if I let you. Sometimes in the mornings when I'm really tired and want to go back to bed, you'll sleep for 3 hours in your swing. :) I might do that once every other week. We've had some setbacks with sleeping, so momma has been sleepy.

* You don't love tummy time, but will tolerate it for about 10 minutes. I personally don't think you need it anymore, however, all the books say you do. :) So, I'll comply.

* You went to the church nursery at "test service" in the new building yesterday. All the ladies fought over you and your mohawk.

*Speaking of mohawks, never in my life have we gotten so much attention with you in our lives. It's ridiculous! I love it.

*You still eat every 2-3 hours, except at night. You've dropped your nighttime feedings.

*You are enamored by kids! You talk and laugh and carry on when they are around.

* You've started putting that bottom lip out when I hand you to someone in a crowded place. It's random when you do it. Otherwise, you're pretty easy going. However, those times when you want your momma, you let everyone know.

* You have found your voice, and it is L-O-U-D! I wonder where you got that? Your momma...everyone says.

*You will smile at anyone...which I LOVE. I think you are going to be a very social child.

* You started sitting in your stroller without being in your carseat. You think you are on top of the world! You will sit and talk there forever.

* You still have a love/hate relationship with your carseat. Last week we drove out to Allen and back and you didn't make a peep. Then we drove out to Dalas and back and you did great. However, some days, you scream all the way to church, grocery store, etc...which is 5 minutes down the road.

* You are very particular about how you are being held. You hate to be held like a baby. If someone tries you arch your back and cry....a fake cry. You have to watch things...

* Lately, if I sing things to you, you seem to echo those same sounds back to me. It MELTS MY HEART!

* You started teething a last week and that just about sent momma over the edge. Drool encompasses all of our clothing and you constantly have to be sucking on something. We changed your pacifier and got you a vibrating teether. You love it. As of Monday, you finally cut one on the bottom! This makes me very sad. I feel bad for you, because you can't really hold a teething toy in your mouth!

Dear Titus,

You are becoming more of a little boy every day and that breaks my heart! You are a constant joy in our lives and I praise the Lord for you daily and thank him for the miracle that you truly are. This week we have learned of a miscarriage from a close friend and a not so good diagnosis about having kids from another. We pray hard for those best friends of mom and dad's for the Lord to bless them with a miracle. Afterall, you need some best friends. :) I love your huge smile and your sweet coo's more than life itself and I could listen to them all day. Thank you for your constant slobbery kisses and your burrowing hugs.

I love you little buddy.

Love, Momma and Daddy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pictureless Post

Every once in a while, there just needs to be words. So sorry to disappoint.

Even though our sweet boy is growing at a rapid rate, and I should be documenting every moment, it will have to wait until next time.

Staying at home has proved to be one of the most rewarding gifts I have ever been given. I think about how lucky I am often. Even though finances are not flowing like the river, I am happy doing what I was called to do. Being that it is the month of November, I've decided to post every day something I am thankful for. Granted, it is November 10th, so today I'll post 10 things.

1. Staying at home. Well, I've already said that. Watching Titus grow and loving on him all day is awesome. He is such a joy to raise. He is a laughter and a smiler! We've been taking him places and he smiles and giggles at everyone! I praise the Lord for that. I want him to experience true joy all through his life. I know the ultimate joy is for him to come to know the Lord at an early age. That will be true joy.

2. Peter. I never knew how much I really loved and appreciated Peter as my husband until Titus was born. I see him a new light as I watch him with Titus. He is my heart and I love who he has become. He takes care of us so well, and the unconditional love I feel for him is unreal. I still get giddy when he comes home from work and yesterday, he surprised me by taking the day off. I'm sure it was more for his sanity and renewing, however, it renewed my spirit as well! I love you P.E.A.

3. Titus. My sweet boy. You are such a blessing. Thank you LORD for blessing us with such an incredible gift. I can only help but praise your name when I wake up every morning to his precious face. You have added a love and a joy I have never known before! Thank you Lord.

4. Charlie. This might sound lame, but this dog blesses my heart so much. She is my partner during the day. Speaking of unconditional love....she loves us unconditionally. Thank you Charlie.

5. Family. Thanks to my parents for basically giving us everything we could ever possibly need in life. We couldn't do life with out them and it's a joy to watch them with Titus. Of course my mom spoils him half to death. She can't go 2 weeks without seeing him. Praise the Lord for that!Thanks to Peter's family for the constant meals and encouragement.

6. A community of believers to worship with. Thank you Lord for The Village Church and all you are doing.

7. Friends. Being that I'm almost 30, I understand the meaning of a true friendship. A friend that loves you because you are a sinner. A friend who fights for you and loves you for who you are and wants only the best for you. Thank you Lord for those friends. You make doing life here a joy.

8. Our health. Thank you Lord for your protection over Titus, Peter and me. The thought of the flu sends me over the edge and scares me to death these days. Lord, you are mightier than the flu. You are mightier than my thoughts and fears. Thank you for loving me in spite of my fearful heart. Thank you for putting life into perspective.

9. A roof over my head and great neighbors.

10. Good food, good wine, and friends to share that with.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm a Monkey.

Had to get a profile.
Okay this isn't too bad. Just don't velcro it mom.

Hat on. MEAN MOM.

Hat Off.