Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11th.

WHOA. I don't know what day it is!!! What's my name? Where do I live?

Kidding. I'm supposed to be putting out fires right now, but well, frankly, I need a break. Typing...that seems to be my quick fix today.

Right now I'm listening to Kallie's Christmas playlist on
Thanks Kallie. Currently I've heard The Simpson Sisters, Faith Hill, Frank Sinatra, The Pussycat Dolls, Christina, Coldplay, and so on.....

I'd like to post a pic of our Christmas decorations, but, then I'd be embarrassed by the dust layer and the unfinished crown molding job. We just got our tile and backsplash finished yesterday. I think Edward and Ignacio were smoking the "you know what" in my bathroom. I called Peter and he told me to tell them I should join. He was kidding, obviously. I think they were scared of Charlie because she's still wearing her cone. Her foot is about 95% covered back with hair, but I still don't trust her. Little stinkpot.

Our anniversary is Monday. 2 years. WOW!! It's gone by so fast. We're celebrating tomorrow night. If I told you where then you might show up. Kidding. Monday night, our real anniversary, we are both working T.O's Christmas party. I feel like it's probably okay to say that seeing that it's been advertised all over the radio. I've been up to my ears trying to find the correct Christmas balls and silver sticks. Shoot me in the head. I'm over it. Who's out of Christmas balls on December 11th???? :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent it with Peter's family here in town. We had about 27 people at their house! Alot of eating...I made myself utterly ill. I mean, Peter was lauging at me. NO self control. I admit it and I know there's a 12 step program out there to help me. Thanks.

I really want to send out a Christmas card, but frankly, I'm too busy constructing everyone else's here at work! Isnt' that sad?????? Yeah.

We went to look at Christmas light last Saturday night in Highland Park. I was TOTALLY not impressed. Everyone talks about how fabulous they are over there. I guess it's a sign of the times. People don't want to pay for Christmas lights. It's a luxury item. :) We didn't hang any up either so I have ZERO room to talk. But, I do have a wreath, that I made by the way, and a little lit up tree on our porch. And, I can't forget the awesome Happy Holiday's mat either.
Our color scheme for this year is Fuschia, Gold and Turquoise. It fits with the decor of my house. I just didn't see Red and Green all over my house.
I have this
precious arrangment sitting on my desk. You should buy one for your house too. :)

Okay, before I get fired, I should go. Happy Anniversary my love!! Sorry, I'd rather be sentimental in person. :)