Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Little Mexico..

Little Mexico.....
Well, interesting turn of events today...

My friend Lauren Chandler came up to see me at my school today with Reid. It was fun bringing her into my classroom. All the kids went crazy over Baby Reid. He's so beautiful! He was asleep, otherwise I would have taken him out and kissed him!

Anyways, well, email is down...dang. But, I decided to take my 6th period 7th and 8th grade boys outside because it is SOOO BEAUTIFUL today! I couldn't stand staying in my classroom any longer. We tossed the football around and then they played a little wall ball. All of a sudden I heard them all yelling something in Spanish out into the street. I of course freaked out. Well, no worries, it was just the little hispanic man pushing around his cart full of ice cream on his bike! Well, I told them they could go buy some becaue I'm such a cool teacher. Then, the guys said something in spanish about me being sexy! AWKWARD! And, he told the kids to tell me that I could have a free popsicle! WOOHOO! Well, then the boys told me I'm on their "TOP 5 HOTTEST TEACHERS AT BOWIE" list. I asked what number I was...then they started talking inappropriately about all of us. So, I ended the conversation. Sometimes the middle school boys are fun I tell ya.

So, this evening I'm going to eat Sushi for my friend Rob's birthday. I'm excited because I love Sushi..and I'm a good friend for taking him to dinner on his birthday..

Last night I went and had coffee with my "friend." Yes, the quotations are back! :) Some day I'll post a picture, but I'm too scared right now. We sat on this bench outside at Starbuck's in Las Colinas and laughed for 2 straight hours at each other. It was hilarious....well we laughed at people walking by too. I'm so mean.

I watched the last episode of the Bachelor with my roommate last night. Cheeseball. It was my first time to watch it all season and I was highly disppointed by the top 2 choices. I didn't like either one of them.

Coldplay was amazing the other night. I cant' believe I spent that much money on my ticket, but it was well worth it. Fiona Apple...I like..I actually have her CD, but she made me nervous. I think she might have smoked something before she came out on stage. I wouldn't be suprised if the couple in front of me were smoking along with her. That pisses me off! I HATE IT when people smoke at concerts.! The American Airlines center is such a nice place, and they had to be sitting right in front of us. I was high....from second hand weed.

UIL is one week from tomorrow! YIKES! I'm ready for it to be over and for Spring Break to be here. A week and a half!!! WOOHO!
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Monday, February 27, 2006

eye full...

Well, it's been almost a week since I've posted. I don't really have a reason, but, well, I'm just lazy.
I have had plenty of time I just really have had no desire.

Last week was a wild week. Lots of crazy happenings.
Monday night I stayed out to late...Tuesday night I had life group...Wednesday...I got a weird email and went to a concert..and stayed out to late...Thursday I had Pre-UIL!...more on that later...and then watched the Olympics to support my girl Sasha Cowen...Friday...hung out with a friend and had a slumber party with a big group who was SUPPOSED TO run the Cowtown 10K...we ended up not running but went to bed at 1am and woke up at 5am. NO, we didn't go back to sleep either. We thought it would be a good idea to all pile in the living room and watch tv..and then to to Cracker Barrell for breakfast...followed by movies all day.
Saturday night I went to my friend Rebekah's birthday party..and yesterday I slept in till noon...went to the grocery store followed by church..and then to the COLDPLAY concert with my sister last night. It was awesome...amidst the people "making babies and smoking weed" in front of us. Ridiculous.
I'll post details tomorrow...I'm already busy today.

BUT..on a good note..I got all exceeds on my PDAS...for all those teachers out there! SHOCKER!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

HS friends!

Mav (going to be a new mommy), Thompson and me! :) In my mom's kitchen at Leigh Ann's shower. Fun times.
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My sister, Leigh Ann and I in our dining room at Leigh Ann's shower! I love the chandelier hanging down...it's new! :) I love my mom's house.
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Bratty Daughter

Me and my mom this weekend. She called me a brat because she thoguht I was smiling to! Man I'm a bad daughter! :) She puts on one heck of a shower these days!! Our house looked beautiful
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Monday, February 20, 2006


What a whirlwind of a weekend let me tell ya.

Well, let's start with Wednesday night. I flew out to San Antonio for TMEA..met some friends for dinner on the riverwalk until about midnight. Geez...I know. But, I got back to my hotel, and let me tell you...I walked in, stopped, stared and realized that I was about to go to bed on a pillow top matress, with a down comforter and european pillows. I got in it, and was in heaven for the next 8 hours. I was in heaven!!!! So, proceeded to the conference from about 9-3 and then my friend Natalie and I layed out at the pool and and took a nap. Might I add, it was 85 degrees on Thursday. So wonderful! Then I went shopping....
After shopping I was so tired so I went back to the room. I decided to order room service and watch tv for the rest of the night. haha..and that's just what I did! It was so nice to do nothing and just chillax as my kids would say. That's chill and rexax combined. :)
So, Friday, it was FREEZING in San Antonio. I woke up late, ate breakfast with Natalie and then off to the conference for a couple of hours. Then I went lunch with Andrea and Ashlynn! I love that little girl....she is sooo stinking precious. Then I went back to the hotel aroudn 2 and took my time for 3 hours getting ready. I was then off to the airport at 5.....
My friend Grant picked me up from the aiport and we went out to Denton for dinner and then to watch some friends play in a band...followed by coffee with them until 2 in the morning.
Late night and then early morning.
I woke up at 7 to check the roads...they were bad, so I ended up hitching a ride with Leigh Ann and Jason to Abilene. It took us 4 hours..ughghgh. I got there at 2 just in time to get my haircut. I looooove my haircut lady with all my heart!!!
Then off to dinner at Rosa's with the friends from college. Might I mention that I was the ONLY single one at dinner. I thought that was funny but embraced it. It doesnt' really bother me....becuase I'm in no hurry to be married.
I then proceeded over to ACU hoping to scrounge me up a ticket. IT pays to know people at ACU...because, I got a ticket on the front row in section F...right next to my sister. Nice......
I then thought it would be cool to go up on stage and sing at the end. Sara and Christine...that was corny but fun!! I felt like a dork.
I'm not going to blog about hte scoring business becuase I'm sure everyone else will...

So, Sunday was Leigh Ann's shower at my parents house. It was good to chit chat with people that I hadn't seen in a while. Leigh Ann opened up gifts for 2 straight hours. Can you imagine how many gifts were there! It was awesome!!!! So, then back to Dallas with my sister....roads were not bad thank the Lord.....

SO, there was my weekend...and here I am today NOT wanting to be here..oh well...press on. U.I.L. is coming in 3 weeks so I'll be a crazy stinking woman!! Good Monday everyone.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's was great! I spent it with Rachel, Craig, Miriam, Natasha, Jeremy and Grant. I decided that I would cook dinner for everyone....
Menu consisted of Baked Ziti, Salad with strawberries, bluberries, raspberries, feta cheese, walnuts, cucumbers and balsamic vinagrete dressing. YUM...garlic bread and of course my mom's emphamis recipe of banana pudding.
It was all a hit. Everyone was full and sleepy after it was over.
We sat at the dinner table..pretty much all of us entertaining Grant since it was the first time he had hung out with our group. He got initiated in last night..hahaa..He didn't stop laughing at us. I apologized every 5 minutes about our loudness. He said he embraced it. He's one that sits back and just takes it all in. We need more of those..we had 6 already dominating conversation with jokes, stories..etc...

Craig, Rachel's boyfriend wrote her like 10 Valentine's cards all from different actors and actresses. He wrote pretending to be them. I read them all outloud and he had the whole table in tears! :) Good times, good people.

So, flying out this evening and won't be returning to the blog world until Monday. I know you're all sad..don't cry..dry your eyes....bye!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

HVD everyone!!!

HVD! That stands for Happy Valentine's Day if you didn't know. It kinda looks like something else...hahaa...
It's been a good day! Lots of treats from the kids..lots of sweet notes from the kids! I love hershey's kisses with caramel and peanut butter in the middle.

Well, I'm speechless today..soo...nothing interesting for you guys...and i'm sorry! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Glad it's Monday..

Actually, oddly enough, I'm pretty glad it's Monday for several reasons...
But first, I'll start with me waking up late this morning.
I rolled over and looked at the clock and it said 7:41am. I just kind of sat there to take it all in, and was like, well shoot. So, I didn't bail out of bed or anything...I ever so calmly grabbed my phone and called the school. I ended up talking to my PDAS supervisor who is the 8th grade vice principal. When she answered I was like, "Melissa, hi this is Molly (insert laughing). She said, "Hey Molly..."
Then I said, "(insert laughing)...I woke up late, but I don't have a first period so no worries...insert laughing." Then she said, "I find it interesting that you are laughing this early on a Monday morning." I was like yea, me too...so she told me to take my time and have fun.
So, I'm not tired seeing that I got an extra hour and forty minutes of sleep this morning. Thank you Jesus for sleep and 1st period off.

I do have a headache..probably because I didn't get my coffee IV at the appropriate time this morning. haha..

So, first reason I'm excited that it's Monday.
I only have to work 3 days this week. I'm flying out to San Antonio on Wednesday night for TMEA. Or better known as the Texas Music Educator's Association Convention. So, Thursday and Friday NO SCHOOL. I should be freaking out about that seeing that UIL is around the corner...but every other choir director will be there freaking out with me that we're missing rehearsals. Oh well, no worries.
THen I fly back into Dallas on Friday evening. I then get in my car Saturday morning to drive to Abilene in time to get my hair cut at 10. THen I'm going to Sing Song Saturday night followed by a shower hosted at my house for Leigh Ann on Sunday. It should be a fun filled 5 days. Anything to not be at school.

Next reason I'm excited that it's Monday...I'm going to get a manicure and pedicure after school! The last one I had was in September. I was suprised with a check that my roommate found in a purse that she was supposed to give me in AUGUST for singing in a wedding. It was 100 dollars!!! So, what will I do with it? Blow it of course! :)

Third reason I'm excited, well..not to divulge to much info becuase I'm sure I'll get asked about it by 13 people via telephone this afternoon, but my friend is getting back from his cruise today....if you know me, you already know that so no need to expound.

So, that's why I'm excited it's Monday. I hope to be gettin my camera back today. Otherwise the Canon Factory is going to receive a nasty phone call from me later today. Kidding...kind of. :)
Have a good Monday all!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brittney, this post is dedicated to you today for being such a faithful reader of my ridiculous blog!! I love you and am so excited that you are my friend. Unbelievable that we have been the best of friends for 14 years! Can you believe that 14 years ago we were in the 6th grade. Unbelievable! I love you and hope you are having a wondermous day my friend!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Here is Chandler Number 2. This is Reid. He was born in November. It wasn't as big of deal this time for us to be there for the birth. But, I did get to go up there the day after and hold him for about an hour. He's so completely opposite of Audrey. He has the BIGGEST blue eyes..thanks to his mom...This isn't the best picture of me...but just tune me out. He is most of the time a very laid back and happy baby. I got to babysit in the 5 oclock service on Sunday and just loved it so much. Now, not so much the projectle spit up...but holding him is soooo fun! I love love love him and he's not even mine. Although I will claim him as my own. Matt and Lauren have been amazing people in my life. They are my family and I consider their kids my own. I love that they trust me enough with them.
So, that's all I have today.
I'm doped up on steriod shots. I have had bad allergies this week, so I decided to be proactive and go to the doctor. I walked in and said, "can I have 2 steriod shots please." He checked me out and said, "I like patients like you." Thanks to my mom!
Although, Sarah his home sick today and was home Monday. Sucks..hope you feel better soon. FYI, maybe you should post a new blog while you're home napping. :)

Oh, and I finally got evaluated today...and saw a huge chick fight in the hall.  Posted by Picasa


Audrey Chandler. I love this kid. She turned 3 on Monday.. She is the first kid that I have watched grow up...from day one of her life to year 3. I remember going with Miriam to the hospital after Lauren called us to tell us she was in labor. It was looking like it would be a while so Miriam and I went to subway for a little lunch. Well, an hour later when we got back, there was Audrey!!!! We were laughing so hard! I got to hold her 30 minutes after she was born while Lauren at lunch...which cracked me up anyways. It's fun to have a kid in your life that actually remembers you by name every single Sunday and will run up to you and give you a hug!! Man, how times flies. That outfit she has on (Dora the Explorer little fun sparkly dress) was her favorite gift. Although she got 8000 other things. We also packed that boa in a little suitcase. She loves to play dress-up. It was a hit! Kids stuff is expensive!! Man! So, just a little tribute to the babies in my life that I love.....enjoy.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

nothing new...

1. TbarM Christian Camps counselor
2. McKay's bakery!!(I passed the cake decorating test.)
3. Boys dorm desk worker
4. Choir Teacher

1. Pretty Woman
2. Dirty Dancing
3. Troop Beverly Hills
4. The American President..thanks to my mom.

1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
2. Gift Wrapped By God
3. The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers
4. The Bible

1. Abilene
2. Keller
3. Las Colinas
4. Dallas....yes yes most all in the metroplex

1. American Idol
2. America's Next Top Model
4. Entertainment Tonight

1. New York
2. Boston
3. London
4. Austria

1. Blogs Blogs Blogs
2. www.myspace.com/moppyca
3. www.yahoo.com
4. www.irvingisd.net

1. Chips and Hot Sauce
2. Cookies
3. Tortilla Soup

2. New York
4. at Forever 21 Shopping...hahaha

I TAG....Brittney. :)

Monday, February 06, 2006


Got to school today with 3000 things to do on my to do list. Did them all before 9 o'clock.
Got no rest this weekend, but for some reason I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Going to a 3 year old's b-day party tonight. Should be fun times had by all.

So, nothing much to say....many things blog worthy...but no time for the weary.....

10 minutes until school is out. Thank you Lord.

Sorry for the boring post. Expecting my camera back today.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Brooklyn Jazz Club

Brooklyn Jazz Cafe' Posted by Picasa
Well, this place was quite possibly one of the coolest joints I have ever been to.
It's called the Brooklyn Jazz Cafe'. Dallas' best kept secret is located on Lamar street....
Me and 6 other friends walked in....to find we were the only white people there, which made me like the joint even more! I embraced every minute of it! The atmosphere was awesome!!! The people were so nice, and the jazz music was unreal!
So, thanks to Jazz music!! I was a happy girl when I went to bed.

Not looking forward to the weekend...well there's one thing I'm looking forward to, but I choose not to disclose that on blog. :)
Hope everyone has a tremendous weekend. Think about me, I'll be working.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh me..

Oh my...
Another blog with not much else to say......
I guess I could be Thankful that it's Thursday for one reason....I get to eat dinner with Brittney tonight! Praying for NO TRAFFIC>!

I was supposed to be evaluated by my principal today. We set up the time and everything...and well she didn't show. That's such a let down. I got myself all worked up...came up with an incredible rehearsal jam packed full of stuff..and well..she didn't show. Ughg....I don't get it. They give you a window, then fortunately ask you a specific day or class period. I suggest one..thinking they will come..ugh. So, my poor students are going to have to endure another lesson just like today. Oh well, maybe we'll all perfect it next time.

I think it's fun to make kids write rules in my class. I have two students as we speak in my advisory class writing, "I WILL RESPECT MS. CARRIGAN'S RULES" 200 times. Nice....then as soon as they give it to me, I throw it away. Great tactic I'll say. Serves em' right for being disrespectful little turkeys. :)

I haven't gotten to work out this week and that frustrates me to. Unless I wanted to workout at 6 in the am or at 10pm at night. No thanks, I need my sleep.

Well, since I'm boring myself....I'll go now...ta ta.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the camera...

Well, I got the confirmation email from Canon. It is going to cost me 120 dollars to get my new ElphSD450 fixed. The LCD screen was jacked up! So, I guess it's worth it. So, beware folks in 7 business days "she" will be back in business with new pictures! Yea!!!!

So, it'sHUMP day. I'm sitting in 4th period with 3 kids. Why? The rest of them are on a field trip. Why is the days that we really need to get the ball rolling on our music there is a field trip. So, what am I doing in this spare free time? Blogging. Yes, Blogging.

Last night I went to bed at 8:45pm. No lie...but I awoke to the slamming and banging of my roommate...I don't think she realized I was home and asleep. So, really didn't fall asleep until 10:30. But, the idea of being in bed that early was grand. I needed it so much. I hit a wall yesterday about noon and thought my body was getting sick. But, mind over matter folks!
I spent the evening at Highland Park Middle School. Man, I love that area....my friend Tara is the choir director there...she just got engaged. So, while everyone else was working...and by the way...we were supposed to be....I was listening to her exciting story. I then got stuck in a room with about 200 girls turning pages for the piano player. Intense job let me tell you. We have Region Choir clinic this Friday and Saturday. I wish I had wireless...boy would that be nice..then I could play on my computer all day. Probably a good thing I don't...so I can catch up on my reading and SLEEPING! Don't worry, I'm going to bring my pillow and blanket to Waxahachie...what a horrible place. Never fear, it is the Fast Food Mecca of the world...

So, tonight is my last night to lead my high school girl's life group. After some hard prayer and guidance from others, I decided to hand the leadership to my two college girls Lauren and Katherine. After the leadership retreat this weekend,I realized I was being disobedient. It's so hard to say no sometimes to something you want to do but just can't. It's not fair to those leaders who will give the time and prayer and energy to devote their time and their heart to 20 high school girls. I realized that geographically it's impossible for me to be involved in their lives. I live 35 minutes away from them. In rush hour traffic it takes me over an hour. So, it's only fair.....I was frustrated. But, I have every confidence in the world that these two AHHHMAZING girls will lead them with amazing selflessness.

Anyways, so, no real news. Just busy as can be. This weekend is Region choir then singing at church on Sunday. I have to be there at 630am. So, that means no sleeping in on Saturday or Sunday. Wow. Then a week from today I fly to San Antonio for the Texas Music Educator's conference. And, believe you me I will be catching up on my sleep! It will be a good trip. I tend to get overwhelmed at these conventions but I'm thankful for the time away during the busy season...and knowing that every other choir director is there too makes me feel much better. I fly back on Saturday around noon just in time to celebrate the weekend. Then, off to Abilene for Sing Song and Leigh Ann's shower the next weekend....followed by the Cowtown 10K on the 25th. Geez, what was I thinking for real!

So, breathe today people...breathe. I said that yesterday.

Pray for a miracle for Baby Ira. I'm get so frustrated reading that blog. Ugh.