Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7 months old....and other rants.

Say it ain't so! Titus is 7 months old today. Whew! 7 months old seems soooo much older than 6!

A few things about my 7 month old.

*This stage is really fun. Titus is still sleeping around 12 hours, however, we had a little setback going to Abilene for 4 days. Peter and I slept in the same room with him, and he knew it. On the last night, Peter had already gone back to Abilene, and Titus refused to sleep anywhere but on me. He's a snuggle bunny, but I was frustrated and tired. We were so ready to get back to our own beds. It didn't take him long (one night) to get back to his routine. Although, I still had to let him cry it out for 45 minutes to take his morning nap today. Little sucker head. :)

*Titus is very aware of his surroundings and who is in the room. Whether it be his dog, his momma, or his daddy, he will turn his head ALL the way around to see who it is. He had an especially good time hanging out with 3 dogs at my parents house this weekend. He thought they were hilarious!

*This little boy probably weighs close to 19 lbs by now. Our friend Jamie let us borrow her son's walker and he is ALL OVER THE PLACE in that thing. He gets so excited and it is hilarious to watch. He really figured it out the past few days. Since it has been so beautiful outside, he'll just make circles on the back porch. He likes to go really fast and run into things and laugh. It's priceless. We love to watch him do this! He may walk before he crawls!

*Speaking of crawling, he's still just rocking back and forth. When he's on my bed, he'll scoot backwards. Makes me nervous that he'll just scoot right off that bed...I know it'll just happen one of these day and it will catch me off guard. Peter and I have discussed baby proofing, but have yet to do it. Apparently we are in denial.

*Titus has eaten all of the stage one foods and is creeping into stage two. I think I'm more timid to move on than he is!! He's starting to like fruits now. Bananas are his favorite. However, I gave him an apples/apricot mixture yesterday and he gobbled it up after a few foul faces. We also gave him Baby Mum-Mum's yesterday and he has been attacking them. They make me nervous, but they just dissolve in his mouth. He's doing a great job with them.

*His favorite things are his exersaucer, playing on the floor for hours with his toys, swinging or playing in the walker outside. Praise the Lord for spring. (On a side note, I however, need a breathe right strip at all times. ) :)

In other news, things are going wonderful here at the Abrigg household. Peter is busy at work and working on other people's homes. hahaa. He put in concrete counter tops at our friends house and has been working tirelessly to get them done. Everyone is pretty excited about them. We however, still have several projects to get done around the house. I think the warm weather is making us get the itch. We plan on re-painting the bedroom, finishing the bathroom, finishing the crown molding, etc. I have some cool DIY projects up my sleeve as well. We'll see if I actually get around to them.

Charlie is still a great dog. Her dog hair, however is sending me over the edge. She will be getting a haircut next week. She will no longer look like a lab after that's done. :) I have to vacuum too many times a week. Last week after I had got the suitcases down from the attic, she pretended she was sick. She shivered for close to 24 hours to the point that we took her to the vet. They found NOTHING WRONG with her. I loaded her up in the car to go to Abilene and she was perfectly fine. I guess we know that getting out the suitcases sends her over the edge. Ridiculously dramatic dog. But I love her to pieces. She's currently having a dog dream in her sleep next to me on the couch.

I spent 3 solid days preparing items for a consignment sale a friend from Abilene is having this weekend. It's called My Sister's House. If you are in Abilene this weekend, you should check it out. I have over 200 items in the sale. It completely wore me out! We need new tires and would like to go to family camp. Luckily, this came at the right time....and so did our tax return. Praise the Lord!

In other news, my parents are moving to the Metroplex! Crazy huh!! Pretty soon, our ties in Abilene will be gone. How sad is that!!!! I, for one, have mixed emotions about it. I'm so thankful they are moving here, however, I will miss small town USA. I spent from 1980-2002 there. Wow. Some things I will miss about going back to Abilene include: my parent's house, their hot tub, Perini Ranch, La Popular Bakery, reminiscing about high school & college, The Mall of Abilene (not really), David Avery Salon (Nicole), and many others.....

Last month I attended 2 funerals. One of which, an acquaintance from college, Jenny Bizaillion. Her story is unbelievably sobering and scary. But, her love for the Lord is inspiring and convicting. I had the honor of singing at her funeral with her brother and 2 other guys from ACU. It was, hands down, the hardest thing I have ever done, and I didn't even know her very well. I was so physically and emotionally exhausted by the end of the day, I can only imagine how her family felt.
Another, was a friend from The Village Church. His name was Barry Keldie. His wife Charity and him were 2 people I got to know pretty quick when I first came to the church back in 2002. Barry did everything he could to get me to work youth camp. It was my first year to teach, so that summer, he sent the masses up to my school to help me move furniture and decorate my room. He left behind his wife Charity and his two precious kids. Praying for that family daily. Oh how my heart aches for them....

Life, as we know it, moves on, but my heart is being changed. I'm attending Tuesday night bible study at the church. It's a bible study on James. TOTALLY convicting stuff. This study came at the perfect time in my life. Thank you Lord for truth...

Well, Titus is waking up talking from his nap. So, I should go get him and feed him lunch. Picture post to come. :) I still want a new camera. Until then...cell phone pictures will do. UGHGH.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life with the Little Buddy

Peter often says we need to be more consistent about calling Titus by his real name instead of Little Buddy or Bubba. He says Bubba Abrigg doesn't sound near as good as Titus. Haaa. However, both of us are guilty. It just flows off the tongue alot easier. :)

Life with a 6 month old has been so much fun! The days go by alot quicker and we are much more exhausted by the end of the day. Titus loves to play and talk. Peter says he wishes he could be a fly on the wall during the day with the conversations he and I have. :) It's bliss. :)

We had Titus' 6 month well check a few weeks late last week. I didn't feel it necessary to have his shots the week after he was sick with RSV. Last week he weighed 18.15 lbs and was 27.5 inches long! He FEELS that heavy too! He's such a solid little chunk!

He's eating sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, peas, squash and oatmeal. He's not a huge fan of carrots, so we've only given those a few times. He's also tried applesauce as well. For some reason he gags on fruit. Last night we were at Peter's parents house, and we gave him some applesauce. He does this shiver thing and makes this noise when he doesn't like something. We were all cracking up! I was so glad someone else saw it besides me. I'd love to get it on camera. It's a bit dramatic.

Titus also decided that he would get ALL FOUR of his top teeth in at once last week. :) I really didn't have any idea he was teething this time around until I looked in his mouth. There was definition where each tooth was about to come down! And, sure enough, they all decided to pop through. I was pretty proud of how he acted. He was rarely upset! I did give him Tylenol every once in a while to keep his spirits up. :) I'm a bit afraid of this little boy with 6 teeth!!! He's such an overachiever.

Thanks to spring forward, Titus has decided to go ahead and sleep 12 straight hours! Weird, but heavenly! I dropped his 10 o'clock feeding and I guess I dropped the 5 am feeding too!! My body was feeling it, so hopefully I'll get used to it if he keeps this up!

Titus is still rocking on all fours. He's been doing it for about 2 weeks and I just know he's going to take off at any moment. Life, as we know it will completely change.

We had a blast this weekend "shopping" at Northpark, eating dinner at Chuy's, going to the Arboretum, and playing with his cousins. He basically didn't take nap yesterday and did wonderful!! Thank goodness. :)

I also took Titus to the part last week to swing. Unfortunately, it was so stinking windy, so we didn't get to stay long! We'll head over there this week again. Praise the Lord for beautiful weather.

I'm really trying to soak in every single minute with this precious one. He is my joy and is such the snuggler and momma's boy. It makes my heart leap every time I hold him or rock him to sleep. He will snuggle into my chest and sleep there for hours! I love him so much.

Pictures to come soon.......

Monday, March 01, 2010

6 months IPHONE pics.

this pic cracks me up. look at charlie and his face in the mirror. try hard to ignore his rolls. :)