Wednesday, July 29, 2009

35 weeks!

Brittney and I at my sweet High School girl's shower! It was at Celebration's! Yummy food!!!
Here is our tradition. The pregnant belly is at the front at each girl's showers. One more left! :)
Ladies and belly is huge...along with my thighs, rear, legs, feet, arms, etc. Hhaa, hope you're not distracted.
Titus's room is all finished, except for the amazing letters that Linde made me. Click on the the link to view her website! She's amazing.
Most of his laundry is done! One load is in the dryer now! I still have to put the mattress protector on the bed and then pack our bags. Whoa......
It's going to go by fast!
I'll need one more major house clean before the big day. My sister and I did it together a few weeks ago and my feet were swollen the rest of the day. So, I've decided that I probably shouldn't do that again.
I started Twilight last night. Whoops. I read 100 pages and then my eyes started getting droopy. I told Peter to get used to the lamp being on for the next several weeks. My mom bought me the first two books. So, maybe it will give me something to do while I'm feeding Titus in the middle of the night. I did dream about the characters last night. I have no idea why.
I'll post pics of Titus's room next week! :) Get excited! I LOVE it!!!!!!
The Memorial for Peter's cousin is Friday evening at the Arboretum. Apparently there are upwards of 1600 people going to be there. I'm a little nervous about be honest..36 weeks pregnant, emotions, etc. I don't remember the last time I went to a funeral. Ughghg.
Be praying for all the family. I know we're all eating dinner together tomorrow night and then hanging out again on Saturday. Should be a heavy, exhausting weekend....
Until next time...

Friday, July 24, 2009

heavy heart..

We just learned at 7 am this morning that Peter's first cousin, Shannon, who was 39 passed away suddenly this week. He was at a conference in San Diego and went jogging and for some reason died instantly. Not sure quite yet if it was a heart attack or something involved with his brain. He didn't show up for his conference and wasn't answering his phone, and then one thing led to another and he was found. Shannon and his sweet wife Lindly have kids. Griffin who is 2 and half and Lily who just turned 1 on Saturday. All the family was there to celebrate her 1st birthday.

Peter took the day off from work and is currently napping...beside Charlie. :) There's no place that I'd rather him be right now. We'll be heading over to his aunt's house this afternoon and it will be HARD.

Obviously in the most fragile state possible with a sweet boy on the way, so I was pretty hysterical this morning. I just spoke to her 2 days ago about meeting up next week to play.

Anyways, I have an exciting weekend with Miriam's bach/lingere party tonight and then I have my last baby shower tomorrow evening. There's alot of emotions swirling around.

Went to the doctor this morning....he says I'm still doing great and he sees me delivering before my due date. He will induce on me on my due date if I make it that far. He doesn't believe in going past....PRAISE HIS NAME!

So, pray for Peter's family as this weekend and week will be a rough, emotional one.......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mango Limeade

Yes, I'm currently sitting on the couch next to my dog with a box fan in my face and a mango limeade right beside me. YUM. Everyone needs to try one. They are so refreshing! Of course go during happy hour and get it for a mere 80 something cents.

I'm officially 33 and half weeks. However, I am consistently measuring a week to week and a half ahead. Like I said in the beginning, I knew my due date was a week sooner. :) So, oddly enough, I am almost 9 months pregnant. Oh the myth of actually just being 9 months pregnant. Try 10 people.

Titus' room is coming along!!! We had a little mishap with the crib last week. We got all excited to put it together and it was missing 3 pieces AND was the wrong color. NICE. Unfortunately, we bought it in Abilene. Scratch that, mom bought it in Abilene. Thanks mom. :) She took it back last week and they immediately gave us a new one! We put it together 2 nights ago and had a real live baby sleep in it last night! Our friends, the Lewis's have a 2 week old and a 1 and half year old and their AC went out last. So, we moved the mattress down and the toddler slept perfectly in it all night long! Thanks for testing it out for us! :)

I bought DREFT today, so I'll be washing his bedding tomorrow and then putting it on. Once we get our chair, which is another nightmare, then I'll start posting pictures of the room. I have some things to hang on the wall and buy. But, that's not quite on the priority list right now due to a broken down car. Let me tell you, when it rains it pours. We've been living the simple life this week in our fridge...but it's been fun.

July 4th came and went. I saw 2 movies. The first two movies that I've seen since becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, I have a rib situation, so sitting in a theater is NOT FUN.

My walking partner gave birth a few weeks ago, so I've been slacking. Luckily I only tipped the scale two pounds last week. My legs are always swollen. They currently feel like tree trunks. So, if I tell someone how much I've gained, they don't believe me. A man thought I was going into labor at Walmart in the chip section today. I was rubbing my was killing me. I said don't worry, you can keep shopping. :)

Titus continues to move like crazy. I wonder if he will ever slow down. I asked my doctor if it was a sign of the times to come. He just laughed at me. We get to finally have another sonogram in about 3 weeks. That will be the end of my 36th week. I'm assuming I probably won't see much, however, it will be nice to see him again since the last time was week 19!!

I've done a few art projects here in there, however, Peter is concerned about me and paint. For some reason in the past couple of weeks, I've had this ridiculous urge to sniff paint. Weird, I know. I've not followed through with his so called, "craving," but I wouldn't put it past myself. :) hahaa.

I'm not enjoying the heat, per say. I don't go outside if I don't have too. Last night Peter and I went walking for an hour at IKEA. Ahhaa..I need exercise, but refuse to walk outside, even at night right now.

Well, I guess I can stop rambling. Pictures of Titus' room coming soon and maybe a belly. Who knows...
The belly is not the problem, it's all the other body parts that I'm most embarrassed about. :)

Until next time!!!!