Monday, January 25, 2010

5 months old.

Dear Titus,

You turned 5 months old yesterday. Whoa. As I was leading worship yesterday at church, I couldn't help but think about the blessing you have been to our lives the past 5 months. I thank the Lord for your sweet little life all the time.
At 5 months you have just about started sleeping through the night. We started unsaddling you last weekend and you did really well most of the week. However, we've had a few minor set backs. I'm not sure what's going on, but you haven't slept well the last 3 nights in a row. All week long I would lay you in your crib and you would roll right over on your belly, move around and get comfortable and go right to sleep. I couldn't believe how much you liked sleeping on your tummy! You go to sleep around 7:45ish and most of the time wake up between 5 and 6, eat, and then go back to bed, in our bed with me until 8 or 9. I love that time, and to be honest, will probably always do it until you start sleeping longer in the mornings. I know you're not ready to fully wake up because you usually sleep for 3 more hours.
You love to giggle. It's my joy to watch your daddy walk in the door at night and to see your face LIGHT up and you start giggling! It's just crazy and melts my heart a ton! You started really eating rice cereal a few days ago. I haven't been consistent with it at all up until this weekend. Your dad fed you oatmeal cereal twice yesterday, and you ate EVERY BITE! Your daddy may just be feeding you that every night now! :) I thought I would wait until 6 months to fully feed any anything, however, you got teeth at 3 months and have been ready to eat for a while now.

You have almost mastered sitting up by yourself on the floor. It makes you frustrated when you fall over, but we will keep practicing. I'm scared you're about to start crawling very soon. You lift your arms all the way up like you are ready and stick your butt in the air. It's just crazy!
Your hair is getting lighter and lighter. Your bald spot is totally coming back blonde. Will you be a blonde little boy with blue eyes? Your daddy picked up yesterday and asked you if you were really his child. Your features are totally favoring your momma.

You LOVE Baby Faith and Baby Einstein still. You will crack up and carry on watching it in the evenings when momma cooks dinner. You still love your swing, however, you're getting too big for it. I'll be sad when we have to pack that thing up. I probably should check the weight limit. :)

You still talk ALL of the time. We took you to small group the other night and you were the life of the party. I started feeling bad that we were distracting everyone. You would look at someone and crack up for no reason! It was THE BEST!! I loved that everyone got to see your dramatic personality. And boy are you dramatic! :) When you get mad, you've started throwing your arms up in the air and your head back. It's hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time!. Geez, we have alot to "look forward" too huh. You don't mind your car seat anymore. Praise the Lord. You love being out and about.

You take 3 naps a day. Lately you've taken and hour and a half nap in the morning and afternoon and then about a 30 minute nap between 5 and 6. You play hard and sleep hard during the day. Boy does momma love nap times!

You've started to really take notice of your puppy. Charlie gives you kisses and you just giggle. You will follow her around the room all day long, but she sleeps most of the day so you can't. :)

You still don't mind the church nursery, thank goodness. However, you still have a bit of "stage fright" if other people get in your face and oo and aww over you and make high noises. You will stick that bottom lip out so far and try really hard not to cry. But, big crocodile tears fall. It's funny and sad all at the same time. Bless your sensitive heart.

Titus, you are a joy to your momma and dad. Your personality is getting so fun and I could just snuggle you all day. However, you don't like to snuggle. Maybe one of these days. I wish I could just stop time and have the days go by a bit slower. Before we know it, you'll be going through puberty. Oh Loooorrrd.
I love you Titus Garrett.

P.S. Pictures to come.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cell Phone Pics - Month 4.

Operation UNSWADDLE worked. He loves laying on his side and then eventually on his stomach. He prefers to snuggle the bumper pad.
His new favorite trick. Spitting. ughghggg.

First time riding in the jogging stroller. Thank you Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Scott for letting us borrow it!

Rice cereal = all over face. New trick of spitting = all over mom's face. Nice.

First time to wear shoes. Notice the piece of hair laying on the forhead. He loves to mess his hair up. It's getting taller by the day.

Playing the piano with my feet. Thanks again Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Scott for letting us borrow this!

Combovers are cute.

First time to hang out in high chair. This is his chair of choice.

Combovers and cheeks.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Behind. 4 months

UPDATE: Titus almost slept through the night last night with NO SWADDLE! Praise His Name. He's such a good boy. Pictures still to come. :)

I'm a terrible mom. Christmas went by so stinking fast, and both Peter and I had terrible colds, that we didn't take harldy any pictures. Luckily my parents and Peter's parents both did. Maybe they will pass them on so I can remember Titus' first Christmas. I mean, I didn't even get his first snow picture, not to mention his first picture with Santa. I had mixed feelings about that.

Titus turned 4 months on Christmas Eve. I couldn't believe how fast it came from 3 months! I guess it's because he turned 3 months on Thanksgiving.

-He weighs 16 lbs 6 oz and is 26 inches long as of January 4th.

-He has really bad excema, but we're keeping it pretty clear with Cortizone and Aquaphor. He's always greasy, including his hair. Poor kid.

-Speaking of hair, we've started combing his hair to the side. He is so cute, however, Peter says he looks like Hitler because it's so long and he has a bald section all the way around his head. It's long at the bottom. Lord help me if he gets any longer, then he'll have a mullet. :)

-He still has just 2 bottom teeth. You got those the day after you turned 3 months. I couldn't believe how fast it happened. Your doctor says that is very advanced, and in his 7 years of practice, he's never seen a kid his age with teeth. Luckily his aunts and uncles on Peter's side got teeth very early. So, he gets that advancement from his dad. :)

-He's quite the drama king. His personality is TRUELY shining through these days. He screams on a consistent basis. Not a mad scream, that's just how he expresses himself. This causes a problem in public, because he gets pretty excited if he's out of his carrier and just sitting in his stroller. It's pretty hilarious.

-He's grabbing all toys and putting them directly into his mouth.

-He finally rolled from his back to his tummy a few weeks ago and everytime we lay him on the floor he rolls and rolls. Back and forth. Sometimes he forgets how to get back on to his back and gets mad. But, then he'll figure it out.

-He is still swaddled at night. He CANNOT sleep without it. Lord help me the day we have to take it off. After we swaddle him we lay him on his side in his positioner and he stays like that the whole time.

-He still isn't fully sleeping through the night. Once a week he does it. Consistency isn't happening yet. I praise the Lord when he does. We've started letting him cry at night this week. The max he's gone is about 12 minutes. He's tired of enough that he goes to sleep. This week he's started waking up around 2:30 talking to himself. He just talks himself right back to sleep. Maybe I drink to much caffiene.

-He can sit up for about 15-30 seconds, but he's so active that he usually falls over and rolls.

-My mom got him a high chair for Christmas, and you would think he was king of the earth! He feels so big. When we eat, we set him in it and he STARES a HOLE in our food! I think he's ready for real food.

-We started playing around with rice cereal. It's not his favorite. I think I'll probably try putting some pear juice or something in it. I haven't been too serious about giving it to him. I read several places that it doesn't have much nutritional value, so, we're just sticking to breastmilk. I'll give him rice cereal about every other day.

-He is still eating every 3 hours during the day and can for the most part go 9 hours at night.

-He is still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but in some brands, 6-9 months. Lord help me he's growing to fast!

-He thinks everything is very funny. He must have gotten that from his momma. Haaa. He especially thinks it's funny when I take him out of his carrier when he's been in there for a long time.

-Peter won a portable DVD player at his old job and saved our life this month. We took a trip to Houston and Abilene and he LOVES Baby Faith and Baby Einsten. If I know I'm going to be driving all over the place, it goes on repeat. :)

-He STOPPED taking a bottle in December. He refuses. We went on an anniversary day date in the middle of December, and that's the day he decided to stop. He went 8 hours without eating. You can imagine my horror all day long. Poor Peter....he was trying to be understanding, but he was just as frustrated as I was.

-STill only has 2 teeth..but THEY HURT!

-He has started getting scared when other people hold him in a crazy place or if people get in his face and tell him how cute he is all at once. He'll stick his bottom lip out and cry. It's ridiculous. We've had several "talks" about this. ;)
Luckily he hasn't gotten upset in the church nursery.

Dear Titus,

You are our joy. You constantly make us laugh. You are learning something new everyday and are blowing us away!!! Your doctor says you are on the fast track to everything. He calls you "very advanced" for your age. Now, let's just sleep like we're a big boy too! Okay!??
We can't wait to see what your personality will be like even more. I think we pretty much have you pegged. Loud, dramatic, laughs at everything...Praise the Lord for a fun kid! :) You'll be 5 months old in less than a week. How can this be true! Thank you for the privelege of being your mom and dad. I love you SO VERY MUCH.

Mom and Dad.

Pictures coming on the next post...