Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things to love in April

Watching Mickey while resting on Charlie....
Sharing lunches and dinners with this boy. He eats breakfast in the high chair while watching Mickey...
The library with our best friends Jacob and Natasha...
Waiting on friends for play dates in play clothes......he's ready to dust or something?
The zoo with grandaddy wore him out...
Superhero birthday parties for friends...
Curly haired Chick a Lay dates....that's what Titus calls it.
Eating like a big kid.
Singing in the Passion choir in Ft. Worth! WOW....

And much more..I don't have any pics of Peter and I! Isn't that always the case? Geez. I'll try to be better at this.

We have had a great April so far. Busy!! Mostly me I guess. I've been working part times for a company in Dallas who does wedding and events. It's tiring, but fun! I've also had the opportunity to sing in a few wedding as well. Thank the Lord for the extra moolah...all the while, using the gifts he gave me. We managed to throw in a garage sale too! I'm thankful Peter has kept Titus on the weekends alone while I did all of this crazy stuff. Haa! We have pretty slow, low key weeks. I love that. Then we hit the ground running on the weekends.

Titus is "growing" like a weed. Sort of. :) He was in the 25% for weight coming in just under 25 lbs. He was in the 50% for height. He's very busy and I think Rota virus set him back in the weight department. He weighed 25lbs at his 15 month appointment and managed to lose a few ounces by his 18 month appointment. He also had a throat infection in March that caused him not to want much to eat. Other than those to illnesses, he eats like a champ! He normally eats whatever I put in front of him, thankfully! The Dr said he didn't look underweight at all! I guess he's just going to be short like his momma.

He is saying just about everything. Every once in a while words slur together and I'm like, huh? Haa. He's currently obsessed with counting pairs of things. I gave him a cracker at the Dr. the other day and he looked at me and said, "2 crackers please?" She just laughed. He will point at the objects and say "1, 2...5, 6." I'm not sure where 3 and 4 or but it's hilarious nonetheless.

He has started having nightmares lately. I spent the night at my parents on Saturday night after a wedding because it was closest to drive at 1 in the morning. Peter said he woke up screaming 4 times! I felt so bad for Peter, because he rarely does that! We were all 3 beat on Sunday! He is such a snuggler and a lover though! This causes problems during the day, because he would be content sitting in my lap holding my hand all day long. He consistently walks up to me and says, "Momma, hug?" I always accept. :) He has said I love you to me once. I just about melted me into a MILLION pieces.

He's doing better in the social department. It always takes him a few minutes to warm up to alot of kids at once....and even to his best friend Jacob if he hasn't seen him in a week. It's pretty funny.

At night when you rock him, if you aren't singing, he will start Jesus loves me or Twinkle, Twinkle. It's hilarious.

He currently says , "Ohhh Lord," all the time. Guess who's fault that is? Mine. The other night he was running around naked outside. He stopped to pick up a piece of chalk and squatted down. He started to pee, looked down and said, "Ohhh Lord!" We laughed forever about that one. Whoops.

He is OBSESSED with Mickey. I have to limit him to morning only Mickey TV time. He'd watch it all day if I'd let him. He will pick up the TV changer and say, "Minniedaisy or Mickey?"

One day we'll take him to Disney World. But, I think we'd all be overwhelmed at this point.

We're extremely excited about our vacation to Destin this summer with friends. I can hardly contain myself for the 1st week in July! Goodness!!!!

He is loving the park this month. He isn't afraid to go down ANY slide! This makes me nervous, because he just takes off and I'm at the top of the play thing!!

Anyways, we're debating about Mother's Day Out for the fall. I have mixed emotions about it because he doesn't go to school till he's 6! Stinking August birthday! I just feel alot of pressure to do it, however, I feel like once you start school, you don't stop! Any thoughts on this mommas?

Well, I guess I'll end this post. It's all about Titus anyways. I hope you weren't bored. :)