Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Peter and I traveled to Austin this weekend for his brother Kelly’s wedding. We both took Friday off. I love Friday’s, especially when Peter is off too! We woke up around 8 and decided we needed to exercise. There is a park near our apartment with several walking trails. I was especially excited about seeing all of the dogs. It was overcast outside and so it was our run was very pleasant. We ran by the man-made mini lakes and basically were in the backyards of many of the park neighbors. We ran a good 2 miles. It felt so good! Then we went back to the apartment. Peter cooked us a hearty breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs and toast. I made some coffee. It was delicious! There is something about working out and then drinking coffee! It is so relaxing. A quick story about the eggs Peter made. I guess he was trying to be creative or something, but he decide to put cinnamon and garlic salt and pepper in the eggs. I smelt the aroma immediately and was not impressed. Hahaha. It stunk! We joked about it and I still ate it! We did some packing, showered, and were off to Austin by 11:30am. The drive is so easy from Dallas to Austin. I don’t know why we don’t go more often. We stayed with Matthew and Laura and Baby C. We didn’t get to see them much, but when we did, it was such a sweet time. We got to their house and quickly changed clothes. We didn’t want to be in the Austin traffic! So, went to the hotel where the majority of the Abrigg family was staying. It’s always good to see the nieces and nephews. They love their Uncle Peter! This particular trip, Henslee, our niece to a liking to me! She is 2 and a half! I was very excited that she wanted to be with her aunt Molly. Henslee is expecting a sister in early August! I am pumped about this!
The whole gang traveled over to Kelly’s house where we were to have dinner with Audrey’s family. We had some incredible pizza and wine. I held Audrey’s 4 month old nephew most of the time.  I know I know….I’m a sucker for holding babies!
We were beat around 9:30 so we decided to head back to Laura and Matthew’s. I fell asleep on the couch watching Friends. They woke up around 12 just in time to hit the hay!
Saturday morning was also a very relaxing morning for Peter and I. We woke up at 8 again and decided to exercise AGAIN! Who are we? We went into downtown Austin and ran a trail around Town Lake. It was beautiful and packed with other exercisers. hahah.
We ate some Einstein’s bagels afterward. Something happened to my knee during out exercise. I guess I am having issues again, but it was terribly painful to walk down stairs. Weird. I took some Advil and we were on our way. We found some of Peter’s family at the Children’s Museum of Austin while were downtown. We were of course to cool to pay to get it in. So, we walked around downtown. Around 1ish we headed to the outlet malls in Round Rock. I got a skirt for 15 dollars and Peter got some pants for 20. We were proud. Boy was I tired! But, no rest for the weary! We quickly showered back at the house and got ready for the wedding. The wedding was at Mayfield Gardens (see pictures). It was beautiful. There were several peacocks everywhere who decided to talk to us the whole time! It was crazy! Audrey was beautiful and Kelly was crying. It was the most precious sight ever! We met some very interesting Austinites. ;) Most of them were pretty drunk which made the evening even more interesting. I myself had to much wine, which made me just want to lay my head on the table and to go sleep. Of course there are no pictures on my camera of Peter and I together, so I will ask Peter’s dad for some. I know he took several.  Here are a few more from the wedding.
Sunday morning we got up early again and met Peter’s family for brunch at 10. We went to Z Tejas on 6th street in Austin. What a great restaurant. Around noon we headed back to Dallas. Overall, we had a great trip! It’s always good to get away. We finished off the weekend with church and dinner with Rachel, Craig, Natasha, Thomas, Dave and his new girlfriend of which I cannot remember her name! SHOOOT!. I love my friends.

I had the pleasure of spending the day at the hospital for the birth of Quinn Davis Poe!! He was born at 2:52pm and weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 19 inches long! He is beautiful! See pics below! Brittney did an incredible job!!! Babies, babies and more babies!!! AHHHH!!!!

Quinn Davis Poe! He opened his eyes for me!! So pretty. This picture does nont do him justice!

PEACOCKS!!! They were so loud, but so pretty!!!!

Gaige and Henslee and Ashlee....before the wedding

Audrey and Kelly.....

Audrey and Kellyl and some of the wedding party. The girl's dress on the far right was my favorite!

My hottt husband! Isn't he sweet!

I'm a dork....thanks Leigh Ann for letting me borrow your dress. It's at the cleaners before I hand it back over! boobhoooo. Henslee told me I was wearing a pretty bra.

Give away boxes and recipe with Audrey and Kelly's pic on the front.

Peter climbing a tree trying to get the lights down. Seems about right that he was climbing a tree. :)

Peter with Peyton's security blanket, or pig for that matter.

Me in mid sentence.....dork again. Peter says it looks like I'm sneezing. By the way, I passed the questions at the allergist today. I'm getting tested for allergies some time in the next few weeks. I guess that means I'm getting stuck. WOOHOO!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I don't really to many exciting things to share as of late.

Friday night we had Rachel and Craig over for dinner. I served pot roast, mashed potatoes, cream cheese corn, green beans and sister schubert dinner rolls. (side note: if you have never tried sister schubert, you should. she is amazing. you can find her in the frozen foods section usually by the waffles and such.)
We had strawberry shortcake for dinner. I was going to cook the real homeade shortcake, but ran out of time and energy, so angel food cake did the trick. Good thing it was fat-free huh. :)

Saturday Peter took a 4 hour nap and I was at church from 3-8:30. What a powerful sermon. I tell you, I've been on my knees daily. The Lord is teaching me alot how to intercede for people through prayer. He has taught me how to really hurt over my sin! Needless to say, my heart broke for myself and others alot this weekend.

Sunday afternoon Peter and I went to the Southlake Town Center to meet his sister and her family. I can't go there anymore. There are too many stores that I would lik to buy things in. Ughghg...so, I shopped vicariously through Ashlee picking out stuff for her soon to be 2 girls. ;) Her little girl Henslee and I played alot while mom shopped. Henslee is going to have a baby sister soon. Her name is going to be Layla Grace Owene Hickman. Beautiful I think.

Hopefully today Peter and I will finish our taxes. That will be exciting! :) Right. But, of course it will be exciting when we get our refund checks!!!

Friday we head to Peter's brother's wedding in Austin! It will be a fun time with family. We get to stay with Laura and Matthew although we probably won't see them much! That will stink.

I went and visited my friend Christine today at the hospital. You can read her blog at christinepinson.blogspot.com.
You can click on her mom's blog from her page to read a more recent update.
She has had alot of unfortunate health issues as of late. She is 20 weeks along with her second child. She has been pretty sick most of the time, and in and out of the hospital 3 different times. When she is home, she has a home health nurse. She has a pic line that she inserts phinergran and other nausea medicine. When she starts vomiting she can't stop which leads to a long hospital stay to keep her fed and hydrated for the baby's sake. It has a very strong heartbeat right now.
Regardless, she is in alot of pain and is just very sick. Pray that the rest of the pregnancy is effortless. My heart hurts for her.
We had a good time chit chatting....I love Christine.

Well, I have nothing else ot importance to say. See you next week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This Weekend

Peter and I decided it would be fun to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo this past weekend followed by a trip to Joe T. Garcia's for a late lunch/early dinner!
The zoo was packed! We had to park on the grass, which might have been the culprit for my horrible allergy attack I would have IN the zoo later on! We paid our normal 11 dollars a piece and were on our marry way.
The first thing we saw was this......

The sweet little monkey's. I couldn't get very good pictures but here some that I did get!

I don't know if you can tell but.....this baby is nursing on it's momma's very saggy breast. It was pretty funny watching! I guess he kept biting it's momma and she would pop him on the head! It was hilarious! I couldn't get a good picture of the father, but he was H U G E!!!!!!! It almost scared me.

Here's the best picture I could get of the dad....take a gander!!!

Peter staring at the huge gorilla!! He was pretty enthrolled!

Here we are enjoying the day!! I hate asking people to take pictures for us, so we just did it ourselves!

This monkey had a colorful bottom! How weird is that!!?!??




BEARS...I mean sleeping bears...oh my!

Peter...enjoying his pickle...meanwhile I'm sneezing my HEAD OFF!!!!!!!

We saw several other animals, but of course I won't bore you with ALL of them! We left and headed to Walgreens so that I could take these.....

Benadryl Allergy Strips!!!

THey didn't kick in as quickly as I would have liked...so I decided to take 2, even though I knew it would knock me out quicker than you can imagine. I enjoyed my Joe T's and quickly started fading. We got in the car about 4:30ish and I was OUT like a light. Peter had to wake me up when we got back to Lewisville. I staggered up the stairs and got straight into bed. I woke up at 8 because my phone was ringing, and then quickly fell back asleep until 8 Sunday morning! This is the 3rd time that this has happened in a few months so yesterday I decided to call the allergist! I am going to fight!!! So, on March 27th, I will hopefully be tested and be given some sort of weekly shot!

Sunday morning we experienced this after church!

Peter and I shared these pancakes. On the menu they were called "A Short Stack," but in person, Holy Cow!!!!! I think everyone needs to stop by Ham N' Eggs on 3040 in Lewisville. The biscuits are actually the size of my head! Some of the boys at the table were spouting off probable bra sizes that the biscuits could have fit in....funny.

So, that was our weekend. I'm on Spring Break right now from subbing. I'm also looking for a more permanent job, so if anyone has any ideas feel free to send them my way!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Glad this week is over....

Well, I had an extremely busy week!!! It was an extremely emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally tiring week! I can say that for sure! Last weekend I led worship with Michael at all 6 services. That in itself can wear one out! Then Monday, I had a horrible allergy attack. So, my day was spent full of Benadryl. That evening I went to the first of 4 days of tryouts at church. I was there 4 and half hours that night. Tuesday, I substitute taught and then had tryouts that evening from 5 until 10:30pm. Peter was asleep both Monday and Tuesday night when I got home. Wednesday morning Peter left for Houston for a conference. I could barely look at him because I knew I wouldn't see him again until Saturday evening. I cried. I know I know...pathetic, but it was our first time apart. I was sad all stinking day long! Wednesday I subbed again and then had auditions for 2 hours. Not so bad. I went home at around 8 and decided to start packing for my trip to Abilene. I went to bed around 10. Well, I tried to go to bed....I sat trying to sleep for several hours, but thanks to my neighbors it was impossible. I have no idea what they were doing, but I called security. Thankfully around 1:30am it stopped. I had to get up at 7 in order get my stuff together and be at church around 8:30am. I left church at 1 and drove straight to Abilene. Here's what I did in Abilene.......

Chopped my hair off. 5.5 inches to be exact. :) I didn't get a before and after picture although I should have.

My hair in December. It was pretty long!!!

Brittney Poe and Baby Quinn's baby shower. I actually look pregnant myself bending over like that. I'm not. Hhaha..

Thompson, Sarah, Brittney and me with my sassy new cut. :) This is my mom's dining room. She worked her hiney off getting the house cleaned for the shower.

A new tradition that we started. We have an old tradition with each one of our weddings, and now we're starting a new one with pregnant tummies. :) The pregnant one of course stands in front.

Our hard work. This is a plaque that Sarah purchased for Brittney. We used it as our theme. We did kind of an antique them. We used black, white and blues. We used toile napkins but you can't see them. I didn't really take a picture of the whole table. I got really artsy fartsy with my camera I guess.

And this is Audrey....my soon to be sister-in-law. She is marrying Peter's brother Kelly on March 24th in Austin. We had a surprise brunch this morning over at Peter's Aunt and Uncle's house. It was a garden theme. They have an incredible backyard with lots of plants. So, on their registry, there were lots of plants. :) I opted for Fiesta Ware. It seemed to be the safest.

I'm glad the week is over. I'm nursing Peter back to health right now. He's running a fever and has a sore throat. Not very exciting after being away from him for almost a week. I made tortilla soup tonight and now we are watching Babel...so far a really cool movie. We watched "The Great Raid" earlier today. It was cool too......
Peter HAS to get well, because we have tickets to see Justin Timberlake in concert tomorrow night. Don't judge us. :)