Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 weeks!

Well, 22 weeks in my head, but I'll abide by what the doctor says! Sorry for the crappy picture. I've come to the harsh realization that I can't wear some of my regular shirts anymore. :) Don't worry, I didn't leave the house like this! I bought my skirt from old navy too big, because I knew I'd grow. Right now it falls down and shows things it shouldn't. Aheem...

I'll get cutesied up one day and show you a better picture. What, you don't like the cut off mirror pic? By the way, that orange mirror will go in Little Boy's room. I will not give away what his room will look like until it is completely done. I ordered his bedding today! And, no, it's not being made. I bought it. I know some of you can't believe it! It won't be a girly little boy room. It's very modern and I LOVE IT!!!!

A preview of his cleaned out room. I cleaned it out last week. :) The furniture has been bought, THANKS MOM!!! Oddly enough we got it at Kid's Village in Abilene over Easter weekend!!! We LOVE IT! We got a crib and a dresser/changing table. My sister gave me this armoir. It will be perfect. It's a distressed white, although I really want to paint it a bright color...REALLY BAD!

By the way, I played that keyboard for the first time in about 10 months today. It was SOOO refreshing. But, I'm a little rusty. It will have to be moved soon. As a matter of fact, I had to dust it big time before putting my hands on it!

Last week we went with Peter and the Ohio Abrigg's to downtown Ft. Worth. We got to see the Longhorns run through the streets and eat a fantastic lunch at Joe T's. This obviously is a random picture.
Well, maybe they were walking through the streets. :)

Here's a picture of mostly finished front sitting room. Our dining area and this area is one big long room. I'm really happy with the turn-out. I just realized the flower pillow in the back is upside down. Who did that!??! There is a blanket sitting on top of the white couch. Our dog, of course thinks every piece of furniture is hers...only when we are gone. Don't judge me for getting a white couch. :) Peter actually built that piece on the wall. I'm not 100% positive it's finished. I think it needs something else. I'm brainstorming as we speak.

here's the other side of that sitting room. I tried not take a picture of the table. I unloaded all of the extra decorations out of the baby's room on to the dining room table. If you come to dinner, watch out, almost every single one of the chairs is broken. We need new ones terribly! Yes, that's the same chandelier from the other house. We bought a new one. Wouldn't you know it's only $89! I love it. I could't bear to leave it in the other house. We drove by it the other day and the single man who lives there still has it hanging! I guess wasn't too girly. I will say Peter picked it out!
Our unfinished kitchen. Peter did the stained concrete counter tops. Sorry for the blurriness. We're going to antique the cabinets and put hardware on. We haven't decided on a color for the island yet. We're in a debate. There's more green in this house, so we're trying to steer clear from it. The front is primed for now. :) We haven't decorated it much at all yet. It has the same back splash as the other house too.
The living area. You can't tell, but there is this REALLY cool tile on the fireplace. It's this chocolate brown damask. It looks like a tin ceiling, but it's really tile. I love it. We thought about painting the mantle, but then felt a little too crazy. So, I'm trying to add color elsewhere such as the pillows on the couch. That brown chair is a bit misplaced. We're going to get a chair/recliner there, but one thing a time here people! Peter REALLY wants one now. You can tell I'm sitting on the couch. Watching this. I really want my kitchen to look like this one day. The green tile with the tiffany blue cabinets and stainless steel counter tops! LOOOOVE IT! Here's a fun project that I did! I found a calender at Paper Source, cut it up, and put it in frames! Antique birds. My mom says she's scared of birds. Oops.

Peter meticulously hung them on the wall. :

My new duvet cover!! It's a bit wrinkled and looks blurry! Apparently, I'm a terrible picture taker today. SORRY! It's very spring/summer!! I love the butterflies on it! I really wanted the yellow quilt to match at Pottery Barn, but my budget only allowed the duvet and pillows. I'm just waiting for it to go on sale. We painted the walls chocolate brown becuase we LOVED it in the other house. But, it was much brighter in there. So, we feel swallowed up in that room with all that darkness! So, I need to brighten up the bedding and put things on the walls. But, I'm stumped.

Thanks to our tax return, we finally got a new fence! It's beautiful. Charlie dog leaned up against it when it was wet and I had to get some paint thinner after her. It was even 2 days later!!! Thanks to the previous owners for the BEAUTIFUL hot pink roses!!
And the lavender ones too! There are also purple iris, and TONS OF WEEDS in this bed. This is one of my projects this week. Like I don't have enough projects. The backyard can wait. :
LAST BUT NOT LEAST! We got the mom car. :) Well, far from it in my book! Peter has been feverishly researching SUV's for me. Both of our cars are 2 door and so we knew the enevitable was about to happen. But, the Lord was faithful, and we found this. We also paid cash for it! So, no car payments! You're welcome Dave Ramsey. It's a beautiful, Pearl White, Limited Edition, 2002 Ford Explorer. :) Yes, it's older than both of our other vehicles. :) HAAA. It has 77K miles on, leather interior and is in mint condition!!!!! Praise Jesus! We just hope it's mechanically okay!!! So far, in the last week and half, it has run great. But, I guess you always take that chance when buying a 2002 vehicle in 2009.

So, there you go!!! That took me FOREVER!!!!! I remember why I don't do this very often anymore. My rear is numb and I'm hungry. :)

Hope this tides you over for a while!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Yes, that was my expression this morning when the sonographer told us we were having a.........


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

15 and 18 weeks

OKAY! Only two!!! But still, I know you're all wanting to see them!!

This was almost 16 weeks. No, I don't have eyelashes without mascara. I'm a blondie, what can I say! That's Natasha in the middle. She is 3 weeks ahead of me. I'm so glad to have a best friend to go through this together!! They are having a little boy. Natasha, don't be mad for posting a picture of you. I'm sending you these right away! And, that's Josh Drew. He's almost full term. :) I had just cooked Pioneer Woman's lasagna and it was a hit!!! The BEST lasagna I have ever had!! It will not disappoint a hungry crowd!!

Here's me today. 18 and half weeks. I was about to take Charlie for a walk. We haven't hung that mirror yet. That's one of the ones Peter built last weekend! It's pretty bright, however, it's growing on me. The other mirror he built will be on that blank green wall behind me. Hopefully the crown molding will go up soon too...PUHLEASE ignore the not finished wall! My stomach has definitely grown!! 5 more days!!!!
That's all I've got!!