Thursday, May 28, 2009


You would think that I would be the greatest blogger of all time. But, alas, I am not. Sorry if you are disappointed in me. And, to top things off, I have no new pictures. I really need to post pictures of this almost 27 week belly, however, I forget to ask Peter when we get all nice and cute. I don't get nice and cute very often.

We had a blast on our "baby moon" this past weekend. We headed out to Lakeway Resort and Spa on Friday around 2ish. We got to Austin in the middle of Friday afternoon traffic. NOT to mention that it was UT graduation weekend. Nice. So, we sat in the parking lot of 35 South forever. We finally got to Peter's cousin's house in South Austin around 6:30pm for a cousin cookout. It just happen to work out that 3 of Peter's cousins were all in town! His brother Kelly also came and joined the partayy. We had some excellent food and some great laughs! I got a glimpse of what motherhood will be like with a bunch of little boys running around. I asked Peter if I could have a margarita and he laughed. We headed to the resort around 10pm, not really knowing where to go. Thank the good Lord for iphones. Perfect directions! We couldn't see much at night, but I knew it would not disappoint! I was checking us in while Peter parked the car and brought our bags in. And, what do you know, here comes Ashlee's , Peter's sister, roommate from college and her husband! I was hoping I wouldn't see them with my pregnant self at the pool later the next day. :) THEN, the next morning, while eating breakfast, I ran into another couple that I knew from ACU. PERFECT! :) Luckily, neither party saw me in my "bikini" 7 months pregnant. Now, if you are judging me for wearing a 2 piece, you can stop now. The tankini's just don't work for this pregnant chest people. It's just plain ridiculous. So, Peter and I had a great time laying out by the pool that overlooked Lake Travis. I was jealous of all the boats driving by! We could even watch them out our balcony. While laying out at the pool "under the umbrella," I sparked up conversation with the girls next to me. And, low and behold, the girl 3 people down from me goes, "Hey, do you sing at the Village?" I was like HOLY COW! I'm wearing a bikini 7 months pregnant!! :) I laughed it off and continued to sit in the shade. Some how, my belly still got sunburned...even in the shade.

Saturday night we headed to Austin to goof around. We ended up at this really awesome Italian joint off of Congress. LUCKILY, Hey Cupcake's trailer was right across the street. If you are live in Austin, hopefully you know about this place!!!

Sunday we headed back into Austin fairly early to eat lunch at one of our longtime friend's from Abilene's restaurant. If you live or are ever in Austin, go to Cuatro's! It was fantastic. If you go, ask for Michael Bocanegra and tell him we sent you!! It's kind of an outdoorsy feel with amazing tacos and hamburgers. They are known as the "place to come watch the game," these days. They actually won best green salsa in Austin this year. I drank the whole bowl myself. We headed to Kelly's house after that to catch up. Unfortunately, I was miserable after lunch. I ate so much that I couldn't breathe!!!! It was hilarious. I just wanted to lay down. We stayed over there for a few hours and then headed back to the resort to hang by the pool for our last hoorah before we left Monday morning.

It was the perfect getaway for Memorial Day weekend!!

Tomorrow, I GET to have my glucose test. I think this baby boy is pressing on my heart, because I am having these CRAAZY heart palpitations this week. Thankfully I go in tomorrow so they can check it out. I hate it. It scares me! 27 weeks on Monday! WHOA!

Peter is working hard and "Little T's" room. Yes, I said Little T. I'm still not announcing his name so don't ask. I'll tell you in person! :) I'm ready for him to finish his part so I can start my decorating! :) But, he's doing alot, so I'm so excited.

Okay, well, I'll try to post some pictures. I'm a cruddy blogger. I was so much better a few years ago.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nobody told me...

Nobody told me....

That starting around 17 weeks I would no longer be comfortable sleeping. Every night is a new adventure. As a matter of fact, last night I took a Tylenol PM so that I could sleep. But, what happened instead was, I woke up to go to the restroom, drunk with a half broken shoulder. Yea, that happens once a night. Luckily, I actually found the toilet. :)

That most of my weight gain would reside in my chest. :) If you know me, you know I PRAYED against this HARD as enough weight already took residence there. :)

That I would have acne like a 16 year old all over my back, arms and chest. Luckily I've only had a few on my face. THANK YOU JESUS.

That my dog would get sick because I took her to Petsmart to get haircut a few weeks ago. Apparently, her kennel cough shot wasn't updated. I was up with her all night and then had to take care of her for 2 days. I cried at the vet, telling them I was bad mom.

That it would be extremely difficult to choose a boy name. :) Luckily we have one and we love it! Sorry blog, I'm not ready to announce it to you yet. We just nailed it down this week.

That if I didn't eat protein for breakfast then I would almost pass out every morning. Learned this one the hard way. Luckily, there was and has been no passing out.

That my doctor's office would call me 6 months into my pregnancy to tell us we owed on our deductible asap. Why didn't they tell me that when I got pregnant? Lucky for them, I'm going to check and see exactly WHO I pay, them or the hospital.

That I would love my husband more today than I have ever before...I can't keep up with my love. :)

That Baby A would move 24 hours a day! Seriously! He doesn't stop!!! As a matter of fact, yesterday at my doctor's appointment, he kept either kicking or punching the heart doppler. My doctor, who really doesn't show much emotion, started laughing.

That my tailbone would hurt after sitting for only 5 minutes...even on a soft, comfy couch. Tailbone, did I break you? No, apparently baby is already resting on it. Weird?


OKAY more complaining! I just think some of these are really funny. On a more serious note, I'm really enjoying this part of my pregnancy. I prayed hard for the Lord to change my heart. To be honest, I hated the first trimester...and a few weeks into the second. I think I might have been a tad bit depressed. I hated that I felt that way, but when you go from healthy as a little lark, to sick as a dog for 3's hard to think about anything but your misery.

We've been busy getting the nursery ready. We struck out 3 times with paint, and decided on a color we'd used before. HHAA. The first coat is done....
Peter is going to lay some cool floors in there soon, and I can't wait! I'm not going to give it away quite yet!! :) Sorry, sorry. The bed is sitting in a huge box in the hallway, the dresser is still in Abilene and the armoir thing is in the guest bedroom. We've got stuff everywhere prepping. It's funny that we're putting off all of the other projects to do Baby boy's room. :) It's exciting.

Peter and I are taking a little trip this month for a short Baby Moon getaway. As much as we wanted to travel out of state, we felt we wanted to save our money. We promised each other we wouldn't be that couple that didn't travel as soon as baby comes. We love traveling and hope we get to see many more places!

I'm still terrible about taking pictures. Sorry....
Maybe I'll get better soon.

There's that for an update. Hope you took those "pregnancy woes" as funny. I truly am grateful to be carrying this human being in my belly. :) It's a surreal feeling and I'll forever be thankful.

Praying for all of you moms out there and those of you who are having trouble getting pregnant. I pray peace over you this weekend and miracles for all of you.