Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I wish life would just SLOW THE HECK down.

I was sick yesterday. I knew it was going to come at some point, but I'm thankful it only lasted for a day. Praise the Lord I was only SITTING on the toilet and not hovering over it. :) Thank you Jesus. I had a nice day in bed with my dog. She is SUCH a sweet girl.

Poor Peter's sick too. He has basically worked himself to death. Last night I made him sit on the couch with me and watch Gossip Girl. He wasn't that excited about it....but I keep telling him, "that's our dermatologist son and we have to support him." hahaaaaa....

I wish I could find my camera cord so that I could show you some pics of our UH-mazing stained concrete counter tops. I am so proud of Peter. I'm ready the cabinets to be painted so we can put the appliances in AND unpack the boxes!!! I NEED to be domestic. I've forgetten how!!!!!!!

I promise Cymbidium is about to start a blog!!!!!!! It's being created by our Graphic guy as we speak!!! YUPEEE!!!

This picture was taken at 2 in the morning last Sunday/Monday morning right after he stepped on my foot. He being Michael Irvin. I for sure stand out. I meet several athletes at this specific party because I got stuck working the door! It was freezing outside, but I had a great time. My body on the other hand, did not. ;)

Anyways, Thank you Jenny T for giving me a blog award. EVEN though I don't deserve it. I suck at blogging. I don't have time anymore and I wish I did. I really do love it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

okay okay

I'll update again like I agreed!!

Things are just total chaos around these parts. Between work life and home life, there's NO rest for the weary this time of year. We have had several events this past month at work and it doesn't slow down! I'm very excited to be featuring Cymbidium's blog very soon!! So get ready! :)

We'll probably launch next Monday or Tuesday. So, beware!

We have completely turned our home upside down. From new floors to new kitchen cabinets it's a total mess! Peter is working so stinking hard and I love him for that!! We have to make ourselves "not work" a few nights a week to spend resting and enjoying each other. It's hard becuase we want to get it done before Thanksgiving!

Charlie, our dog, is going through some anxiety issues. Bless Her Heart. She had to go stay at her grandparents with her cousins and she LOVES it there. However, she started licking her paw feverishly, turning it into an anxiety spot. We took her to the vet on Monday and had to laugh because it was so sad. She's on antibiotic and WILL NOT keep her bandages on. So, we'll probably have to put one of those conehead things on her head. WHICH WILL BE TERRIBLE!
She's just so dadgum sweet.

My car's power steering went out last week while I was driving it. Kind of dangerous, but I made it to Christian Brothers. $2000 later and it's brand new. VOMIT.

My phone also broke at one of our events last week. Thankfully it was the old Iphone and I was eligible for the new one for a cheaper price then $400 bucks. We just had to laugh at last week. It was a nightmare.

Peter and I went our 10 year high school reunion in October. I'm a dork and didn't take pictures!! I'm sure you've already seen them on other people's blogs. :)

Peter and I spent the first part of Halloween night at our neighborhood church bounce house. It was fun meeting some neighbors! Did I mention we know 5 couples in our neighborhood! Totally unheard of! But, totally exciting for the next stage in life! Peter and I took Charlie for a walk last night and saw some faces we knew!!

I have mixed emotions about the time change.

My boss and I went to Fireside Pies last night for dinner. We sat on the same side of the booth so we could watch the Election updates. Between Sangria and some truffle oil later, we were pooped! I arrived home just in time for Peter's friend Josh to leave. Instead of watching the election, we went for a walk...which was glorious. Oh wait, I already told you guys that.

Moving on...leaving our home in Grapevine was very sad. I cried my little eyes out! Not because we were leaving a brand spanking new, beautiful home, but because Peter and I worked so hard to create it. The Lord had a plan all along. We always had people living with us and staying with us! It was basically a dorm and we loved it!!!!! A single man bought it and I hope it makes it a home as we did. I sure do miss that kitchen...

We basically are semi re-creating that home in our new/old house. Same color scheme with a few added touches! We were very happy with our paint choices and light fixtures so that was an easy transition. As of today we have no kitchen cabinets. They will be replaced with pretty new ones on Monday. Peter is working hard on some amazing concrete countertops. We chickened out of doing it at the last home. I'm excited to see the outcome!!!! There's still lots to do and I am so tired of the dust...but I am so ready for for it to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of all of this, Peter started a new job..which he loves by the way!!! If you know me, or have talked to me in the last month you know how crazy it's been between moving, new job, broken cars, health issues (i'm fine), and a sensitive job. But, the Lord has been so gracious to us during this time. He's continually helping Peter and I keep focus of what's most important.

Needless to say, we're both very ready to get settled..in all areas of life. If I can find my camera cord, I may or may not show you the outcome of the new home. I didn't take pictures of the before! I was over it. :)

In the meantime, I love fall and can't wait for the holiday season!!!!!! Our 2nd anniversary is coming up in a month! HOLY HANNAH!!!

Until then....peace out!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm back.

I'm back! :) But, I don't have time to update today!
LOTS to share.
Wish I could find my camera cord!!!!

Stay tuned..........