Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sorry No Blog...


After I finished work on October 27th, the only computer availiable is Rachel's. She's got alot of work on it and it's got a few issues so I never want to touch it unless she's there to monitor me. :) So, my computer skills have been lacking. I miss it......

Well, alot has happened in the last 3 weeks. I've had 3 showers, done my dress fitting, taken more engagement pics. PLEASE REFER TO www.rachelwilksphotograhy.blogspot.com to see them. There are just 5 or 6 pics on her blog but they are awesome! I can't wait to see the rest and get some printed.

I've started running errands for this woman in Highland Park. Last week I did 20 hours in 4 days! I feel like the assistant on The Devil Wear's Prada, but liking it at the same time. I get to go places I would never really go before. So that's exciting!! It will keep me busy up until the wedding....and by the way, is ONE MONTH AND ONE DAY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Wow.

This past weekend Peter and I traveled to Wichita Falls for 2 birthday parties. Peter's niece, soon to be my niece Henslee's 2nd birthday party was in the morning. It was a polka dot theme. I wish I had pictures. I know Peter's dad does. I supplied Ashlee, Andrea and I with polka dot shirts. We took some cute pics. I'm excited to have 3 sister's now instead of 2! That's fun times!!
Then in the afternoon was Peyton's 6th birthday party. The theme was camoflauge! It was so fun. All the kids wore camo and played Capture the Flag. Peter administered the game and had a blast! I stayed inside and played with Henslee because I was freezing! :) Then later that evening we all had a relaxing evening at "The New China." haha...it was really good.

This week has already flown by. It's Tuesday? What?! My last dress fitting is on Thursday. My mom is flying in. Oh by the way, I almost passed out during my first dress fitting....I must have had an allery fever and too much Sudafed. It was funny to everyone else but not me. I was scared. :) I of course thought about it the rest of the day/week and freaked myself out. So, pray for me this Thursday for my second fitting. My bridal portrait is scheduled for either Friday or Monday...depending on if my dress is ready! I pray it is. :)
A week from today I will be going to Abilene for Thanksgiving. UNBELIEVABLE! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! Crazy stuff. So, I'll stay there from Tuesday-Sunday. Then I'll come back and have a week to pack. December 2nd I move into our new apartment......that's another thing, we rented our first apartment. The 753 square foot of fun! Can you believe that I will be living in that small of an apartment. I'm a bit excited about it although Peter and I are going to have to rent a storage unit. That's what happens when you are 26 and 27....too much stuff.
On December 1st, the lingere/bachellorette party is happening!!! CRAZY! I'm really excited about that one!!! So...lots happening between now and then.

I'm crossing my fingers Peter and I get a computer soon. :) Then I will update on all of these festivities. Oh and, I bought a Christmas tree yesterday! :) I was VERY excited. It's going to have to sit in the garage until we move. But, it will be semi the first thing I put up in the new apartamento! :)

So, there's my update. For pictures, check Rachel's blog! :)