Monday, February 26, 2007

Date Night....

Peter and I decided to go on a "date night" on Friday night. We hadn't been on one of those in a while. We always seem to be hanging out with other people on the weekends. Which is great too! We went to Cantina Laredo for some good Margaritas and chips and hot sauce...oh and not to forget the guacamole. After that we went to Pet Land to visit the puppies. :) I just needed to get a puppy fix even though they weren't very cute. We were hoping for a lab or something of the sort, but no such luck. Instead, we picked these two to love on.
Here's my flowers still in bloom from Valentine's Day.
This is called a Shi-poo? Beats me, but she was really really sweet. I think it was a she? I can't remember...."It" was very upset when we had to put her up. She gave us a pretty sad face.

I'm not afraid to give a puppy a kiss!

This dog bit on me several times. At one point I was standing on the bench trying to get away from it. SHe still found my ankles!
Peter playing with the MEAN Wheatland Terrior.

All in all it was a good date night. We came back home and watched some episodes of Grey's Anatomy. We've been through the 1st and 2nd season this month. Peter finished up the second season this weekend. He said he would watch the 3rd when it came out. :) We have to return the 2nd to our friends from small group. If Peter knew I was telling everyone he watched Grey's he'd probably be embarrassed. HHhaha

I had an extremely busy weekend. I sang all 6 services. Usually we leave after each one, but we had an amazing weekend of Celebration and Communion which caused the worship team to stay the whole time at all 6 services. Made for a tiring weekend. Peter worked on Saturday and then came to church during the 5 with my sister and her boyfriend Daniel. We went to Parma Italian Restaurant for dinner! It was yummy! I was asleep by 10 something on Saturday night as well! :) I'm getting old. Then I made Snickerdoodles yesterday afternoon and took a nap. Peter went to the movies by himself last night. He's confident like that. I was at church otherwise I would have gone with him. Then I tried to watch the Grammy's but the 2 Benadryl Allergy pills I took wouldn't let me. Peter had to literally drag me to the bathroom from the couch to change clothes and brush my teeth. He laughed at me because I was drunk on meds.

So, it's Monday and No I'm not subbing! I subbed everyday last week. I was proud of myself. I had every intention of subbing today but was still drunk on meds...still kind of am at noon. hhaah, maybe I should just take 1 next time. But, I will be subbing Tuesday and Wednesday and a half day on Thursday. I'm headed to Abilene to get my haircut and to host a shower for my sweet friend Brittney and Baby Quinn. :) Peter will also be leaving town on Wednesday returning on Friday night. So, I won't see him basically all week. Tonight and tomorrow night we have worship team auditions from 5-9. It'll but a crazy week. It will also be the first time PEter and I will be away from each other. Everyone always makes a big deal about that. But, I think I can handle it, considering I'll be at my parents. I'm sure I'll have a few dogs to keep me company.
When I return on Saturday evening, Peter's whole family will be in town. So, the rest of the weekend will be spent showering Audrey, our soon to be sister-in-law. She's marrying Peter's brother at the end of March.
Then, next Monday night, PEter and I are going to see Justin Timberlake. Don't judge! :) We have nose bleed seats, but it'll be fun to watch him in action bringing Sexy Back. :)

Okay, well this is too long. So, bye for now.
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


If you are bored today and want to see our "pre-ceremony" pics...they are up on Mallory's new website. For those of you who were at the wedding, her website has changed. Sorry. :) The rest are not finished. Enjoy these! :)

Click on the High-Speed flash picture...that's the picture on the left out of the 3 pictures on the home page. Then click on Clients at the bottom of the screen. After that, type in Abriggpreceremony as is. First letter has to be capitalized.

I realized that I have bags under my eyes while looking at these pics. Probably because I didn't sleep the night before huh. :)

Well, back to school I go. I'm on my lunch break right now. Too many breaks in one day I'll say. :)

And, by the way, 8,000 women in my life are pregnant! It's hilarious.

Let me just count:
Andrea..not Schultz..another Andrea
Laura DeSpain
Julie...we'll count her twice since she's having twin girls! :)

I can't remember anymore...but isn't that enough! :)

OH yea, weddings too....I have 3 4 weddings in the next 4 months. I started the getting married bit...although some were engaged before me..and still are..we decided to break the trend of a long engagment. :) hahaha....

I am going to take pics of Peter at his soccer game tonight so ya'll can see him in action...

Bye for now! :)
Oh and, I hate the new google sign in! Did you see the pics in the last post with all the mumbo jumbo! Ticks me off! :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

"Sparks" were flying on Valentine's Day!!!!


It started off with a beautiful candlelight dinner at our apartment with Thomas, Natasha, Rachel and Craig. I went to the Dollar Store and bought some decorations and we ordered in Parma Italian Restaurant! YUM!

href="">Peter got me these beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day. Little did I know that he hates the small of Star-Gazer Lilies. Bu...aren't they beautiful?!??!!

We framed funny pictures of the boys and sat them in front of their plate. That was Natasha's idea. This whole thing was supposed to be a surprise.


THen........the unthinkable happened. Peter's gift for Valentine's Day was an awesome pear/apple/cranberry crisp. Might I mention it took forever for me to cut up the apples and pears. I even cut my fingers twice! They are still tender today. Anyways, that's neither here nor there. Ummm...anyways, well, as you can see from the before pics, our "dining room" is quite small. So, of course I was sitting opposite of the oven. So, sweet Peter kept checking on it after an hour and 15 minutes of cooking. It still wasn't brown on top. Well, sweet Peter decided it would be a good idea to put it on broil without telling me. And, well, he forgot about it. And, well, as you can see, it caught on fire. I didn't get pics of that, unfortunately. But here is the dessert sitting on the back porch.


Here is Rachel bundled up because well, we had to open both the front and back doors to make the smoke alarm stop sounding. The whole apartment was full of smoke. :)

You can actually see the smoke in this picture. Natasha and Craig are warming up by the stove. :)


Sweet Peter took the crazy burnt crips off the top. Thomas was having him a little snack. :)

Thomas and Nut being cute.

Craig and Rach being cute. :) seems as if Peter and I didn't get a picture with each other for Valentine's Day. We were too busy..

I hope all of oyou had a wonderful Valentine's Day! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wolf Creek and a much needed Vacash!

I'm exhausted!!! Me taking a nap on the picnic bench.
I'm not very fashionable...but I'm warm! Peter on the other hand!
Our ski buddies and new friends Kara and Steve Shanks.
Paul and Kelly's heads. More pictures of them to come.
On the way to the slopes

Well, we had a great time in the mountains! Spending 2 days driving there and back in the car was a beating but we made some great friends! We went with several couples young and old from Denton Bible. It was definitely a "skier's trip" meaning all ski, NO SLEEP! Literally, I have NEVER been so tired at the end of the day. I had a little bout of altitude sickness the whole time I was there. But, it didn't stop me from skiing 3 days in a row! we were the first on the mountain and the last to leave everyday! Hilarious... As you can see, I was all about being warm. Thankfully, it wasn't too chilly at all! The sun was out the majority of the time that we were there. Yesterday when we 5 am...6 am Texas time, there was a huge snow storm goin on! We lost a little time. I woke up long enough to go to the bathroom behind a post office with a rabbit watching near by. TMI for everyone I know! :)
Here's a few pics from the trip. The "cool" pics were taken by another couple on the trip. I'll post some of those next week! I was caught "in action" several times jumping or falling. Take your pic!!

Ashley, we had your husband over for dinner tonight. We missed you! I cooked him a healthy dinner of salmon, asparagus, corn on the cob, rice and salad. :) I was sad not to see you guys!

I subbed for an art class today. Needless to say, I was so stinking bored! I was glad to get out though this morning.

I've realized today that I am over-commited in my "bible-studies." Thankfully, I have time to do them all...I'm just nervous I'm not going to get alot out of some of them due to the intensity of others. I'm in the process of going throug the 12 Steps to Recovery right now and it is the most intense of them all. I also started a Beth Moore study with my young married small group girls. We split up during small group time. Then, I'm studying a book for the worship team. Thankfully, the times we meet are spread out. Its the aforementioned book above. It's pretty intense. I just finished the Carolyn Mahaney book and now I started The Power of a Praying Wife. I bought it for $4 at Mardel's. Needless to say, I'm praying that I can take it all in....

I'm ready for another vacash. :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2 things! :)

Well, we finally got a new truck last night. After 3 weeks of looking for a used, beat up one in our price range, we bought a new one last night. It's a black, 2007, Toyota Tundra. They just came out YESTERDAY. It was basically the LAST thing we were going to do, but we figured it was best to pay of my car so that we would only have one car payment. We're thankful, but we were very scared!!! It took us 6.5 hours at the dealership last night. I picked up Peter from work at 3:30pm, and off we went. That was probably the largest thing I have ever been involved in buying...or financing for that matter. It sure would have been nice to have been car payment, but I know that the Lord honored this decision.

So, anyways, after we got home, I was so tired, I feel asleep on the couch and woke up at 10 something and crawled in bed. I didn't get up until 9.

Today will be spent getting Peter and I ready for our ski trip. We leave at 5 in the morning!! I'm so excited to get away and hit the slopes! It will be so good for us! Now....spending 2 out of the 5 days in the car...ummm...not so much fun, but it'll hopefully be worth it!!

I'll for sure post pics of Peter's truck and our trip when we return!!

Until then, peace out.